I Want an F

Chapter 5

"We're taking on class D!" I declared. It was free period and I was standing at the front of the room as usual.

"What?!" Almost every student in the class cried out.

"I know we won against class E…" One boy muttered. "But class D is a lot stronger."

"There's no way we can beat them!" Someone else stated.

"Yes we can!" I shouted. "We're class F. Maybe nobody expects anything from us, but that doesn't mean that we can't do anything! I know that we can surprise everyone and win!"

"But… But…"

"Will it be another math battle?" Yukio asked; the first positive response.

I shook my head. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Sakura running out of the room to go deliver our challenge. A smile spread across my face. "It will be a music battle."

"Mr. Yamada! Mr. Yamada!" Sakura called out as the two of us ran toward the music teacher. When she caught up to him, she bent over, breathing heavily.

"What can I help you two with?" Mr. Yamada asked. I noticed that he was carrying a folder with Class A written on the front.

"We want you to approve an ST battle." I told him.

The mixture of surprise and delight that came to Mr. Yamada's face made me smile. I could guess how he felt, finally being asked to approve a battle. It meant that the students liked the subject he taught, and that must give him a feeling of accomplishment.

"Of course!" He said eagerly. "Where?"

"In the hallway outside class D." Sakura told him.

We all started in that direction. By the time we got there, both classes had assembled. I quickly picked out the class D rep at the front of her class. The look of hatred on her face wasn't even slightly hidden.

"You may have beat class E, but don't think that means you'll beat us." She said.

"We'll see about that." Yukio replied. I was glad to see that he wasn't the only class F student with a confident expression.

Mr. Yamada stepped between the two classes. "I approve this ST battle!" He stated, opening the field. "This will be a music battle!"

"What?!" The class D rep exclaimed as those around her called out their avatars. I almost laughed when I saw how low their scores were.

"We've so got this." Kanami laughed. She called out her avatar, a chibi version of herself dressed in a karate gi. Her score was higher than the class D rep's. "Go!"

Kanami's avatar charged forward, aiming an attack at the class D rep's avatar. Unfortunately, other class D avatars got in her way. They attacked her before she could take them out, wearing down her score. By the time she reached their rep's avatar, she was too weak and lost.

"Darn." Kanami spat as she was dragged off to a remedial class.

"Don't worry, Kana-chan!" Sakura called after her. "We'll win this!" She turned to face the battle and happily called out her avatar. The little blond in a sailor uniform was perfect for her and made me smile, even though I had seen it before.

"How is this possible?!" The class D rep cried. She was staring at Sakura's score.

"Music is awesome!" Sakura declared as her avatar charged at the class rep's. The fight ended there, with class D not even standing a chance.

"Yay! Yay! Yay!" Sakura happily jumped around, her avatar doing the same.

I turned to Mr. Yamada, who was crying he was so happy. "Thank you for overseeing the battle." I said, bowing to him.

"Yes." Mr. Yamada returned my bow. "I declare class F the winner." He closed the field with a very satisfied sigh.

"This was so not fair!" The class D rep complained. "Nobody pays any attention to music!"

I turned to face her head on. "Nobody but class F." I said smugly.

She huffed in response and led her class away.

"Hey! We'll take your instruments!" I called after them. A large grin spread across my face. The other classes will probably start paying attention to music scores. I told myself. So we won't be able to win so easily in the future. I looked over at the very happy Mr. Yamada. But it was definitely worth it. I looked at class F. And we got better instruments out of it.

But I think I'll stick with my makeshift guitar. I kind of like how it sounds.
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