I Want an F

Chapter 4

"Music! Music!" Sakura chanted, twirling as she walked. She was in a really good mood this morning. A month into the new school year, class F was finally going to have its first music class. I knew that Sakura loved music, as did I, so we were both in a good mood.

"I want to sing!" Sakura stated, turning to face me. She grinned. "You sing with me, okay?"

I laughed. "Okay." I agreed.

"Yay!" Sakura jumped happily and continued to walk and chant.

She didn't stop chanting until we reached the classroom. Then she walked in and her face fell. "What is all that?" She asked as I stepped in behind her.

There was random junk lying in a pile at the front of the room. The other students were all there, sitting at their desks. They didn't seem too bothered by the pile. I wondered how often I could expect to find junk dumped in here.

"What is that stuff?" Sakura asked Kanami as she sat down.

Kanami didn't look very happy as she answered. "Those are class F's instruments."

"What?!" Both Sakura and I exclaimed at the same time. We looked back at the pile. It didn't look like instruments. I was sure that I saw a broken ruler and old tissue box among the stuff.

Then the classroom door slid open. A thin man with glasses stepped into the room, closing the door behind him. "Alright, class F. It's time for music class." He didn't sound happy at all. He walked to the desk at the front of the room and sat down.

I was aware of Sakura staring at the teacher eagerly. I could almost feel the life drain from her when he pulled out a book and started reading. The rest of the class started talking amongst themselves.

"I don't get it." Sakura breathed. "Aren't we going to have music class?"

"Nobody cares." Yukio answered her. "While we do get a music grade, it's not considered worth much. It doesn't even get worked into the placement scores."

"And," Takumi said. "Nobody ever asks Mr. Yamada to approve an ST battle. Because of that, he doesn't feel important and gets really depressed."

"So he can't be bothered to teach us when we have such crappy instruments." Kanami finished.

"Oh." Sakura's disappointment could be felt like cold water drowning me. She slumped at her table.

This is horrible! I thought. Music is a creative outlet, something you can't take away from a growing student. I got to my feet and grabbed Sakura's wrist, pulling her up before Takumi could snap a picture of her underwear. "Come on."

"What?" Sakura gasped as I started dragging her toward the front of the room. "What are we going to do?"

"You're going to get to sing." I told her. Then I sat down in front of the junk pile and started looking through it. There really were no real instruments. I'll have to make something. I decided.

I pulled out the broken ruler and tissue box. Just like grade school. I stuck the ruler into the box, creating a handle. Then I managed to find some rubber bands of varying thicknesses. I cut them and attached them to the other end of the ruler, stretched them down across the opening in the tissue box, and attached them to the other end of the box. A little bit of tension tweaking and it was done.

"Ready?" I asked Sakura, who was looking over my shoulder at the makeshift guitar. She nodded and I started to pluck the rubber bands.

The guitar actually worked pretty well. Sakura opened her mouth and started to sing.

"Chiisaki mono sore wa watashi

Watashi desu magirenaku

Kagami no naka kokorobososa dake ga

Dare ni makenai ashita ni naru yo"

As Sakura sang, the class stopped talking. They were all listening. Even Mr. Yamada looked up from his book. I glanced away from my playing long enough to see a look of surprise on his face.

"Soshite watashi wa osanai koro ni

Sukoshizutsu modotte yuku

Imi mo shirazu utau koi no uta wo

Homete kureta ano hi ni"

Some of the other students got up from the floor and silently made their way over to the pile of junk. One at a time, they each picked up different pieces from the pile and started fitting them together. They were being really quiet, so that they wouldn't disturb Sakura.

"Sora wo aogeba

Michite kuru watashi no koe ga

Sarasara nagaru kaze no naka de kimi mo

Fuwari maiagare"

I was pleased when I glanced briefly at my classmates and saw them smiling. Everyone was having fun making instruments. Music class will be fun.

"Koe ga kikoeru

Yuku beki michi yubi sashite iru

Sarasara nagarru kaze no naka de hitori

Watashi utatte imasu"

When the song was over, I set my little guitar on the floor in front of me and grinned at my classmates. They all applauded and then started testing their own instruments.

"Yay!" Sakura tackled me with a hug. "That was so much fun! Thank you Ken-kun!"

"Aida Ken?"

I looked up when I heard my name. Mr. Yamada was looking at me with an amused smile. I got to my feet and walked over to him, leaving Sakura to strum my guitar. "Yes?"

"Do you take all of your lessons this seriously?" He asked.

"Sir." I said, tilting my head down slightly. "I hope you'll understand, but music isn't a class to me." I looked up and saw a hurt expression on his face, so I clarified. "Music is a form of expression, it is essential to life. It's more than a class."

"Well," Mr. Yamada said, looking over to where Sakura and Kanami were laughing at Takumi's attempt to make a trumpet out of an old hose. "Class F certainly has the most interest in true music." He looked back at me. "You're a good class rep."

"Thank you, sir." I said, bowing to him. Then I turned and returned to show Yukio how to play the guitar. As I sat through the rest of the class, a plan started to form in my head.
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