Waking Up in Wonderland


Halo Seven: Evie:

Evie's in a foul mood this evening. Her finely cared-for hand clutched the phone as she screamed in it.

"I don't care if the police are still investigating it!" she yelled. "I'm selling that damn apartment before the year is over, do you understand me?!" The woman growled as he hung up her phone. The other renovators watched her in silence.

"What's she getting pissed off again for?" one of the men whispered.

"They found a dead body on the ground of the apartment that she's been trying to sell for a month," another one answered.

"Oh," the first guy replied. Evie cut a sharp glare at them.

"What?!" she barked. The other renovators pretended to be doing nothing in nervousness. Evie snorted to herself.

"I'm going home," she grumbled. She got up and walked out of the office. Her co-workers didn't move until they heard the door slam shut. The men turned to each other.

"No wonder Kadota-san can't stand her," one of the renovators said. The other two nodded.

"He tries to stay away from her when he can," the second guy said.

"I'm amazed that her boyfriend can take living with her," the third man commented. His coworkers stared at him with big eyes.

"She has a boyfriend?" the oldest of the trio asked. The youngest man nodded at him.

"Yeah," he said. "He's a blind and mute man." The other two made faces to themselves.

"Lucky," the middle man muttered. The other two nodded.

In the taxi, Evie sat looking out the window the whole time, frowning. Her manager gave her a sympathetic smile.

"Aww, don't worry baby," he cooed as he tried to put his arm around her. "We'll sell this apartment, I swear." She lightly pushed the older man off.

"If this becomes a stigmatized building, I'm going to be fucking pissed off," she complained. "I mind, couldn't that stupid girl just killed herself on another apartment roof? Such a pain!"

"The police haven't confirmed if it was a suicide or not," her manager replied as he tried to lean on her again. "She couldn't just fallen off by accident." His employee groaned as she pushed him away.

"Either way," she summed up. "This is not good for business!" She held up her hand at the driver.

"This is my stop," she said. The cab pulled to a stop and she got out.

"Be careful of the dangers at night!" he boss called from inside as she paid her fare. The American woman gave him a gracious smile.

"I will," she said. Evie stayed in place until the taxi pulled away from sight. She waved her boss off with a fake forced smile.

"The only thing that I should be careful is sleazy perverts like you," she muttered under her breath. Then, she began her walk down the long, dark street to her apartment. Despite knowing how to use a gun and walking this street many times, the atmosphere always creped her out. Evie clenched her teeth and looked around as she walked.

Come near me and I swear I will shoot you! I have a .38 in my pocket and I'm not scared to use it!

Suddenly, her cell phone rang. The playful club music made her jump so much that she dropped it to the ground. Evie took in slow breaths after she came to the realization of what the source was.

That's just your phone, idiot!, she cursed herself. Just pick it up and answer it! Evie bent down to do as her mind commanded her. But then, she paused and her eyes widened was such panic. A girl about thirteen dressed in all black with a dark veil covering her equally dark face took slow steps towards her prey.

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