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The Forgotten

By Aiana Scott

Drama / Adventure

Chapter 1

I am Eloise Midgen a fourth year Ravenclaw many people do not think of me. They find me invisible and would never bother to know my name. I am loner without any true friends. Although, I sometimes talk to the fellow loser Luna Lovegood. I have bad acne and light chestnut brown hair that is frizzy and unappealing. I am teased that I have the looks of a troll. I get teased quite a bit by everyone really. I on the larger side and rather thick compared to my classmates. I wish I looked like Marilyn Monroe and people found her attractive. My experience was quite awful until one day I was hiding from a gang of Slytherin girls that typically bully me. Not really notices me even as half Indian. My mother was born and raised in Chennai, India. Her father at the time was British Indian magical ambassador the Patil twins’ father has the job now. It is her I can thank for my tan skin but I have rather pretty light green/hazel eyes but curly frizzed hair. My fro is quite crazy on a regular day. My father Mitchell Midgen met my mother on trip to India and the rest is history. She was dark-skinned and at the bottom of the cast system magical or otherwise. Her family demanded that she take the marriage and it got them out of the slums of India. Even for a pureblood family my mother’s best chance was to be another girl in brothel and eventually become someone’s mistress if she was talented. My father was never high up in pureblood society but he does work at the ministry. He member of the department Runes and Symbols. It is the reason I even beat Granger in Ancient Runes not that anyone noticed. His boss Eduardo Lima Filho is a nice man. His family is from Brazil so he understands what it is like to be minority in Britain.

It is pathetic with Yule Ball coming up for this wizard tournament and no one would ever consider taking me. Even Millicent Bulstrode had a date it’s with Crabbe or Goyle but still. They call Luna looney Lovegood and a fellow Ravenclaw asked her. She is rather beautiful pale blond with long blonde hair. I already told her, I would help her get ready.

I am just sick of my second rate exist in Hogwarts. I am hiding. I ran all the 7th floor corridor to get in the room of requirement. It opened I could have a few un-harassed hours of peace. I just a friend and maybe a date to secret ball that everyone knows about. But I rather be invisible than deal with the month Harry Potter is having. He has the worst luck I have ever seen. Being a celebrity in the wizarding world for a teenager is the pits. Even his best friend Ron the hot headed Weasley turned on him. What kind of friend is that? But at least he has Granger not that she is much help. I the invisible person of the earth feel bad for rich, famous, and golden boy Potter.

As I open the door to the room of requirement, I dunk. A stunner is shot right at me or more so that the dummy. But still I had to move as Harry Potter is busting out more wand work than I knew he had. But anyone who can slay a giant snake has my respect.

“AW” I shrill.

“Sorry, Midgen didn’t know you would be coming in here,” said Harry.

He is all sweaty looking like the fine toned quittiditch start he is, He windswept hair is rather dapper even in his messy state,

“You actually, know my name. I am surprised Potter,” said Eloise.

“Well, you are in Ravenclaw for the last four years in my year. Besides, it seems only you and Neville believe me. I can even see the doubt in Hermione’s eyes when she looks at me. But she is all I have at the moment,” said Harry Potter.

“Well, branch out to make new friends….Gryffindor is not the only house,” said Eloise.

“Please more than half the school hates me right now. Never mind I have been in danger ever since I came to this school. I thought my relatives were bad. No one believes that I do not want to be in a death defying tournament. I have almost died every year but who would believe me if I said someone was trying to kill me,’ said Harry.

“Harry….you are a Potter the last of the Most Ancient and Noble house of Potter. Make a vow in front of the whole school swearing on your magic. You have a seat on the Wizengamot and with the goblet accepting you, your now a legal adult in the eyes of Wizard British society,” said Eloise.

“How it is I know none of this….,” said Harry.

His face started to turn red.

“Call the Lordship ring to you. Every wizard child learns about the wizengamot whether their family is a part of the sacred 28 or not,” said Eloise.

“Really Ron…never said anything,” said Harry.

“No offense but the reason the Weasleys are called blood traitors is because they have abandoned the traditions of their station. It is not just because they like muggles or muggleborns. I could help you if you would help me,” said Eloise.

“What type of deal…” asked Harry.

“I need a boyfriend….one that take me to Yule ball,” said Eloise.

“That’s it…you help me and you want a fake boyfriend,” said Harry.

“Harry it may escape your notice but I have no real friends. You have international pull that you do not even realize. Of course that means we would have to really get to know each other but I would make a vow to never reveal your secrets,” said Eloise.

“Well right now I need all the allies I can get…so deal,” said Harry.

“Well, we have a lot of work to do and I have a plan that will turn society in your play thing…the first task is a week away and we have too much to do,” said Eloise.

“Okay,” said Harry.

“What’s your plan?” asked Eloise.

“Professor Moody told me to play my strength and my strength is flying. But I do not know how to get my broom,” said Harry.

“That’s simple the accio spell which is a summoning charm,” said Eloise.

“But first summon that ring, and then we both need makeovers. A Lord needs to look like one,” said Eloise.

“A makeover…” he stuttered.

“Yes for both of us. We do not like look very regal. You sport the homeless look and I have more work to do than you. Be thankful you are not a girl. I need to find a way to get tired of this acne. We probably should both undergo a healing ritual,” said Eloise.

“Alright, but I have a few secrets of my own that no one here knows. I think it is time that they came out. Just keep an open mind and that you might not want to be my girlfriend anymore,” said Harry.

The days passed in frenzy. Hermione looked worried about me because I barely spent time in great hall. Everyone else was giving me cold shoulder or wearing Potter stinks badges. Professor Snape acted like Christmas came early and Professor Sprout was extra chilly. It was on my third night in the room of requirement with Eloise that she asked a question.

“Why haven’t you claimed the Slytherin mantle? According to your adventures you defeated him three times. It would make the right of conquest rather easy and that Basilksa clearly belongs to you. I say after you…now after these rituals here’s my plan,” said Eloise.

It was that day he learned to be more cunning.

I dropped divination and signed up for Arithmancy. I was good in math at school so it seemed this class would be a better fit. I also added music. I remember the piano at the Dursley residence. I remember the lordship ring came to me in that room and that’s when the change started.


It appeared upon my hand. It glowed on my finger and I felt my body start to tingle. Then the pain started.

Eloise rather late in my opinion stated “Oh, I got the Lordship will correct any damage done to your body so it might be a bit painful. I’ll think about some muscle relaxation potions and a pain reliever.”

He fell to the ground. His body felt like it was on fire. He could not see and he let out a terrible scream. It felt like ages but after a while the pain stopped and he laid panting on the floor like he just experienced labor. He sat up Eloise handed him the potions he swallowed them quickly. He was taller and less hungry look. Best of all he did not need his glasses. His hair reached his shoulder still unruly but softer. But what sealed the deal for me was the fact I was taller. Eloise immediately asked the room for clothes and hair gel.

She asked, “Do have anyone that could help us because your clothes will be too small now.”

I called “Dobby.”

The excitable house elf appeared “Oh Master great Harry Potter what can Dobby do for you!”

I chuckled.

“I need my clothes fixed until I order new clothes,” said Harry.

“Dobby can take Master Harry measurements and then pick up his clothes from the shop,” said Dobby.

“Did know that Dobby is your house elf Potter?” said Eloise.

“What do you mean?” asked Harry.

“He is bound to you,” said Eloise.

I looked to Dobby who appeared nervous and started to wail.

“Dobby is so sorry Master Harry if want to get rid of Dobby, Dobby will understand. Without a master house elves will waste away,” cried Dobby.

“Aw calm down Dobby I am honored you chose to bond to me. I accept your bond but you must accept payment and take days off okay,” said Harry.

Dobby hugged my knees and cried his thanks.

“Dobby will take 5 knuts a month and a day off a month,’ said Dobby.

“A galleon,” argued Harry,

‘Deal Master Harry is too generous,” said Dobby.

‘Good,” said Harry.

“Master Harry would yous be willing to accept another house elf?” asked Dobby.

“You mean Winky? Yes, but she would have to stop all that drunkenness no elf apart of the house of Potter will be anything but immaculate and seen with dignity,” said Harry.

He called Winky. She was still dirty and drunk.

‘Winky, are you willing to be a house elf for the house of Potter,’ said Harry.

Her eyes got large and she seemed to be more sober.

‘Oh Winky does!’ she cried.

“Do you Winky accept to be a part of the Most Ancient and Noble house of Potter?” said Harry.

“I dos,” said Winky.

A light engulfed us.

“Now about that pay.” said Harry.

“Winky is a good house elf she does not accept any monies. No I do not,” said Winky.

Harry held up his hands in a surrendering motion.

Eloise just chuckled.

Harry wanted to glare but ending up laughing too.

With a new wardrobe picked by Eloise and my hidden Lordship ring. I felt confident. Next was Eloise turn and winky took over. I must say the results were quite nice. Her hair was straightened down her back. Winky found a cream to clear her face. She had bronzer, nude lipstick, gold eye shadow, mascara and a cat eyeliner. Her clothes got tighter making that chest plump and her bum.

It was day before

Of course, Hermione had loads of questions. But learning from Eloise I started to learn how to answer without answering.

“Harry where have you been disappearing to everyday? What is the new looks and what happened to your glasses? What about the third task?” she fired off.

“Hermione calm down. Besides I would never blast my plan in the Gryffindor common room. I have a plan and I thank you for your concern. This time I am prepared,” said Harry.

Hermione flushed.

He walked up to his dorm. Neville was there and it was just the wizard he needed to see.

“Hey Neville, are you ready for tomorrow?” said Harry.

“I am this is going to cause quite a stir,” said Neville.

“But do you stand with me?” asked Harry.

“The Ancient and Noble house of Longbottom again will stand with the house of Potter, so it be mote,” said Neville.

He extended his hand and when it met Harry’s it glowed.

Tomorrow’s task was going to be something. But he had to sneak away tonight to meet Eloise. Harry broke down about his treatment from the school and his treatment from his so called relatives. If he could find another blood relative he would never go back. Eloise was just as handy as Hermione. She brewed a heritage potion for him. He waited until the rest of the dorm was sleep. Then he grabbed the invisibility cloak and headed to the room of requirement.

Eloise was waiting with the cauldron still filled with the concoction. It did not look or smell pleasant. She soaked the parchment in the potion and took it out on a dying rack. Harry had the dagger.

“Thank you so much Ellie. I am so nervous for tomorrow and this. What if I end up related to Malfoy or worse one of his dumb goons? You have your formal dress robes because after I make the magical vow, and expose some things the world is going to crazy,” said Harry.

“Trust me, having the gang show up does not leave me worried. The question is Neville ready for the circus it will create and never mind who you might related too,’ said Eloise.

“My mum was probably just a muggle born,” said Harry.

“But you said your Aunt was ugly and they looked nothing alike. I have seen your mother and she is far from ugly.” Said Eloise.

“Yeah, you’re probably right. I just have this feeling they I may not like who I am related to,” said Harry.

“I am sure everything will be fine get ready with the dagger the parchment looks dry enough,” said Eloise.

He went over to the rack, and nicked his finger watching as the parchment soaked up his blood. It was taking longer than he thought. It was going to show his parents.

“Cheers to new relatives,” smiled Eloise.

Harry was grinning until he looked at the paper and his face turned white.

Name: Hadrian Jameson Potter (adopted name)

Birth Name: Caelus Severus Potter-Snape

Adopted Parents; Jameson Charles Potter and Lilian Anne Evans-Potter

Birth Parents: Severus Tobias Snape and Hesper Dorea Potter

Maternal Grandparents: Charles Fiedamont Potter and Dorea Hadriana Potter nee Black

Paternal Grandparents: Thomas Marvolo Riddle jr. and Eileen Snape nee Prince

Heir to Ancient and Noble house of Slytherin

Heir Apparent to Ancient and Noble house of Potter (real name Peverell)

Heir to the Ancient and Noble house of Black

Living Relatives:

Severus Tobias Snape (Father)

Thomas Marvolo Riddle (Grandfather)

Eileen Snape nee Prince (Grandmother)

Harry fainted. Luckily the room conjured a cushion just in time. Eloise was floored Harry Potter was the son of Snape the greasy dungeon bat and grandson to the Dark Lord. Eloise parents were not light or dark aligned they remained neutral during the last war. But many of her mother’s friend’s where sympathizers. This could change their whole game plan. She also wondered how long Harry was going to be unconscious. She called a house elf for some tea and biscuits. Then she pulled out a book and decided to read while she waited. He awoke thirty minutes later. She passed him a calming draft and he took it without question.

“It must be some mistake I cannot be related to the man that tried to kill me and the other hates my guts. It is impossible. I might as well stay with the Dursley’s and live out my days,” said Harry.

“Well, I am sure they do not know that you are relative,” she stated.

“And that makes it better?” he looked at her incredulously.

“Yes,” said Eloise.

“Bloody well how?’ asked Harry.

“The reason your adopted father and real father hated each other is not a secret in pureblood circles. Your adopted Father felt Professor Snape was unworthy to date his pureblood privileged sister. It is common knowledge that Professor Snape was a poor half-blood of the disowned son of Eileen Prince who married a muggle. He came to school dressed like you but even with second hand supplies. Sorted into Slytherin bullied ruthlessly by James Potter and Sirius Black. He was an outcast that rose to the ranks of the Slytherin house after his 5th year. He fell out being the best friend of your adopted mum Lily Evans because he called her mud blood. It was after he was humiliated by the Marauders. Your real mother was black sheep of the Potter house being in Slytherin. She was estranged from her family and took shelter with the Blacks. Many felt they got together as revenge on James Potter. But my mother who was actually friends with the woman said they were in love. I don’t know what happened to her but she was murdered. By who is unknown? But Professor Snape was devastated and looking at you probably reminds him of the murdered pregnant wife he lost. Everyone in Slytherin or Ravenclaw knows to never bring it up,’ said Eloise.

“Apparently, I am not dead,” said Harry.

“Well, at least you have family but you could stay that way it’s on you,” said Eloise.

“They want to kill me,” said Harry.

“They don’t know it’s you silly. Besides, pureblood families value children way too much. Remember your adopted family fought against the dark side. But what do you want to do?” asked Eloise.

“Stay with what I know or go with the unknown….”mumbled Harry.

“Your life right now sucks…at least with this you have a shot at a family that you need. Ron is a flake and Hermione is a bit much. Beyond them who do you really have? The werewolf is not around and Sirius is on the run. If we plan this out, you could gain so much more and your godfather if he loves you would follow,” said Eloise.

“I just want to be free and have a loving family,” said Harry.

“You can have that…” said Eloise.

“How?” asked Harry.

“If Harry Potter dies and Caelus lives. Your gang is pretty tight knit. Caelus can be gang member blood brother. Besides, adopt charms wear off every few years. By your fifth year it would need to be renewed and they are not here to renew it. By your 15th birthday if it was renewed if would have been permanent but you will start to revert back to your original looks otherwise,” said Eloise.

“That requires making a deal with the devil,” said Harry.

“At least you know these devils Harry or stay the boy-who-lived-celebrity forever,” said Eloise.

“True but once the family shows up I will be a true villain,” said Harry.

“I cannot believe you’re a member but at least people will think twice before approaching you after this,” said Eloise.

“Yes, well I rather not come back to Hogwarts after this anyway if I am being honest. At least this way I can get the Basilisk by claiming conquering I rather not have people know. The goblins are ready after the competition to harvest it,” said Harry.

“Whatever you say dear it’s me and you against,” said Eloise.

“What did you say,” said Harry.

“Me and you against the world,” said Eloise.

“Don’t joke like that,” Harry snapped.

“I am not joking,” said Eloise.

“You mean it even though this was supposed to be temporary,” said Harry.

“Harry if we are going to go through this together we might as well give it a real shot,” said Eloise.

“Together…”he questioned a serious almost vulnerable tone.

“Together,” she whispered back.

He smiled.

She hugged him and he flinched. But knowing his past she did not take it personally. Then Harry did something he thought he would never do. He told his life story the whole truth about life at Dursely’s, adventures in school, and life before Hogwarts. The beatings, starvation, being sold into child slavery for money, and being pimped out. It was emotional experience. Eloise was mad, sad, happy, and emotionally exhausted. She was also haunted by the picture he described. She told him about the story book series written on him, the boys in his image, and how the Professor Dumbledore along with ministry said he safe and well cared for.

He was angry and rightful so. Tomorrow he was going to change Hogwarts forever. The world was going to know how Harry Potter really lived. Besides being a full adult member of the lost gang is for life. Uncle Vernon would regret the day he tossed his nephew to work the streets of London. It is where he learned how to live and survive. He would never forget his time on the streets. It was no longer fitting to be the golden boy. It was time to show the cunning street rat he really was. He would not represent Hogwarts as the 4th champion. But his true street father and the only real parent he ever had. His true father veneficus facinus domino Antioch. Honor would be restored. Europe would learn to recognize Agnes Waterhouse Academy as a respected school. For the motto is: we never truly slumber ( nunquam vere dormitat). Because once a student always a student. The academy was going to come watch their champion compete.

Harry cried out the school of his heart chant “Sleep is forbidden!”

Eloise knew that the image of the boy-who-lived would change forever because this year Harry Potter would die. Caelus Snape would live life on his own terms while making the world pay for the suffering they caused. They would pay for sleeping while the lost children and those children of war lay forgotten. The forgotten children of Britain would rise especially witches and wizards.

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