Waking Up in Wonderland


Halo Nine: Michiko:

Masaomi can't sort out what's been going on in his head lately. Ever since he encountered that child just days ago, he couldn't get the images that he saw out of his head. What exactly did that girl do to him? His hands hadn't stopped shaking on and off.

He happened to be walking home from school one day when he passed the fountain. Low and behold, that same girl as before sat on the edge looking at him. Her hat covered her little face. Instinct told him turn and walk away. But yet, he just had to know somehow…

The child looked up and saw Masaomi just inches away from her. Her face perked up with a little smile.

"Ne!" she cheered. The boy blinked at her.

"I don't know who you are," he said. The girl pouted at him.

"Aw come on, Kida-kun," she whimpered. "Don't be like that. You know who I am. Try to remember. Try." It took him a moment to get what she was saying here. Only one name came to mind here.


The little girl perked up at him. "That's better," she said. Masaomi gave her a puzzled look. What the hell was with this child?

Moments later, Masaomi sat with Michiko watching the people walking by. His eyes glanced over at her.

"What exactly are you?" he asked rather blunt.

"Excuse me?" she asked.

"What do you want with me anyway?"

She leaned back where she sat. "Nothing."

"Then why do you keep following me around?"

"Maybe you're following me around."

Masaomi frowned to himself. "Could you stop that?"

"Kida-kun, what ever do you mean?"

He turned to her, eyes narrowed. "Can't you just talk straight with me for a change? This game is turning into a pain in the ass." Michiko giggled at him like a sweet, little angelic child. The sound made her "friend's" stomach turn. He expected her to pull out a knife when he wasn't looking and stab him many times.

"Why do you look at me like I want to kill you or something?" Michiko asked. Masaomi sneered at her.

"You're just creepy," he said. Michiko looked at him, cheerfully.

"At least you're honest," she said. Masaomi frowned at her. He had the feeling that this was another one of her annoying games. He turned and watched more people walking by. Three ten-year-old girls walked past, talking the latest toys that they wanted. An elderly couple across the street shared sweets as they talked. A high school loli Goth licked her Goth boyfriend on the cheek as they kept walked. A young mother with two small children walked into a grocery store next to the video game shop that old couple sat in front of. Michiko frowned to herself.

"This peace won't last long," she said in an icy tone. Masaomi looked over at her.

"What?" he asked. The girl turned to him. The boy could've sworn that her eyes were glowing a flash of bright red. Michiko's voice kept a low rhythm in her speech.

"They are coming," she said. "They are coming for blood." Masaomi blinked at her.

"What are you talking about?" he asked. Michiko body went stiff after she opened her mouth. She let out a loud death rattle sound and collapsed backwards. Her hat flew off on the ground as she hit the water. Masaomi stood up just as fast when Izumi called him saying that he had Saki and broken legs.

"Somebody help!" he shouted as he tried to get Michiko back into consciousness again. "Help me!"

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