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The Princess of Rosen Island: The New Life


{Book 1 out of 3 } ((Rosen Island is my made Pokémon island and the OC belongs to me)) Merlin McBeth is the princess of Rosen Island and she did not want a loyal life so she moved to Melemele Island in the Alola Region. She meets up with Ash when he is with her other group of friends, Mellow. What will happen ??

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Merlin McBeth Info

Hair color: dark brown

Eye color: pink

Clothes: light blue hoodie, white shirt, black shorts, and black shoes

Personality: kind,loyal, helpful, and laid back

Likes: candy, pokemon, and music

Dislikes: seeing others hurt and rude people

Friends: Ash and his friends

Lives now: Melemele Island

Pokémon(): Sylveon, Staraptor, Pyroar, Furfrou, and Gothitelle

Family members: David ((father)), Ruth ((mother)), Brock ((older brother/ heir of the throne of Sky Land))Victoria (( Brock's wife)),Elizabeth ((older sister and Brock's twin sister heir of Apple Blossom)), Jason ((2nd older brother and heir to the Moonlight district)), Dawn (( Jason's wife)) and Mary ((2nd oldest sister and heir of Sunshine district when their parents pass away))

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