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Alyssa Meets Black Jack

By Alyssa Brewster

Fantasy / Drama

Chapter 1

One day Alyssa and Atem was going about their day. When suddenly her powers started to act a little strange, and opened up a random portal on it's own.

"Mm?" said Atem.

"My powers must still be trying to adjust. I'll go and check it out." said Alyssa.

"Ok, be careful." said Atem.

Alyssa enters the portal, then it transported her to a universe she hasn't been to before. The universe consisted of 1990's style animation.

"Wow, this place is incredible. I wonder where I landed." said Alyssa, walking to a local shop and picking up a newspaper.

She saw the year that was printed on the paper "2004".

"I'm back in the year 2004. Wow, the animation was different back then." said Alyssa, amazed

When she was not looking, two thugs decided to steal her purse.

"Hey, give that back, you thief's." said Alyssa, as she ran after them.

The two thugs lead her to a back alleyway.

"Where they go ?" whispered Alyssa.

They came up from behind her.

"Oo, We've hit the jackpot, this could be our lucky break." said one person.

"Yeah, and she's really pretty too." said the other person.

"What do you guys want with me ?" asked Alyssa, frightened.

The two guys rummaged through her purse, but they couldn't find anything of value. The first thug got so angry, that he started to punch and kick her. Alyssa tried to get herself to safety by using some of her power, but when she snapped her fingers, nothing happened.

"Great. Out of all the universes, this was the one universe my powers decided not to activate. Oh well, time for Plan B." said Alyssa.

She fought back with all her might, but the thug punched and kicked her twice as hard. As he delivered the final blow, Alyssa dropped to the ground with a leg injury and was all battered and bruised. She try getting up and walk to go get help, but ending up falling back down. A little girl who was out walking with a man dressed in black spotted her as she fell to the ground. They ran over to help her, and the man felt her forehead.

"Pinoko, let's get her back to the clinic." said the man.

"Right behind you, Doc." said the little girl.

Back At The Clinic

The man laid her down on the table, in his office, as soon they got to his clinic. After a couple of minutes, Alyssa slowly opened her eyes.

"Wah, where am I?" said Alyssa, weakly

"Your currently at my clinic." said the man.

Alyssa looked at the man that was sitting next to her. He had black and white hair, with a darkened patch of skin that was stitched on the right side of his face. She tried to sit up, but the injuries prevented her from getting up.

"Don't worry I'm a doctor, and I wouldn't try to get up with that leg injury if I were you." said the man.

She laid back down.

"What is your name by the way, I didn't quite catch it." asked Alyssa.

"Black Jack." said the man, answering Alyssa's question.

"Nice to meet you, Black Jack." said Alyssa.

"I'm going to be give you a physical examination, just to see that nothing else got damaged. said Black Jack.

"Ok." said Alyssa.

"Pinoko, please retrieve my black suitcase." said Black Jack.

"Sure thing." said Pinoko, as she goes and gets the suitcase.

She came back with the suitcase.

"Here you go, Doc." said Pinoko.

He opens up his suitcase. Alyssa was a little freaked out by the sharp tools.

"Oh, those are just Doc's operating tools. The only reason why he carry those in his suitcase, in case he has to perform a operation right on the spot." said Pinoko.

"Aww, what an adorable little kid." said Alyssa.

"I'm not a little kid, I'm eighteen." shouted Pinoko, angry.

Black Jack started his examination. First, he checked her pulse on her wrist.

"Hmm, you're pulse reading is pretty high, are you always this stressed ?" asked Black Jack.

"Not all the time. I'm usually pretty calm most of the time ." said Alyssa.

He wrote some things down. Then listens to her heartbeat and breathing.

"She's breathing a little heavier then normal." thought Black Jack. "Also her heart rhythm is abnormal. I better make a note of that."

Next, he checks her pupil reaction with a mini pen light, after that he wrote down some more notes. Before he finished the exam, he asked another question.

"Miss, are you updated with all your vaccinations ?" asked Black Jack.

"Crap, no I'm not. Um, note to self, must keep track of my shots a little better. thought Alyssa. "If I say yes, he won't have to give me one. But if I say no, I will have to get a shot. Man, I always have rotten luck. May as well get it over with."

Black Jack was waiting for her answer.

"No, I'm not updated on all of them, to tell you the truth." said Alyssa, truthfully. [thinking: Double crap, I have to stop being so forward, all the time]

He checks her blood pressure.

"Her blood pressure is a little high, even when she's calm." thought Black Jack. "That could definitely raise a problem later on."

He wrote down his final thought, but has a serious look upon his face.

"Tell to me straight Doctor. I can take it." said Alyssa, to Black Jack.

"Besides you having an injured leg, during your examination, I found out that you have high blood pressure and also your heart is beating rather abnormally. Do you have a physician in your town ?" asked Black Jack.

"No, we only have healers that deal with very small injuries, but nothing internally. And of where I travel a lot from time to time my body gets exposed to all kinds of toxins, viruses, and diseases. This is the first time of hearing about this kind of thing, I'm so glad I came to you, Doctor Black Jack." said Alyssa.

He grabs an empty needle, also a small bottle and fills the needle with the clear liquid. Then taking a piece of gauze that was already drenched in a sterile solution.

"I would like for you to roll up your shirt sleeve." said Black Jack.

She rolled up her sleeve, and he rubs the gauze on her arm. He quickly puts the needle in.

"Ouch." said Alyssa, as he gave her the shot.

Then took it out.

"Also I'll have to monitor you for a couple of weeks, you're high blood pressure and pulse could pose as a danger risk for death. Starting now, you are my patient. Pinoko and I will put you up in a spare room. That way I can keep an eye on your condition. Don't worry you're in good hands. Just follow doctor's orders and I'll have you back to normal in no time." said Black Jack, to Alyssa.

Black Jack picks her up and carries Alyssa to the spare room. Once they got to the bedroom, he layed her on top of the bed sheets and used the hanging sling to keep her injured leg elevated.

"If you ever need of anything, don't hesitate to ask, just holler for Pinoko and she will assist you." said Black Jack. "You just rest and relax, I'll be up to check on you every so often." He goes back downstairs.

"He may have a coldish attitude, but he always has a warm heart. You'll get use to it." said Pinoko. "Anyway, may I offer you something to eat."

"Yeah, that would be great. Um, could you make some curry buns?" asked Alyssa.

"Sure, be back in a jiff." said Pinoko.

She heads back downstairs to make the Curry Buns. While Alyssa was waiting, she pulls out her cell phone to give her husband a call.

[Phone Ringing]

"Hello." answered Atem.

"Hi honey." said Alyssa.

"Alyssa, I was getting worried, where are you ?" said Atem, worried.

"You know that random portal that appeared for no apparent reason." said Alyssa.

"Yeah, what about it ?" asked Atem.

"It lead me to a post war time universe. As soon as I entered the portal, two thugs chased me to a back alleyway, and rummage through my stuff. After that one of the thugs started to beat me out of rage, cause I didn't have anything of value with me. When I went to use my powers, they didn't activate." said Alyssa

"The portal must of effected you once you entered. Did you try to escape ?" asked Atem.

"I did, but just barely. The thug ended up injuring my leg and then they ran off. I made my way to the center of town when I collapsed from the pain in my leg. A guy and a little girl who spotted me when I collapsed onto the ground. Found out the guy was a doctor. He brought me back to his clinic and bandage up my leg." said Alyssa.

"I'm just glad you're safe." said Atem, relieved

"Um, I may have to stay in this universe for a little while." said Alyssa.

"For how long ?" asked Atem.

"A couple of weeks, [starts to sobs] He did a physical exam on me, and he found out that my heartbeat is beating abnormally, along with my blood pressure being high. I'm afraid my universe hopping days are numbered. [sobbing]" said Alyssa.

He trys to cheer her up. "Sh sh sh. It's gonna be alright. I'll keep tabs on the kids, while you're away." said Atem.

"Really? Thanks that takes a load off my mind for a while." said Alyssa, cheering up a little bit.

"You just try and get better, okay." said Atem.

"I love you." said Alyssa, in a calming voice.

"I love you too." said Atem, air kisses over the phone.

"Since my powers are not working at the moment, you won't be able to use them either. Are you in Egypt or Yugi's?" said Alyssa, air kisses him back.

"At Yugi's with the kids." said Atem.

"You may not be able to go back for a least a week or two. Till I get better. I've got to go, I'll talk to you within the week, bye." said Alyssa

"Bye." said Atem, hangs up.

Alyssa closes her cell phone, and Pinoko returns with her Curry Buns.

"Who was that you were just talking to?" asked Pinoko.

"That was my husband, who is waiting for me back home." said Alyssa

"Aww, that was sweet of him to think of you." said Pinoko.

"Yeah, him and I have a real strong connection." said Alyssa. "It must be really hard for you to have a proper relationship with Black Jack. You say your 18, but yet you have a body of a little girl."

"I kinda don't want to talk about it." said Pinoko. "Do you want anything else?"

"No, but thank you for the food." thanked Alyssa.

"No problem." said Pinoko. "Nurse Pinoko is always happy to help."

Pinoko goes back downstairs, and Alyssa starts to eat the curry buns.

"I don't what I'll do if my powers do ending up not working. I won't be able to visit my friends in the other universes. Oh father, I wish you were still alive." said Alyssa, sobbing.

Then she notice her pendent started to glow.

"Huh?" said Alyssa, gasps.

The voice of her father started to talk.

"There, there. It's gonna be alright." said her father, comforting his daughter.

"Father, is that really you ?" said Alyssa.

"Yes, it's me alright." said her father, reassuring Alyssa it was really him.

"How are you even able to talk to me?" said Alyssa, little freaked out.

"I gave you this special pendent, because I wanted you to have something to always remember who your real parents are, and where you came from. You're mother and I loved you very much. The pendent is sprinkled with some last bit of magic that I had left. That is the reason why you have the power to travel to different worlds, and also be able to absorb the type of character environment, so you'll be able to blend in with the other characters within the universe." said her father.

"Well, that clears up why I had these powers in the first place." said Alyssa. "I've been going through life trying to find answers."

"I'm glad to provide answers you were looking for." said her father.

"Oh, before I forget. I have one last question to ask you." said Alyssa. "What was the real reason you had to give me away?"

"After your mother passed, I knew it was going to be tough to take care of you, so I had no choice." said her father.

"Thanks again, father." said Alyssa.

"You're welcome..." as her father's voice starts to fade out.

"Father, father!" said Alyssa.

With that her father's voice went silent, and her pendent stopped glowing.

"Woah, that was weird." said Alyssa, still in awe after her little conversation with her father's ghost.

She put her plate on the side table and decides to get some sleep.

Night Time

Alyssa had a bit of a horrible nightmare that made her toss and turn.

The Next Morning
Black Jack came upstairs to check on her. He open the door.

"Good morning." said Black Jack.

"Morning, Doctor." said Alyssa.

He placed his doctor bag on the chair next to her.

"Were you able to get a full night sleep last night." asked Black Jack.

"Somewhat, I had a nightmare that kept me awake, but I was able to get back to sleep. said Alyssa.

He starts to check my injured leg, and began to touch it.

"Ow." said Alyssa, as he touched her leg.

"It feels just a little tender, you must be lucky that those thugs didn't do major damage." said Black Jack, writing down the update on his notes. "Could you sit up in the bed and I'll have a listen to your heart and lungs."

She slowly sat up in the bed and he took out his stethoscope. He placed the diaphragm on her chest.

"Just breathe normally." said Black Jack, as he listens.

Alyssa began to breathe normally.

"Now, take a deep breathe in." said Black Jack.

Alyssa took a deep breath in.

"And out." said Black Jack.

Alyssa breathes out.

"Okay, one more time. breathe in." said Black Jack.

Alyssa breathes in.

"And breathe out." said Black Jack.

Alyssa breathes out.

"Good." said Black Jack. "The bad news is, your heart is still beating abnormally. If things stay at the same pace as they are now, you could go into cardiac arrest, and the pressure of the heart could even stop working all together. I may have to do an operation while your having an attack to diagnose you and treat the problem at the same time."

"S-Surgery." said Alyssa, worried.

"As my experience as both a doctor and a surgeon, I won't let anything happen to you while you are on my operating table." said Black Jack. "You may lay back down."

She lays back down with her head on the pillow. He took out his pen light, then he use his fingers to hold her eyes open as he checked her vision.

"Vision and Pupil reactions seem to be unaffected." said Black Jack. "I would like to run some more tests on you, if that's alright."

"Please, just do whatever you can. You have my permission to do whatever you need to do to cure me." said Alyssa. "This may seem like a ordinary illness, but to me it feels like a life or death situation.

He checks her blood pressure, it stayed at the same level.

"Maybe you're just overreacting and it's all in your head." said Black Jack, hesitating. "Are you doing this just for the attention?"
"You have to figure it out, please! I'm begging you! I have two kids and a loving husband back home waiting for me. I can't leave them this way. I just can't! I lost my mother a long time ago, and I'm not going to abandon my children the same way as my mother did." said Alyssa, crying.

Black Jack just stared into her sad crying eyes, while have a flashback of his lovely mother that was taken from him. It was the day he found a bomb that was buried beneath the sand when he was still a young boy. The explosion impacted both him and his mother. As they were rushed to the hospital, doctors did everything they could do to save him, by transplanting every donated body part to put himself back together again. Including the darkened patch of skin that was given to him by a friend he once knew.

"I feel your sympathy, I too lost my mother as well due to a bomb explosion." said Black Jack, feeling sorry for her. "But you're not faking this, just to get me to let down my guard, right?"

Alyssa was still crying confirming she was not faking it nor for the attention.

"Death was my greatest fear in life. I suffered and survived through a horrible Egyptian war that killed thousands, the war even killed the ones that meant so much to me, including my friends and also my parents." said Alyssa, talking while still crying. "I didn't quite understand my hidden powers at first, but I can see now, what really gave me power was 'love'. Love that I can spread throughout each universe." She started to cheer up. "Alyssa, the Princess Of Love, ooh I just gave myself the chills, in a good way thought."

"Alright, I'll take your case. But you got to promise me that you won't use any of your special powers to heal yourself." said Black Jack.

"My powers don't seem to work in your universe, so I will be able to keep your promise." said Alyssa.

"Then I shall do my very best to help you in every way I can." said Black Jack.

He took out another empty syringe needle from his bag.

"Lay your arm flat on the bed, palm facing up and keep still. I'm going to take a blood sample." said Black Jack.

Alyssa lays her arm out with her palm facing up, and he pokes the needle in, then adsorbs the blood into the needle. He took the needle over to his desk, and put a drop of her blood on a clear slide, then puts it underneath his microscope.

"Hmm..." as he was looking at the blood on the slide. "When you crossover into each universe, you said that your body can get any type of diseases or illness while moving in and out through space, correct?" asked Black Jack.

"Yeah." said Alyssa, answering Black Jack's question.

"Anything more I should know." said Black Jack. "Since you are currently my patient at the moment, you need to tell me, even the slightest detail could be the key to figuring this out."

"I guess that's my biggest flaw, being way to truthful, but leaving out some the minor details." said Alyssa. "Ok, I'll tell you the stuff I left out. I've had some major incidents where I got kidnapped and the villain of that world would try and do bodily harm to me or poison me with a unknown substance."

"Bodily harm in what type of way?" asked Black Jack.

"By pouring a evil love potion into my system." said Alyssa. "That one happened in the Power Ranger Universe, the bad guy known as Lord Zedd set his lackey Goldar to pouring the potion down my throat as I slept. Then after Goldar did that he brought me to Lord Zedd's palace. It was a typical damsel in distress scenario. Girl gets kidnapped, hero defeats the bad guys, girl gets rescued."

"I see." said Black Jack. "And what about the unknown poison substance."

"Oh... that." said Alyssa. "One of the villains from the universe that I am from, wanted to get his revenge, so he kinda force himself onto me and injected the substance through a syringe needle."

"Did you see what the substance was?" asked Black Jack.

"He had me pinned downward, so I couldn't see what it was." said Alyssa.

"I found traces of both the evil love potion and the unknown substance still within your bloodstream, probably whatever was in those two chemicals is cause your heart to beat abnormally." said Black Jack. "I'll use the rest of your blood to check for anything else."

He puts the rest of the blood into a small cover, then ran an analysis of it. Once the tests were done, he read the results.

"Your proteins seem to be low, have you been eating the right type of foods ?" asked Black Jack.

"No, I haven't really." said Alyssa. "In fact, my eating habits have been gone wacky lately."

"Hm mm." said Black Jack. "Do you usually have any weird cravings?"

"Well, sometimes I do have cravings for fast food." said Alyssa.

"I may have solved her little problem, based on the overall information she given me already." thought Black Jack.

He had a blank stare at the paper, and not saying a word. Alyssa was looking at Black Jack and thought.

"He hasn't said a word and he is still staring at that paper. Oh no, he must have found something really bad." thought Alyssa.

Black Jack put down the paper and sighed.

"Based on the information you gave me, and your results coming out. I've figured out a diagnoses. Alyssa, I hate to say this, but, you're pregnant." said Black Jack.

"What?!" said Alyssa, shocked. "I can't be pregnant."

"All your symptoms were pointing to it." said Black Jack.

"This can't be, I didn't even know I was. Unless- oh great. The unknown substance. Bakura, really out did himself." said Alyssa, mad.

"My operating table is just downstairs, are you ok with walking ?" asked Black Jack.

"Yeah, I'll be alright." said Alyssa, pulled her leg from the sling, and gets up.

They walk downstairs and goes into the made shift operating room. She sat and lays down on the table, and he puts a sheet over her, then puts on some gloves

"Now just relax, I'm gonna do a ultrasound to confirm if you're pregnant or not." said Black Jack.

Black Jack rubbed some of the gel on her stomach and grabbed the tool for the ultrasound machine. As he was doing the ultrasound, he found something. She was definitely pregnant.

"My suspicions were correct, you are indeed pregnant. Take a look." said Black Jack.

Alyssa looked at the screen, and saw the embryo.

"I can't believe it, I didn't even have the morning sickness that usually comes with being pregnant." said Alyssa.

"And it looks like your in you're 9th trimester." said Black Jack

Then she started to have contractions.

"It looks like you might have to have a C section, cause from your last two pregnancies, it looks like you had to do a natural birth." said Black Jack.

"That's right, I had to do it right at home. The hospital was super busy because it was a holiday and they had no more room, so we had to do the next best thing." "My brother-in-law Yugi, sort of knew what to do, from paying close attention in health class."

He starts to hook Alyssa up to monitors to keep track of her vitals.

"I am gonna put you under now, anything else you want to say." said Black Jack.

Alyssa just sighs and nods no. So Black Jack puts a green tarp with a hole on her stomach, transforms into his surgical attire, then puts a oxygen mask on her mouth. Once she was completely under from the anesthesia, he began to do the procedure.
Since he didn't want Pinoko to be in there during this particular operation. She may be 18 but she had a fake body of a little kid. And no kid would want to see this type of operation.

The operation was a long and grueling 3 hours, but he removed the kid from her stomach. Then he cleaned the baby up and made sure it was alright. After the baby was all cleaned off, and everything check out ok. He closed up Alyssa's stomach and took off the oxygen mask, the anesthesia took a little time to wore off. Alyssa awoke to the most beautiful sight right before her very eyes. A tiny baby was rapped up in a blanket and also in her loving arms.

"What's the gender of the baby?" asked Alyssa. to Black Jack.

"A girl." said Black Jack.

The baby girl calmed down as soon as she heard her mother's voice.

"What name are you going to give her?" asked Black Jack.

"I'm gonna name her Yuki." said Alyssa.

Pinoko knocked on the door.

"Doc, may I come in?" asked Pinoko.

Black Jack opened the operating room door letting Pinoko to come in.

"I came to see what all the fuss was about." said Pinoko. "Also I thought I heard a baby in here."

Pinoko spotted a newborn baby in Alyssa's arms.

"Aww, she's so cute." said Pinoko.

Alyssa looks at Black Jack.

"Doctor, I don't know how to thank you." said Alyssa. "You saved both the lives of me and my third born child. How can I ever repay you for your kindness."

"In the light of this special moment, you won't have to pay my expensive fee." said Black Jack. "Normally I usually make all of my patients pay an absurd amount of money, but I'll make a exception just this once. also it doesn't mean that I'll give you any special treatment the next time we meet."

"Thank you." said Alyssa, sweetly.

Black Jack unhooked Alyssa from the monitors and she slowly got up and limps back up to the bedroom.

"Doc, why did you offered to take her case in the first place ?" asked Pinoko, to Black Jack.

"It sort of reminded me why I became a surgeon. If people desire the will to live, then I use everything in my power to save that person. But they're were some that I have operated on, that I regretted in the past, back when I was a young doctor still in medical school. I'll never forget the time that I saved you from your sister's stomach, just like the way I did with her new baby."

Pinoko just smiled.

Alyssa got upstairs and slowly sat on the bed with her third newborn child.

"How am I going to explain this to Atem." said Alyssa, in thought. "Nevertheless. I'm gonna love my three children no matter what the circumstance."

Alyssa starts to hums a lullaby and rocked her new daughter Yuki in her arms to sleep.

What will Atem's reaction be to his new daughter and what will be the fate of the newborn baby. Find out next time in Chapter 2. So stay tuned.

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