Waking Up in Wonderland


Halo Ten: Invisible:


It's been a month since that incident with me happened. Nobody sees me now. I can just come and go as I please. I can walk in a crowd of people and no one would notice me at all. But, I am not a ghost. No, I'm pretty much alive in fact. Yes, I was dead, but now I'm not again. This will be confusing, so please keep up with me as I tell you my story.

Last month, I was listening to the radio in my room when my controlling older brother, Tatsuya, barged into my room and tried to make me go to another stupid dinner with a suitor he picked out for me. We argued after I told him I wasn't going. In the end, I stormed out of the apartment and went out for a walk. I went to the top of the abandoned apartment building, facing the city to clear my head.

That's when I heard it. A woman's voice that tried to sounded younger filled my head.

"Akuma ga watashi o shutoku sa sete wa ikenai."

I don't exactly remember how it happened, but one minute, I found myself falling from high up. Then, I ended up on the ground with my eyes wide open.

This is where it becomes strange.

I opened my eyes and looked down to see my own body lying on the ground below me. I held my hands out before me and blinked.

I can see through my hands, I thought. I looked below my feet again. No, this isn't a dream. I was up above and down there at the same time. My eyes below looked so dull and lifeless as they stared at the sky. Myself above gulped.

This is weird…, I thought. Am I dead? Is anyone going to find my body? I looked down at my body on the ground again. I tried to reach down to touch my cheek, but something kept blocking me from doing so. My stomach turned as I waited for someone to find my body. I didn't even leave where I was floating to be certain.

By seven in the morning, the renovators came by to work on the apartment. The janitor found my body when he saw my feet around the corner. Earlier in the morning, I tried to scream out to people passing by to find my body, but they couldn't hear me. I gave up just minutes before I was found. I watched as the people crowded around my body and call the police. The police pronounced me dead on the scene. Shock raced through my body above.

I'm dead?, I thought. I quickly shook my head. I can't be! I tried to flag them down from ahead to catch anyone's attention.

"Hey!" I shouted. "I'm up here! I'm not dead! Hey! Hey!" They couldn't hear me like the people that by me. The medics stuffed my body into a bag and put it in a truck. I followed the medics as they drove away. This was bad, really bad.

I trailed my body all the way to the police department. I watched as the medics unloaded my body and took it to the autopsy room. I found it hard to swallow the whole time. My soul, I guess that's what I could call it now, floated over to my body at the doctor prepared to perform the autopsy.

Come on!, I thought. I've had enough of this. I have to wake up! I have to get back to my life! Below, the doctor hit record on her recorder.

"The date is now September 22nd, 2011," she said. "We have an unidentified female about seventeen years old in high school. Her body was found on the grounds of an apartment complex. Body looks intact without a single scratch on it. No defense wounds on her hands, suggesting she didn't fight back. At first glance, she just looks like she's just lying there in a daze." The doctor turned back to my body as she picked up her scalpel.

"Okay," she said. "I will begin." But then, her cell phone rang. I breathed in relief as her turned to answer. My eyes turned back to my body. Maybe if I could… just…

And just like that, I woke back up in my body on the table. I looked around me in the darkness. The doctor was still on the phone and my clothes were still bagged up. I had to move quickly in order to get out of here. I quietly got off of the table, get dressed, and walked out the door.

Ever since then, I have been walking around Ikebukoro like a ghost for a month. I have seen and heard so much around me. I can just come and go as I please. I could even go home if I wanted, but I just don't want to. Not yet anyway. I don't have a real reason not to. Just don't want to yet.

I see the Black Rider from time to time. I wanted to talk to her, but something inside decided against it. Instead, I just watched her ride the city, drawing attention to herself. Yes, I had gotten used to my newfound solitude. However, in my heart that it wouldn't last long. Much like the characters in Shakespeare's As You Like it, I too must return to society. The question is when.

I paused and happened to look across the street at Russia Sushi. I saw Ryugamine-kun, Kida-kun, and Sonohara-chan eating at the front desk. I always see them together at school. I've seen this before actually. Two guys getting all chummy with each other and the girl hoping to win over the latter's affections. I kind of want to see what happens next. But, I just don't seem to have the time anymore.

But then, I paused.

It looks like… wait! No way. Ryugamine-kun is looking right at me. Wait, can he see me? I really don't know what to do he if can. He turns to his friends and is pointing my direction. I quickly turn and walk away. I think my solitude just ended now.

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