I Want an F

Chapter 3

When I finished my recovery test, I was pretty pleased with my score. I hurried back to the fight, confident that there was no way we could lose. We might even stand a chance against class A if I help the others study.

When I entered the summon field, I was met by a surprise. I had been expecting to see avatars everywhere, but there weren't. In fact, there were hardly any. For a moment, I panicked, thinking that my classmates had all been defeated. Then I noticed the letters on the avatars. All but one of them were from class F.

"Let's go!" I heard Sakura shout. The class F avatars, led by an avatar that could only have been Sakura's (with her long blond hair with a slight wave to it), all charged at the remaining class E avatar, who must have been their rep's.

"You won't beat me!" a boy on the other side of the battle stated. He matched the appearance of the remaining avatar.

"We may not be the smartest!" Sakura countered. "But we can work together to bring you down!"

I watched as the class F avatars attacked. They weren't very strong, but with so many attacking in quick succession, the class E avatar didn't stand a chance.

"I declare class F the winner!" The overseeing teacher declared.

The class E rep scowled. "Fine." He spat. "What do you want?"

I blinked as everyone turned to me. I hadn't really thought about what to take from class E if we won. The point of the battle had been to instill confidence in the class. "Um…" I thought hard, trying to narrow down on just one thing that we needed.

My decision was made in an odd way. The old sign that hung above the hall, identifying our classroom as class F, broke. The piece of wood fell to the ground, landing on Sakura's avatar's head.

"Owchie!" Sakura cried out, covering her head. Being a probationary student, she felt the pain that her avatar felt.

I looked up at the sign, and then over at our broken door. I smiled when I decided what to do. "All we want," I said, looking at the class E rep. "Is a new sign and door."

The class E rep looked at me with a surprised expression. Then he looked at the teacher, who nodded. "That can be arranged."

"Yay!" Class F cheered as one.

Sakura grabbed my hands and started jumping up and down. "We did it! We did it!"

"Yup." I nodded. And they did it without my help. I found that I had so much faith in this class. That's it. I decided. I am going to lead the best 2-F class this school has ever seen! We will take down every other class!

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