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Legend of the Clans


The forest was quiet. But then you could hear quiet footsteps, they were getting louder and louder until they were running. Cats, one by one dashing through the forest until a huge group were gathered by the river. A brown cat with red stripes from the tip of his ears to the bottom of his jaw and two stripes on the front legs and on his tail was in front of one group of strong cats. He had a red stripe running from the back of his to the end of the tail and his tail was brown at the tip. With his claws out and without hesitation the group of cats ran out onto the battlefield. The 2nd group dashed out to. Soon there was huge chaos of claws and jaws. Blood splatting all over the place and fur floating in to the air. In the huge chaos you could see a black cat with a scar on his left eye his name was Shadowheart and on his right was the brown and red leader Redstar. They fought fiercely until Shadow noticed a red cat near the bushes. He ran over and commanded: "This is no place for an apprentice, Tigerpaw! Go back to the clan now!" She scuttled away but instead of going back she turned around and peeked carefully out of the bushes. What she saw was strange. Redstar was fighting a blue silver cat, he mumbled to the blue cat:" The Waterclan will never take the Dragon cliffs from the Stormclan!" "Oh really, we will. Maybe not tonight but someday we will." She replied with a smug face. The blue cat escaped into the crowd of cats. Then from out of nowhere Shadowheart Jumped out and missed Redstar by a fox length. Shadowheart then looked up to Redstar and said:" Sorry I meant to get Aquastar but I guess she already escaped." " It's fine Shadowheart I know you wouldn't intentionally hurt me." Then from the crowd the cat Aquastar; leader of the Waterclan, shouted:" Waterclan retreat back across the river. We have lost to many warriors." As the other clan retreated, Tigerpaw ran back to the Stormclan base. She saw Shadowheart pounce out of the crowd and thought to herself that maybe he wanted to pounce on Redstar rather than Aquastar. As she arrived at the clearing Tigerpaw snuck into the apprentice den. Scarredpaw a black cat noticed her and asked:" Where have you been? Did you follow the other warriors to the war over the Dragon cliffs?" Tigerpaw then whispered back:" Yes I did and I saw something strange. I will tell you tomorrow." Scarredpaw then whispered back:" Fine. I have to tell you something now though, I heard we are going to be announced Warriors tomorrow!" Tigerpaw was just about to reply but then the warriors came back and she and Scarredpaw went to sleep so no one would notice that they where talking and Tigerpaw was missing.

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