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A girl who is a Wattpad author starts getting follows and comments on her books from in all seven people. When she looks at their profiles there is nothing but her books on them and a profile picture. They start to message her. She asks them who they are but they all tell her they can't tell her. She goes to her Instagram to see the same seven guys now follow her. Will she accept their friendship or ignore people who she thinks is stalking her?

Romance / Fantasy
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Hyeri’s POV

Bold Italics = what’s written in her book

Hello, I am your favorite author Taekookies in a jar. I hope you all like my new book I’m just starting. Now lets see what I have in store for Taekook in this book, enjoy.

I smile at the chapter that just finished of my new book. After I publish the chapter I leave Inkitt and go to my Instagram. Ten minutes later I start getting notifications that people are voting and commenting on my book. Usually when I check it I its usually a few people.

This time I’m shocked to see seven new people. I respond to the comments. When I get done responding to the comments I decide to go to my Instagram and post a quote from my new book. Not long after posting it I see what looks like the same seven people liking the post.

At first I think it's odd that all seven of the people from Inkitt randomly pop up on my Inkitt and my Instagram. When I decide I’m bored I turn off my phone and head to bed since I decided to write the book later than usual.

Two Months Later

I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock. I groan as I get up to turn it off.

Ugh, I don’t want to go anywhere today but I have school and if I don’t go to school I’d get beat by my parents who don’t give a shit about me. Since I’m an only child I have no one to protect me from them when all goes bad.

When I started going to music for an escape BTS were there for me. When I was thirteen I started using Inkitt and writing my own stories. I started writing fanfics about the BTS members when I was fifteen.

I get out of bed and head to my closet to see what I’m going to wear. I decide on an outfit similar to what Jungkook wore which consists of a light grey tee-shirt, black ripped skinny jeans, a black blazer, and black high-top converse since I don’t have similar shoes as he wore, before heading to the bathroom to do the rest of my routine.

I grab my books, keys, and puts my phone in my purse before going downstairs, through the kitchen finally leaving through the front door. I get to my car gets in and leave. Once I get to school I park grabs my things before getting out and locking the doors. Walk into the building and head to my locker.

All around me I hear all types of gossip but I pay no mind to it since I don’t like drama and I don’t play with drama. Keep it away from me, keep it yourself and whoever you got it from. I close my locker and head to my first class making sure not to bump into anyone.

Once I get to my class I go straight to my desk and sit down before taking out my phone and getting on Inkitt. I decide to update a chapter while I’m waiting for class to start. When I’m done writing the chapter I publish it and turn off my phone. Not long after turning off my phone the teacher clears her throat and begins teaching. I go through a few more classes before lunch. When the bell rings for lunch I head to the lunchroom and head to my table in the corner.

You must be asking if I have any friends to answer your question yes I do but they are not here and I don’t like talking to people I don’t like which is the rest of the students who think I’m weird and a nerd oh wait that’s exactly who and that’s exactly what I am they can kiss my ass because I really don’t give a shit. I get to my table and sit down. I take out my phone and turn it on. I leave school after lunch so that’s my excuse for not eating in the cafeteria.

When my phone comes on it’s blown up by notifications from Inkitt and Instagram. I go to my Inkitt first and answer the comments on my new chapter figuring it’s from the same seven people. I go to my notifications to see if I have anything else. I do and I didn’t expect to see seven DMs from all of them.

I close the app and go to Instagram to see all seven of them have messaged me. I get scared and I turn my phone back off again before hearing the bell ring for me to leave. I grab my things before heading to my locker. When I get to my locker I open it and get what ever I need before leaving. I get to my car I unlock it and get in and head to the dance studio I work at.

Jungkook’s POV

Each day we get nonfictions from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and etc. You’d be surprised how many nonfictions we from ARMY telling us to get this app called Inkitt. We all decide to get the app and see what it’s about, but first we make Instagram accounts that don’t make us look suspicious and ask ARMY who we should checkout on Inkitt.

They tell us a couple of users and they tell us that some of them use Instagram to promote their books. They give us the users who use Instagram to promote and we check their accounts out to see what’s all there. We make Inkitt accounts and continue to look at the profiles that were named off. I see myself and the guys going back to the same account.

The user is a girl that goes by @taekookiesinajar she is a known taekook shipper and we are ok with that and it looks like she can’t decide who her bias is so she is Taekook biased, and Sope are her bias wreckers. Which is ok with us.

We check out one of her books and decide to read the at the same time instead of all of us separately reading different ones and forgetting where we were. We all comment and vote on the books and after a while do we this we decide to message her.

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