Waking Up in Wonderland


Halo Sixteen: Rumors:

It's been going around since the late 80's.

Chat room Log:

Kanra: There's been rumors a black ghost killing her victims that live in that one apartment complex.

Setton: You mean the one that's just outside of the city? That place had just been bought.

Tanaka Taro: So who bought it?

Kanra: Some American couple. Wonder how long they're going last?

That apartment, the Kinko Sekai Apartment complex, has had a bad reputation since 1987. The maintenance and tenants are just fine. It's just one certain apartment that's the problem.

Setton: Everyone's that's lived in apartment 27 has either died or disappeared.

Kanra: Creepy!

Even the neighbors don't talk to whoever lives in apartment 27 in Kinko Sekai Apartments. They all know the story too well. When they saw Mr. Dylan and his wife, they hung their heads in sympathy for them. Evie did her best to ignore them as she and her team worked to renovate the apartment for sale.

"Maybe this isn't a good idea to work here," one of the guys told her. Naturally, Evie brushed it off without a single thought.

"Bullshit," she said. "It's just a dumb little ghost story." Even she couldn't convince herself of that. Her mind couldn't shake seeing that girl in all black she eight nights ago.

Kanra: Once you see the ghost girl in black, you disappear!

Tanaka Taro: No way! But why?

Kanra: It's part of the curse!

Setton: Curse?

Kanra: Yes!

Tanaka Taro: What curse?

Kanra: They say whoever crosses the girl in black dies a horrible death!

Setton: Kanra!

Kanra: But it's true! What do you think happened to those two therapists at the child psychology center?

But what exactly happened in 1987? There are many documents locked away on that winter. Fans of conspiracy theories believe that the government is involved. But, is it really that easy? What could they possibly stand to gain by covering up something that bad? Just how bad is it really, anyway? There are a small amount that has a vague clue about the answer, yet details vary. The results are never pretty. Speaking of which, the curse seems to have already claimed another victim. It's only a matter of time…

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