Waking Up in Wonderland


Halo Three: Circles:

He's trapped in a maze that he can't get out of. It all looks and sounds the same. Despite being blind, he can still see the horror that is trying to reach him once more. He tries to push the door shut to keep it out. That itself is not working anymore. It keeps scratching at the door again and again. He wants to pierce his own eardrums to block out the screaming. The smell of burning flesh makes his stomach turn.

Go away! I don't want to go through this again! Why can't I just live in peace for a change?

Then, he heard the front door.

"I'm home!" Evie called as she took off her beige kitten heels at the door. A little relief unfolded in his chest. Finally, there was an opening in the bleak maze in his head. A nice break from the hell he tries to block out on a daily basis. He listened as her footsteps crossed the wooden floor. Evie leans down to his face.

"How have you been today?" she asked. He picks up a small wooden figurine and taps it three times against the floor. Evie nods in response.

"Same as usual, I see," she said. She stood up straight and walked over to close all of the blinds.

"My day was crap," she said. Evie walked into the kitchen. She has to be loud enough for him to hear her.


"Oh, it was awful! We have a problem with the apartment I'm trying to sell." She reached into the fridge and pulled out some leftover take out.

"There is an old blood stain on one of the walls in the hallways," she went on. "The guy my company hired says that he cleaned it up, but it keeps reappearing." Evie opened up the box and put it in the microwave.


"Oh, I know. I thought it was his incompetence," she went on. "But the apartment might be haunted." After twenty seconds, the microwave beeped finished. Evie put in the second round of leftovers in the microwave.


"I would like to believe it's bullshit, but the security guard showed me a video from five years ago. Now I don't know what to believe anymore," she said. The microwave beeped again and she took out the food. Evie got two pairs of chopsticks out of the drawer and walked over to him. She sat down next to him and set up dinner.

"Thanks for the meal," she said from them both. She took a bite of the sweet and sour pork. The woman frowned at the taste.

"Hm," she said. "Needs to go back in for a little bit more. Hang on." Evie took the food back into the kitchen and heated it up.

Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud!

Evie threw up her hands at the sounds. "Okay, okay. I'll finish the story," she said. "What's with you today? You usually don't care about what I have to say at times."

Thud! Thud!

"Well it feels like it," she said.


"Okay," Evie replied. The microwave beeped again and she took out the food. Evie set up dinner at the table with him again.

"Thanks for the meal," she said from them both again. She took the second first bite of the sweet and sour pork. She nodded in slight satisfaction.

"This'll have to do for now," she said. Evie turned back to him.

"Oh yeah," she said. "I almost forgot." She unwrapped his chopsticks and broken them apart. She placed them in his hand and he began to eat. Evie watched him chew the rice and pork.

"Well?" she asked. He nodded as he continued to eat. She took another bite of her pork.

"Anyway," she went on at last. "There was this lady on the tape. She looked nervous about something as she kept walking. Then, she stopped and this black fog thing swallowed her up. Her blood splattered everywhere. When it cleared, she just disappeared. Just like that. Poof." Evie then noticed that he froze and now trembled. She blinked confused.

"Hey, what's the matter?" she asked. "Hey! Hey!" He grabbed onto her left wrist as tightly as he could. Evie tried to free herself from his grasp as she heard him panting hard.

"You're scaring me like that!" she yelled. "Let go!" She struggled against him until he loosened his grip with his breath returning to normal. Evie slipped her wrist out of hand and rubbed away the pain. She watched as he gradually caught his breath.

"What the hell happened?" she asked. He only shook his head. Evie took in a breath.

"Right," she said. "I'm going to go run you a bath. Maybe that will calm you down some, okay?" He only nodded once at her. Evie patted him on the shoulder and walked down the hall to the bathroom.

The unease came crashing down inside his chest as he sat alone in the living room once again. She just made a dent in the shield that he tried to put for many years without even realizing it.

She's coming for me. She's coming to kill me. I don't want to die. I don't want to want die!

It always gets worse in the night after Evie's gone to sleep.

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