I Want an F

Chapter 8

Things could have gone better. I thought to myself as I walked down the hall. Sure, we had beaten class C, but I had done that, not class F. How were they supposed to gain confidence when I had to win for them?

"Hey, cheer up!" Sakura told me, bumping me with her hip. "We won yesterday, and everyone's happy about it, except for you."

I looked up at her and forced a smile. "Yeah, okay."

"I must say, I'm surprised." Mr. Yamada said as he walked beside us. Sakura and I were helping him move boxes from a storage room to his office. "The class C rep is known for having class A level English scores. By all measures, class F shouldn't have been able to win."

Sakura grinned. "Class A levels are no match for native speaker levels!"

I smirked and knocked her shoulder. "Then why are your scores only class B level?" I teased.

"Hey!" She pouted. "I forget words, that's all. Isn't that right, SakuAvi?" She smiled down at her avatar, who was carrying three boxes high above her head.

"You named your avatar?" Mr. Yamada questioned. He was the first teacher to hear Sakura use the nickname. "Why?"

"Because!" Sakura insisted. "SakuAvi is just like a real person." She beamed. "Plus, it's cute!"

Mr. Yamada let out a laugh as we turned into his office. We set the boxes down beside his desk and let out a collective sigh. "That's the last of them." He told us. "Thanks for your help."

"No problemo!" Sakura said happily. Then she looked at Mr. Yamada with a completely serious expression. "Sensei, what are we doing in our next music class?" I knew that she had been dying to ask him.

"Next class?" He thought about the question for a moment. "Class F will be doing original compositions."

"Yay!" Sakura clapped her hands together. She loved to make things up.

"I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with." Mr. Yamada told her.

"You and me both!" Sakura grinned as she, SakuAvi, and I all left the office. Then, as we were walking, she looked down at her avatar. "What do you think, SakuAvi? Wild or refined?" I knew that there was no way she would end up doing something refined.

But SakuAvi didn't respond. I looked down at the avatar to see that it had disappeared. That was odd, because the summon field Mr. Yamada had cast hadn't gone away yet. Then, right where SakuAvi had been walking, a little girl appeared. She looked to be about seven years old, and was dressed in a little skirt and white shirt with a duck on it. The girl looked just like a younger version of Sakura.

"What just happened?!" Sakura cried out as the little girl turned around in circles, looking at herself all over.

"Attention students." The principal's voice echoed over the PA system. "We are conducting upgrades on the ST system. At the moment, the entire school is in a stage of battle field. If you choose to conduct practice battles during this time, that is up to you, but be aware that your avatars could be affected in unforeseen ways. That is all." She signed off.

Sakura and I looked at each other, and then down at the little girl. So… That's Sakura's avatar? The thought brought a smile to my face. It was like having a seven year old little sister again.

"She's so cute!" Kanami cried out when she saw the new SakuAvi. She grabbed the avatar's little hands and spun her around in circles. SakuAvi giggled in response.

"So, is that what you looked like as a kid?" Yukio asked Sakura.

"Yup!" Sakura told him. It was true, the only changes Sakura had gone though as she grew up was getting taller.

"So our avatars are like younger siblings for today?" Kanami theorized.

"Aw." Takumi sounded disappointed. "If they were going to change, why couldn't they be older versions of the students?"

"Because then you'd die of a horrific nosebleed." Sakura told him, laughing. Everyone stared at her, a little surprised. I shrugged it off, chalking her comment up to watching too much anime.

"I want to try!" Kanami exclaimed. She took a deep breath and stretched her arms out in front of her. "Summon!"

The avatar that popped up was no younger Kanami. In fact, the avatar had to be adult aged. She giggled seductively as she twirled her hair and pulled up the top of her sleeveless shirt, which barely held her breasts.

"There is a god!" Takumi cried, starting to snap photos of the older Kanami.

"Aw." Now it was Sakura's turn to be disappointed. "No nosebleed."

"Ta-ku-mi!" Kanami fumed, clenching her fist. Takumi looked up at her as she pulled her arm back and punched him hard in the face. Blood spurted from his nose as he fell to the ground.

"Yay!" Sakura cheered.

"Ow." Takumi rubbed his nose and looked up at Kanami. Fear flashed on his face when she glared down at him. "Sorry! I'm sorry!" He waved his arms in front of him.

"I wonder what mine looks like." Yukio said. Everyone looked at him as he reached out an arm. "Summon!"

When Yukio's avatar appeared, I was a little confused. It didn't look any different from normal. Then I felt something touch my leg and I looked down to see another Yukio avatar. Looking around the room, I saw that there were hundreds of Yukio avatars everywhere.

Sakura giggled. "You multiplied!" She told Yukio, clapping. SakuAvi did the same.

"My turn!" Takumi said, on his feet again. "Summon!"

His new avatar could only be described as a delinquent. He was about high school aged, dressed in a black uniform open at the front. The white button down shirt was open at the top, revealing a muscular chest. He was smirking smugly.

"Wow." Sakura and Kanami breathed together.

"Awesome!" Takumi exclaimed. "I hope that's what I look like in high school!"

Sakura grabbed my arm. "Ken-kun! Ken-kun! You try!"

"Yeah, it's your turn!" Kanami told me.

Takumi grinned at me. "I have to say, Ken-chan, if it's a girl, I wouldn't be surprised."

"It's not going to be a girl!" I shouted at him. "Summon!" I commanded, using English again.
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