Wings of Fire: An Uprising (FANFICTION)

By Taydraa


Chapter 5

Morrowseer his huge head into the air, he picked up a very faint scent of trees up ahead, a flash of determination spreading through his eyes. Aha, he snorted, then took a glimpse back towards the dragons who followed him, their muscles sore and eyes so full of sorrow, he shivered and wondered how he looked.

"The forest is near." He bellowed, breaking the awful, eerie silence that had fell upon them. Morrowseer could feel Futurestar's wings brush up against his and glanced down, only to see her sparkling eyes gazing up into his. They suddenly seemed so filled with excitement and glee, almost reminding him of Sunny, the SandWing dragonet. He shuddered and continued to march forwards, flickering his forked black tongue between his fangs.

"Are we really close now?" Whispered Futurestar in his ear and he lifted his head up again. The scent was stronger, but they'd only advanced a few steps since he'd last called.

"Yes." Morrowseer assured her, tucking his gargantuan wings close to his body to avoid hers. Anything that reminded him of Sunny annoyed him.

Futurestar gasped, along with a giggle as she slowly let the others catch up and fell back in line behind Starfinder. The small dragon tried to whisper to her, but she swatted her wing and Futurestar whimpered, falling further back in line.

The group of NightWings continued to march tiredly, it seemed as if they were zombies, stumbling around to see what food they could manage to find... until a tree came into view as the air thinned out.

"I... I see a tree!" Screamed one of the NightWings, pointing a claw towards a tall, faint figure.

"A tree!" Howled another and it was as if magic had struck them, as the starving, dehydrated dragons rushed forwards, their weak, trembling legs stumbling.

Morrowseer saw glints of relief shining in his tribe's eyes and he nodded to them as they ran with all their might, every single one of them... except for Futurestar.

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