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By Phoebe Cao

Humor / Drama


Rin! RIN!"

Sparkling tears streamed down the five-year-old boy’s horror-struck face as he watched his best friend get struck by the car. He started to sprint towards her, but was far too late. Feeling helpless, the little boy screamed her name in horror. When the car had rumbled down the road, barreling quickly towards the young duo, the little girl had pushed him out of the way, and took the hit for herself.

The white car, now stained bright red with blood, abruptly pulled itself to a screeching halt. As the dull headlights flashed, the little girl crumpled to the ground, unconscious. Deathly white and unmoving, she looked like a corpse.

With a start, I sat up in bed and gasped for air, blinking at the pale sunlight that managed to creep out from underneath my bedroom’s curtains. My heart thumped like crazy, and sweat trickled down my forehead. Still dazed from my eerie, haunting dream, I rubbed the sleepiness from my eyes and looked at my alarm clock.

7:00 a.m.

I quickly got out of my bed and put on my new -but slightly wrinkled -school uniform, purchased just last night. It was quite simple, consisting only of a collared, white blouse and a short, checkered, red skirt. After brushing my teeth, I looked at the bathroom mirror. Shoulder-length blond hair framed my face. Like usual, I clipped up my messy bangs with four white hairclips-two on each side-and put on a large white bow. Piercing, bright-turquoise eyes gazed back at me from the mirror, outlined with thick lashes. I had full, pink lips and rosy cheeks.

If I had not been homeschooled from kindergarten until now and isolated from many activities that most teenagers participated in by my strict and overprotective father, I would probably have many friends.

As I walked down the sidewalk, carrying a heavy book bag, I pondered what school would be like. For some reason, my father suddenly decided that I needed to start going to a real school, but he didn't tell me why. Still, I wondered what my father could possibly be thinking. I mean, why would he transfer me to a high school in the middle of the year, and not the beginning?

I was already in tenth grade, so I would charge straight from the comfortable and private environment of homeschooling to a battlefield of challenging classes, intimating rivals, uncaring, greedy teachers, and impossible-to-stand drama, just like in stories. Of course, he probably didn't care what I thought, but still...why couldn’t he ever let me, Kagene Rin, have a say in how I wanted to live my own life? Was I really that immature and irresponsible?

Jolted from my swift train of thoughts when I passed a group of chattering students who appeared to be headed to the same place as me, I rounded a corner and saw my new school: Vocaloid High. My jaw dropped in awe. It was amazing.

Slightly resembling a castle, like those in fairy tales, it was extremely large and well-built, neat brick walls painted in rich shades of brown and yellow. For a public school, the architecture was extremely pompous, what with Roman-style columns, frosted windows, and midnight black turrets. The school stretched on across the street, so that a sky bridge connected the two halves. The section that I was in standing in front of was still so large that I couldn’t see the two ends of it.  Behind it was a vast, green field, in which some students were playing sports.

Maybe this was a castle from a fairy tale!

Obviously, this school held many students, since it was already so crowded and busy this early in the morning. As soon as I stepped onto campus, I noticed that the crowd seemed to cluster around one certain area. It looked a little like a concert.

Carefully weaving my way through, I stood up on tip-toes to see what was at the center of the cluster of the chattering students. Instantly, my eyes were drawn to five students. I could tell that they were the most popular group of the school. In the middle of this cluster, there were two students who were apparently the absolute core of the whole school's social life. One of them was a pretty girl with a slender figure and long, teal pigtails; the other was a tall boy with golden-blond hair.

Both of them were being pressed by tons of other students. Even from my distance, I could hear some of the foolish questions that were pelted at them.

"When’s the meeting?"

"How can we help?"

"Why can’t you tell our teachers to give us less homework?"

"Does the fundraiser really need that much money?"

"Will you go out with me?"

Losing interest in the hectic scene, I decided to go and wander around the school until the bell rang. Maybe I could explore a bit. Just as I started to move, the popular boy looked up in my direction and gazed intently at me. When I finally looked back at him, the boy’s eyes widened and his face paled.

The back of my neck tingled ominously, and an uncomfortable feeling crept over me. The boy's many friends and interviewers started to turn their attention to me. They whispered to each other, probably wondering who in the word I was. Next to the boy, the teal-haired girl raised her eyebrows and said something to him, probably asking him about me.

Suddenly, the bell rang, and I instantly broke my gaze with the boy and walked quickly to my first class.

"Good morning, everyone! We have a new student today," Miss Megpoid, my new homeroom teacher, announced. Her wavy, light green hair was tied up in a bun, and her glasses glinted in a friendly manner. This school apparently had an excellent design, clean classrooms, plentiful supplies, and caring teachers. I guessed my dad was more considerate than I gave him credit for. He still wasn’t that considerate, though…

The students in the class perked up and looked around; I was standing in the doorway, half-hidden from view. My teacher discreetly gestured for me to step forward and mouthed, introduce yourself.

I quickly smoothed out my skirt and walked to the front of the room. My heart was drumming against my chest, and I almost trembled with nervousness. Trying my best to appear calm and sophisticated, I wiped all emotion off my face-if there were any in the first place-and took a deep breath.

"I'm Kagene Rin. It's nice to meet you," I said.

Miss Megpoid smiled reassuringly and pointed me to an empty seat. Then, I sat down and took my books out, trying to ignore everyone's creepy stares. This was going to be a long day…

As the dismissal bell rang, I immediately gathered my books into my bag and left the classroom. Walking outside, I weaved my way through crowds of students, when someone suddenly grabbed me by my elbow.

"Excuse me, but I-I think we've met before…" It was the popular boy from before.

Up close, I realized why he was so popular. The boy's deep blue eyes were striking, and resembled the ocean; they were so expressive that it was hard to tell what he was thinking. His windblown hair was tied into a casual ponytail, and bangs fell into his face in a carefree manner. His mouth curved slightly upwards in a cheerful manner.

 Although his uniform was clean and neat-consisting of a simple white collared shirt and long, black pants- his posture was calm and relaxed. In a typical romance novel, he would be the typical heartthrob who would capture every girl’s heart. To be honest, though, romance novels weren’t my type.

I noticed a round, gleaming badge on the boy’s shirt. Golden and shiny, it had the letters CC carved into it in flashy cursive. I wondered what it was for.

As we made eye contact once again, I suddenly felt dizzy, and almost stumbled. He was so…familiar. But I couldn't remember where I had met him before.

"It's Kagene-san, right? My name is Kagamine Len, and I'm also in Miss Megpoid's homeroom," he said.

With a start, I realized he was still holding onto my arm. Also, many people starting to gather, and they creepily stared at us-again- like they were watching a violent but interesting tennis match.

Mustering up my best poker-face, I replied coolly, "Sorry, but you've got the wrong person. Now please let go of me."

His deep blue eyes widened in surprise. "I…" He abruptly let go of my arm and stepped back, flushing in embarrassment. The surrounding spectators started whispering to each other.

"If you excuse me, I have to leave. Nice to meet you, by the way." I added.

"I-I'm sorry…" he lowered his head and awkwardly fidgeted with his badge.

Without a second glance at him or his friends, I swiftly left campus and walked home. Briefly, I wondered who the boy had mistaken me for.

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