Alyssa Meets Black Jack


She ends up in an unknown universe, and come to find out that her powers don't work when she is faced with shear death. But there will be a small twist to this tale, that will leave you scratching you

Fantasy / Drama
Alyssa Brewster
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

One day Alyssa noticed that her inter-dimensional abilities were acting a bit strange, by opening up a random portal on it’s own.

“Mm?” said Atem, looking puzzled. “That’s odd. Alyssa, did you by any chance summon a universe rift?”

I turned to see a random hole floating in the middle of the throne room. “Ahhh... my powers must still be trying to adjust. Sorry about that, I’ll go check it out.”

Atem simply reminded me about a certain universe that a miniature certain yellow plushed devil monster named Jama-Pi had escaped, causing chaos between realms. “We don’t want any more incidents... like LAST time.”

“No worries, I’ve got this.” I replied back with confidence, then walking over the floating hole.

Sighing confidently, I entered the portal. The transition from my world to another gave myself quite the rush. Until I arrived in a universe that I haven’t been to before. It had an ninety’s esque style animation, which was kinda considered low quality during it’s war times.

“Ugh, I gotta be a little bit more gentle on my entrances, exiting a huge whirling vortex are a killer on the eyes. Huh ?”

I noticed a lose newspaper on the ground, and read the date on the top right hand corner. “1993.”

My eyes went wide for a sec. “Whoa... the animation and the artwork was so... different back then.”

Right when I wasn’t paying any attention to my current surroundings, two thugs decided to do a grab and bolt with my small shoulder purse, that I always carry my interdenominational cell phone in.

“Hey, come back here, you thieves.”

The thugs directed me to a back alleyway, and then vanished out of site for a moment.

“Ahh...Where they go ?” I whispered. “Those punks couldn’t have gotten too far.”

Suddenly one of them came up from behind and grabbing for a little feel of my chest area underneath my shirt.

That caused me so much anguish, like you wouldn’t believe.

“Hey, are you looking for a beating, you pervert?!”

“Relax lady, we only want your damn money.” The other thug replied.

The two guys rummaged through my purse, but they couldn’t find anything of value.

“Damn it! Woman’s stripped clean, bro.” He noted to his partner in crime.

All of a sudden the second thug got super angry, he start taking his frustration out on me for not having anything worth stealin’. But he didn’t care if I was a chick or nothin’. The guy punch an’ kicking me till I gave in.

“You better hightail now, cause I’m about to bring out a can of whoop on both your butts.”

I tried snapping my fingers to active my ability powers, but... nothing happened. ‘Wait, why aren’t my powers not working.’

Then I realized something. ‘Oh... that’s right. This particular universe didn’t use magic. Darn and I was so ready to use them too, well onto Plan B.’

I fought back with all of my physical might, but the guy punched and kicking me twice as hard in return. Lastly, to really show he meant business, by side-swiping my leg knocking me to the ground.

“Come on, let’s gets out of here, she ain’t worth sticking around if she don’t got anything.”

He did one last kick before they left, only this time, it was to my stomach.


The thugs walked away, leaving my bag and myself on the hard ground. A few seconds after they vanished, I slowly tried to regain my composer and start to make my way to find some help. But as I strolled through town, the pain from my leg had returned, causing me to collapse, and slowly passing out. Which no one in the area noticed me, as I laid there in pain unconsciously.

Thankfully, a little girl with short orange hair which is in a rounded bob cut style, wearing four pink bows in it. She also wears red overalls with a frilly skirt trim, and a yellow long sleeve shirt. Along with some white high knee socks and tiny red strap shoes. She was seen traveling with a tall man who wore white and black hair, and a little bit on the back of his head that seems to curl upwards, with a fringe on the front of him that hangs low enough to cover half his face. Which hide a large patch of mismatched skin, that always made an ‘unpleasant appearance’ to his overall character. He had piercing brown eyes with a hint of a red tint in them. But he is usually been seen to wear a black cape that is nearly as long as he is tall. Underneath, he normally wears a white collar shirt, a black vest, and black dress pants. To tie everything together, he uses a blue, purple or red ribbon instead of a necktie.

“Doctor, come quick, someone is passed out on the ground.”

The man came over and kneeling down to check for a pulse on my wrist, not saying anything.

“Pinoko, let’s get her back to the clinic.” He spoke to the little girl.

The man picked up, holding me across his arms, continuing his walking.

“Right behind ya Doc.” The girl agreeing, and following along side him.

Back At The Clinic...

The man laid me down on a short padded table in his office, and went to take off his cape, hanging it up on a hook. Soon after, I started to slowly wake up, still feeling weak.

“Ugh, my head. Ow... Hey, where the heck am I?”

“Your currently at my medical clinic.” replied the man, in a calm relaxed voice.

I tried sitting up, but the injuries prevented me from moving. The man walked back over to take a look at my leg.

“Don’t worry I’m a doctor.” He answered, checking the bruises. “Seems like you gotten pretty bruised up from that confrontation with those two crooks.”

“Yeah, stupid little old me for going after them, right.” I chuckled, but he didn’t even make a slight smile. ‘Sheesh, where’s this guy’s sense of humor.’

“You just lay still, and try to relax, while I give you a full physical examination.” He said, starts to take out his medical equipment.

The little girl decided to add. “Doctor Black Jack is the best doctor around, you can totally trust him to fix you right up in no time.”

Then I dawned on me. “Wait, a second. ‘The’ Doctor Black Jack, the most infamous unlicensed surgeon in the world.”

“Yep, so you have nothing to be worried about. So, what’s your name?”

[A/N: Even though this is an self insert story, I’ll only be using my real first name and changing my last to protect my identity.]

“Alyssa Muto. 31 years old, and married (in real life I’m not).”

As Black Jack wrote the simple basic info to start a patient medical file, he quietly begins his examination by listening to my heart and lungs with his stethoscope.

’Her breath rate a little bit heavier then a normal person, also her heart is beating quite abnormal, better keep that fact in mind.

Next, he moved on to checking my eyes with a small pen flashlight.

‘Pupil dilation and reaction are perfectly in good shape and no traces of infections or irritations.’

And finally, he checked my blood pressure.

‘Blood pressure was 140/90, it looks to me that she suffers from some kind of hypertension.’ He thought, taking a small blood sample with a clean syringe needle right after.

He drips the sample into a clear testing pad and began analysis for the rest of the unanswered questions he had. The results of the blood sample were completed and then printed out for him to look over. However, one of my results seemed... out of place.

‘Hm... her bad cholesterol levels are subsequently low, that must explain for the rapid heart rate and increased breathing, even when she is walking around acting normal.’ He thought. ‘What piece of information am I still missing?’

Black Jack turns only his head towards me, preparing to ask but a single question, that he need for his final diagnose.

“Have you done anything recently, to potentially cause physical harm to your blood system?” He asked, with a stern calm expression.

“Well... a couple of years ago. I... uh, put myself into a situation where a side villain from my universe, sorta... used a deadly nerotoxin in a syringe he stole somewhere. To... possibly’ I paused for a second. ‘kill me.’

Then Black Jack eyes shot open hearing this new piece of information.

“Then I must get you on my operating table as soon as possible.”

I looked at him with panic and worry.

“Why? What did you find out Doctor?”

“You have but mere seconds to live.”

“WHAT?!” I yelled, now scared.

Black Jack shouted. “Pinoko! Get the operating room ready, I’ am gonna need to preform another immediate operation!”

“On it!” She shouted back, racing to the makeshift operating room that was located in the back of the house, to get the post op done.

“Are you okay for walking?” He asked.

“Yeah, my leg isn’t that badly battered. I’ll follow behind you. Please lend the way.” I replied. ‘Ugh... Bakura. why do you still haunt my life, even after your television season defeat. That’s also including Dark Marik, who pretty much controls my nightmares.’ (shivers in disgust)

Black Jack lead me to the backroom, where he had a makeshift operating room, which contained a lot of the latest up-to-date equipment to preform all his surgeries.

He helped me climb onto the padded operating table, and had to undress really quickly. The only thing I had to keep off was my bra, so during the operation, it won’t be a hassle.

Black Jack changed into his operating scrubs as he waited for his patient to lay down on the table.

“I will be preforming open heart surgery to remove some of the harmful antibodies that causing your onset heart attack.” He said, muffled by his mask.

“Will I be able to survive this operation?” I said, having a look of anguish in my eyes.

“You have nothing to worry about, I will not let you die, not while you on my operating table.” He said with confidence.

I nod confidently, with a look of pure trust. “I now put my life in your hands Doctor.”

I laid down with my head on the small pillow.

“Pinoko, administer the anesthesia.”

“Right away.” She brought over the mask that will pump the knock out gas.

“Alright, let’s get this underway. We don’t have a moment to spare.”

Pinoko placed the mask on my nose, and after a few seconds, I was totally under by the anesthesia.

A Few Hours Later...

The surgery was a complete success, which he took the liberty to carry me to a spare bedroom, keeping a intervenes line pack with fluids. As the anesthesia began to wear off, and I slowly start to wake up. I saw Black Jack sitting beside me, writing a patient file for his ongoing pile from his past patient cases.

“Ugh.. am I still alive?” I spoke, mumbling to myself out loud.

“Depends, what you define as alive. Your heart surgery was successful. Although, there was another little thing I discovered while I was re-reading your results.”

“What is it ?”

“My blood analysis found out you had traces of semen still in your private pelvic region.”

“Ah... no, don’t tell me.” I said, knowing what he’s gonna tell me anyway.

“Congratulations, you’re gonna be a mother for a third time.”

I groan angrily. “How along am I?”

“A full 8 weeks. So starting now, you are now my patient, that way I can keep an eye on your immediate recovery and the baby’s delivery date.” “If you ever need of anything at any time, don’t hesitate to ask, just holler for Pinoko and she will assist you.” He said.“You just rest and relax, I’ll be up to check on you every so often.”

Black Jack returned downstairs, to focus back on the loads of paperwork in his office.

“He may have a coldish attitude, but he always has a warm heart. You’ll get use to it.” said Pinoko. “Anyway, may I offer you something to eat.”

“Can you make some curry buns?” I asked.

“Sure, be back in a jiff.”

Pinoko heads back downstairs herself to make the Curry Buns. While I was waiting for her to return with the food, I’d decided to pull out my cell phone from my bag, to call my husband back in the Yugioh Universe

Back in Domino City...

*Atem’s Cell Phone Ring Tone - Sexy Naughty Bitchy*

“Hello.” Atem answered.

“Hey honey.”

“Alyssa, I was getting worried, where are you ?”

“You wouldn’t believe me, even if I told ya.”

“Try me” Atem chuckled playfully.

“Ha, knew you were gonna say that.”

“Okay... here is a quick load down on everything. Post war universe, got beaten by two thugs which apparently were gangsters, tried applying my powers but didn’t work.” I said.

“The portal must have had a reverse effect on you upon entering. Did you escape?”

“I did, but just barely. Due to the fact, one of the thugs had some major anger issues. Long story short, I’m at a medical clinic who is owned by a medical doctor and his young daughter apparently.”

“I’m just glad to hear that you’re safe.” Atem replied, relieved

“Also, I may... have to stay for a while.”

“How long ?”

“For a couple of weeks. *starts to sobs* He did a full physical exam on me, and had to do open heart surgery. Which was a success nonetheless. I’m afraid my universe hopping days are numbered. *sobbing*” I said, slightly sobbing.

Atem tries to cheer me up. “Sh sh sh. It’s gonna be alright.”

“I mean... can you take on the responsibility of taking care of two kids without me being there?”

“I’ve seen you tend to Ash and Misty since they were still infants. How hard can it be?”

“We’ve got the help of both of Yugi and Tea, to pitch in if necessary. You just try and get better, alright. No matter long it takes.”

“Atem- I.. *a little choked up, tears in my eyes*

He sensed my emotional connection.

“I love you, my eternal queen.” Atem said, throwing an air kiss through the phone.

“You really know what to say to cheer me up.” I returned the same kiss back. “I love you too, my eternal pharaoh. Oh, and try not to use your half of your powers, until my return.”

Pinoko ascended the staircase once again, only this time with the food she prepared.

“Honey, I’ve got to go. I’ll talk to within the week, byez...”

“Bye.” Atem replied softly, and closes his flip cell phone, ending the call.

I also close my flip cell phone, quietly. ‘I didn’t have the heart to tell him.’

Pinoko carries a food tray over to the bed.

“Who was that you were just talking to?”

“That was my husband, who is waiting for me back home.” I replied.

“Awe, that was sweet of him to think of you.”

“Yeah.” I spoke sadly, taking my first bite. “So... are you like his daughter or something?”

“I’m actually 18 years old you know.”

“18? But you look like your 8.”

“Eh... it’s a long difficult story that I don’t want to talk about. Anyway, do you want anything else.”

“No, but thank you for the food.”

“Not a problem. Nurse Pinoko is always happy to help.” She walks away, returning to whatever else she want to do.

Hours passed by...

I stayed laying in the bed, just thinking to myself.

‘Oh father, I wish you were still with me. If my powers stop working altogether, I wouldn’t be able to cross into the other universes. What should I do? Give up the magic or take the risk of keeping it? I need your sacred guidance.’

A golden glow shined from my light blue teardrop pendent, and a projection of her father’s head appeared right before my eyes.

I gasped in surprise. “Huh? F-Father.”

“It’s been a while, Yuri.”

King Kudqos stood in the middle of the projection, and my Atlantian spirit mind connect with him.

“How are you holding your own in the real world?”

“I’ve been doing fine lately. Uh, things are a lot different from our undersea kingdom that’s for sure. Um, I had finally settled down with someone.”

“Splendid. Who did you end up picking?”

“That’s just it, I didn’t end up picking any of the princes that you had selected for me.”

That specific response that caused my father to lose his temper. “WHAT!” “You’ve realized what you have done? Our kingdom had a particular agreement with 3 other kingdoms, that if you had wed one of their princes, they wouldn’t have to go to war with us.”

I hesitated. “I’m sorry father, but I just couldn’t bare the result of loving someone who was arranged to be married, in the mist of hurting the other prince’s feelings if they were not chosen. I.. I.. couldn’t take the burden as a princess to go through the actual guilt.” “That’s why I set out on my own, to find the one person who will accept me for myself and not for how wealthy I am.”

Kudqos fell silent for a couple of minutes, thinking about what he was gonna say next. Then he spoke again, only this time with complete understanding.

“My deepest apologies Yuri, but I had completely forgotten about taking your own thoughts and feelings into account when I signed the agreement. So, on the day you fled, the other three kingdoms took upon the liberty going to war anyways. After they had gotten word that the agreement was off.”

“And thus one of the three kingdoms took over, and ended you and mother’s life.” I replied.

Pausing once again in silence.

“Well, to let you and mother know. I’m currently married to an Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh who’s name is Atem, and we have a son and daughter together. Ash and Misty. (crossover names and character looks+personality nothing else. Switching trainer to duelist that’s all) And having a third one on the way.”

“Then I shall be the one to congratulate you and your husband.” He replied, with love.

“Thank you, that means a lot to me, knowing that you respect my decisions. By the way though, why did you gave me this magical pendent in the first place?”

“Ah.. you see, the pendent with my last bit of magic, was suppose to help you travel to the different universes and have certain experiences within those the realms. While absorbing the knowledge and the character types into the necklace for future visits. So that way, it can pick the best fit for that particular environment.”

“I’ve been wondering my whole life about why this was giving to me, and now I realize it’s purpose, to remember the love you and mother had.”

“I am so glad, to provided an exact answer for your question.”

The pendent started glowing golden again, signaling that he has to return to the afterlife.

“Oops, that’s my signal to go. Take care Yuri, and whenever you need my guidance once again, don’t hesitate to summon me. Your mother and I love you very much.”

I sighed happily with a twinkle in my eye. And with the last glow signal, he faded out of sight.

“Father, father!”

With that her father’s voice went silent, and her pendent stopped glowing. ‘Whoa, that was weird.’ I thought, still in awe after the conversation with my atlantian spirit’s fathers ghost.

Then I placed the empty food tray onto a nearby table.

‘Best get some sleep, tomorrow’s another day.’ I spoke in thought.

Night Time had fell...

Alyssa dreamt through out night the horrible ordeal, that Yuri would have had to endured the whole Atlantian war, if she had stayed. (leading to my encounter with Dartz during his rise to power) Which caused me to have a small nightmare, but I just slept all the way through.

The Next Morning...

Black Jack promptly came to check on my vitals once again, to make sure his surgical repair was healing properly.

“Good morning.”

“Morning, doctor.” I replied back, still sleepily.

He placed his traveling medical bag on the chair that was across from the small table. Before he began his exam, he rechecked my injured leg, touching it.

“Ow.” I said, feeling that the ligament was not fully healed just yet.

“Your leg feels a little tender, however it’s slowly repairing itself, but... it should be back to full strength in about two more days.” He noted.

I sighed. “A least that good news.”

“You must be lucky those thugs didn’t seriously damage anything else.” He said, writing notes on pieces of paper, then setting it back down. “Could I have you sit up in the bed, so I can listen to your heart and lungs?”

I followed Black Jack’s instructions, while he was taking out his stethoscope. He placed the diaphragm on my upper chest on the right. “Start breathing normally please.”

I took slow normal breaths as he listened to my heart.

“Now, I need for you take long deep breaths for me.”

I took a long deep breath in and slowly letting it out, repeating for a couple of seconds, placing the diaphragm in the various listening positions.

“The surgical repair I did on your heart is starting to heal quite nicely. So no more causes for alarm in the potential future. But you do run a risk of your newborn obtaining the same aliment you have in it’s own lifespan.”

“I understand doctor.”

Black Jack brought out his pen light.

“Vision and pupil reaction were not effect” He said. “Though I would like to have your permission, to run some more tests on you, if that’s alright.”

“Please, just do whatever you can. You have my permission to do whatever you need to do to cure me.” I replied, sounding very desperate. “This may seem like a ordinary illness, but to me it feels like a life or death situation.”

“Maybe you’re just overreacting and it’s all in your head.” He said, hesitating. “Are you doing this just for the attention?”

I started crying. “You have to figure it out, please! I’m begging you! I have two kids and a loving husband back home waiting for me. I can’t leave them this way. I just can’t! I lost my mother a long time ago, and I’m not going to abandon my children the same way as my mother did.” (my atlantian spirit’s mother just to clarify)

Black Jack just stared into her sad crying eyes, while have a flashback of his lovely mother that was taken from him. It was the day he found a bomb that was buried beneath the sand when he was still a young boy. The explosion impacted both him and his mother. As they were rushed to the hospital, doctors did everything they could do to save him, by transplanting every donated body part to put himself back together again. Including the darkened patch of skin that was given to him by a friend he once knew.

“I feel your sympathy, I too lost my mother as well due to a bomb explosion.” He said, feeling sorry for her. “But you’re not faking this, just to get me to let down my guard, right?”

Still crying, but I confirmed it was not for the attention.

“Death was my greatest fear in life. I suffered and survived through a horrible Egyptian war that killed thousands, the war even killed the ones that meant so much to me, including my friends and also my parents.” I spoke, while still crying. “I didn’t quite understand my hidden powers at first, but I can see now, what really gave me power was ‘love’. Love that I can spread throughout each universe.”

I started to cheer up a little bit. “Alyssa, the Princess Of Love. Ooh I just gave myself the chills, in a good way thought.”

Black Jack took out another empty syringe needle from his bag, to run a new type of blood test.

“Lay your arm flat on the bed, palm facing up and keep still. I’m going to take another blood sample.”

Alyssa lays her arm out with her palm facing up, and he pokes the needle in, then adsorbs the blood into the needle. He took the needle over to his desk, and put a drop of her blood on a clear slide, then puts it underneath his microscope.

“Hmm...” as he was looking at the blood on the slide. “When you crossover into each universe, you said that your body can get any type of diseases or illness while moving in and out through space, correct?” He asked.

“Yeah.” I replied, answering Black Jack’s question.

He began to jot down his thoughts onto his notes, to get a better understanding.

“Anything you say will be strictly confidential, so I need you to tell me everything that you can remember. Even the slightest little detail, starting with the first time you rift traveled. ”

“Okay, um... I don’t remember all of it, but... I’ve been in some major incidents or situations, like getting kidnapped by the main villain or being used for their own selfish desires, whatever they intentions were.” I said. “One of them tried poisoning with a evil love potion, and another injected some kind of unknown substance with a stolen syringe.”

“Did you see what type of substance this person put into your blood stream?” He asked.

“No, I couldn’t see what it was, the person had me in the bent over position, injecting the needle into my right butt cheek.” I replied. “However the person who did it, was a follower of says main villain, who decided to take it a tiny bit too far. But I’ll spare you those you ‘those’ details. This story is dark enough as it is.”

“And... what about the evil love potion you had also mentioned.”

“Well, one of the live action universes called ‘Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, had a villain from their second season named Lord Zedd. Which he ordered his lackey Goldar down to earth, and pour a evil love potion into my mouth while I was still sleeping, and brought me to become his evil queen. You know typical damsel in distress scenario. Girl gets kidnapped, hero defeats the bad guys, girl gets rescued.”

“I see.” He wrote down some more of his thoughts. “With this new information, maybe it’s in your best interest to possibly quit rift surfing.”

I reacted harshly. “Quit? No way!” “Besides... who wouldn’t want to give up chances to visit and experience different anime/cartoon/live action universes beyond our own imaginations.”

“I’m only give you my opinion as a doctor.”

“Yeah well, honesty isn’t always the best medicine you know.”

Black Jack wrote down his final notes for the day, finishing up today’s check-in.

“Later this evening, I’ll begin your ultrasound.” He said. “We’ll confirm if this person did actual *censor* you after the injection, or not.”

I sighed worried. “No matter what the out come is, I am willing to face my past, and help create new lasting memories.”

Later that evening...

Doctor Black Jack and I were once again in his surgery room.

“Now just relax.” He said, beginning to rub the cooling gel on my stomach.

Black Jack used the ultrasound wand to scan for a possible embryo. After searching around, he found traces of baby, it was indeed the full 12 weeks.

“Yep, there it is. Seems your about 12 weeks in, so it will be due any day now.”

“My very thoughts exactly.” I said. ‘Bakura, you thought you could get away with this, well this time you’ve gone too far.’

“It looks like you might have to have a C section, cause from your last two pregnancies, it looks like you had to do a natural birth.”

“That’s right, I had to do it right at home. The hospital was super busy because it was a holiday and they had no more room, so we had to do the next best thing.” “My brother-in-law Yugi, sort of knew what to do, from paying close attention in health class.”

Black Jack starts to hook me up to monitors to keep track of my vitals.

“Alright, I am gonna put you under, anything else you want to say.” He said.

I just nod no, and he placed the anesthesia mask on me, soon after I was completely under once again. Only this time it was to bring another life into the world.

*image of the c-section being preformed*

The operation was a long and grueling 3 hours. But once he removed the newborn child from my stomach, he did the honors of cutting the umbilici cord, to make sure the infant was healthy upon birth from the c-section (crying and all). Once Black Jack check out the baby giving it a clean bill of health, he dried it off and wrapped it in a blanket.

“Congratulations, it's a girl.”

The baby girl calmed down after crying, seeing it's mother. Black Jack typed out a birth certificate, and asked.

“What name are you going to give her?”

“I'm gonna name this little one Lilly.”

He type in bold lettering L-I-L-L-Y, making the name official. Then Pinoko entered the room.

“Doc, do I hear a baby in here?"

She spotted the newborn baby in Alyssa’s arms.

“Awe, she’s so cute.”

“Doctor, I don’t know how to thank you.” I said. “You saved both the lives of me and my third born child. How can I ever repay you for your kindness.”

“In the light of this special moment, I will weaver my expensive fee for both surgeries.” He replied. “Normally, I usually make all of my patients pay an absurd amount of money, but I’ll make a exception just this once. Also, it doesn’t mean that I’ll give you any special treatment the next time we meet.”

I nod in agreement, then he unhooked me from the monitors, shutting all of the machines down.

“Doc, why did you offered to take her case in the first place ?” asked Pinoko, to Black Jack.

“It sort of reminded me why I became a surgeon. If people desire the will to live, then I use everything in my power to save that person. But they’re were some that I have operated on, that I regretted in the past, back when I was a young doctor still in medical school. I’ll never forget the time that I saved you from your sister’s stomach, just like the way I did with her new baby.”

Pinoko just smiled.


'How am I going to explain this to Atem.' I thought. “Nevertheless. I’m gonna love my three children no matter what the circumstance.”

Alyssa starts to hums a lullaby and rocked her new daughter Lilly in her arms to sleep.

What will Atem’s reaction be to his new daughter and what will be the fate of the newborn baby. Find out next time in Chapter 2. So stay tuned.

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