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Atem's New Job As A Doctor

By Alyssa Brewster

Romance / Humor

Chapter 1: Atem Applies At Domino Hospital

It was another slow active day in Ancient Egypt, so Pharaoh Atem and Queen Alyssa decide to talk amongst themselves.

"You were so good during our role play the other night. By the way, how did you get that doctor's lab coat in the first place." said Alyssa.

"I use some of the special powers you transferred to me after we got married." said Atem.

"Oh.. that's right. My special powers, I forgot all about that." said Alyssa, sighing.

Atem detected a bit of hesitation in her voice.

"What's the matter, Alyssa ?" asked Atem.

She sighed again. "It's just that, i never really knew about these powers and what they're capable of. These powers just magically appears without me noticing. Being able to gain a character's appearance and abilities is fun and all, but having all these villains trying to obtain my powers and use them for evil is bad enough."said Alyssa.

"Well, one good thing about these powers, they've always helped you get out of the worst case scenarios. During Season 4 of the series, your powers did more then just help us rescue Yugi from Dartz, you helped us save the whole world from Dartz's evil grasp." said Atem, replying to her statement.

"Also with the help of our friends, we can't forget them." added Alyssa.

"Yes, we can't exclude them either, they were a big help as well." said Atem.

"So I was thinking, maybe these powers can be used for good, why don't you go and take a job at the local hospital in Domino City." suggested Alyssa.

"Alyssa, you know I can't just walk in there and demand then to offer me a job. I don't have any medical training to do that type of work." said Atem.

"Not without my powers it's not." chuckled Alyssa.

"Don't you think that's cheating." said Atem, concerned at her comment.

"It is, but it's also a great way for you to keep your family healthy." said Alyssa.

"Ok, I'm picturing your idea, but I have just one question." said Atem.

"What's that ?" asked Alyssa.

"Who is gonna take my place while I'm gone ?" said Atem.

"Seto can take the reigns for the time being. Our children have not become of age yet to run the kingdom." said Alyssa.

"We do need to take a little brake ever now and then. Ever since we defeated Zorc, Bakura, and Akdnodin, things got a little quiet around here." said Atem.

"Yeah, a little "too" quiet." scoffed Alyssa.

Atem turn to one of his royal guards.

"Could one of you go and fetch Priest Seto for me, if you please." asked Atem.

"Yes, my king." replied one of the guards.

The guard goes and fetches Priest Seto. As Seto walked into the throne room, he kneels to both King Atem and Queen Alyssa in respect.

"You summoned for me, my king ?" said Seto.

"Yes, I have something to tell you. I'm going to be taking a break for a little while, and I need you to take over for the time being while I'm away." said Atem.

"As you wish, my king. I will take care of things until your return." said Seto, as he bows.

"And a couple of our closest friends will be watching over our children. I'am also taking a break." added Alyssa.

"Very well, your highness." said Seto, bowing again.

Atem got up from his throne and started to walk toward Priest Seto, he took off his Millennium Puzzle and placed it around Seto's neck.

"I will also entrust you with the millennium puzzle for safe keeping. Guard it well." said Atem.

Priest Seto just nod in agreement. Alyssa stood up and walked over to Atem.

"You ready ?" asked Alyssa.

"Let's go." answered Atem.

Alyssa snaps her fingers and a portal opened up, upon entering their Egyptian clothes changed into their future clothes. Another portal opened on the other side and they exited into Domino City.

"Feels good to be in regular clothes again." said Alyssa.

The clothes Atem was wearing as they exited, the very same clothes that Yugi had picked out when he first set him on a date with Alyssa. His black sleeveless shirt and black pants along with his spiky choker and spiky bracelet.

"Let's stop by the Gameshop before we head to Domino Hospital, we haven't see Yugi and our friends for a long while." said Atem.

"Just what I thinking." said Alyssa.

They walked toward the Gameshop and walked in.

"Yugi! Solomon! You guys here?!" shouted Alyssa.

Yugi peaks around the corner to see Atem and Alyssa standing in the hallway, he ran over to greet them.

"Atem! Alyssa! How did you manage to find a way back to the future ?!" said Yugi, in excitement.

"I use my special powers to transport both Atem and I to your time." said Alyssa, as she hugged Yugi.

"Special powers ?" said Yugi, confused.

"I'll save that story for another time. We thought we stop by." said Alyssa.

Yugi shouts to Tea, who was doing some homework upstairs.

"Hey Tea, guess who stopped by for a visit!" shouted Yugi.

"Who, Yugi ?!" shouted Tea.

Tea came downstairs and saw Alyssa and Atem.

"Alyssa! Atem! We missed you, it's been a couple of years since the Ceremonial Duel. How you guys been ?" said Tea.

"We're doing okay." said Alyssa to Tea.

"So, what brings you to Domino ?" asked Yugi.

"We were just on our to see if Atem could apply for a job at the local hospital, ever since the whole thing with Zorc and all that, activity in Egypt has slowed down.. a lot." said Alyssa.

"Why the hospital, could he just get a job with Kaiba at his company. I'm sure he'll give Atem a job." said Yugi.

"That's true Yugi, but I have a reason why I am choosing to work at the hospital. Egypt doesn't have the right medical equipment if someone get sick. So I have thought about becoming a diagnostician to help keep my family and friends healthy." said Atem, answering Yugi's question.

"Egypt "does" have very high risk illnesses, I won't have a problem with you becoming a doctor." replied Yugi.

"Me nether. At least it will keep you guys from being bored." said Tea.

"Oh, you don't know the half of it. Theft has gone way... down, so we didn't have to deal with many thieves lately. [Snaps her fingers and a resume with all the information already written appears in her hands] If you are going to apply for the position you need this, it's called a resume. I have all of your information already written. Sorry that we can't stay longer, we gotta get to Domino Hospital to hand this in." said Alyssa.

"Oh ok, we can catch up on old times some other time, and good luck on getting the job, Atem." said Yugi.

"Thanks Yugi. Say hi to your grandfather for us." said Atem.

"See you later Yugi, Tea. Oh, I'll be by again later on to drop the kids off." said Alyssa, as they were walking out the door.

"Okay, see you later!" said Tea.

Atem and Alyssa left the game shop and headed to Domino Hospital. As they entered the hospital, Alyssa and Atem went over to the receptionist's desk.

"What can I help you with ?" said the receptionist.

"Is the hospital director available ? We're here just to see if my husband can apply for a position here." asked Alyssa

"Hold on a moment please." She phones the hospital director. "The director will be right out. Have a seat in the waiting room." said the receptionist.

"Ok thank you." said Alyssa.

They sat and waited. Just then the hospital director came around the corner, and walked over to Atem and Alyssa.

"Hi, I'm the hospital director." He shakes both of their hands. "Um, who is the one that's applying for a job ?" said the director.

Atem slowly puts his hand around his back and snapped his fingers, answered.

"I am." said Atem.

"Great. Well, we'll walk into my office and I will interview you." said the director.

All 3 of them walks into the Director's Office.

"Please, have a seat." said the director.

Both Atem and Alyssa sat in the chairs.

"Do you have a resume ?" asked the director.

"Yes, I do." replied Atem as he hands the director his resume.

The director takes Atem's resume and looks it over.

"Atem Muto, um by any chance, are you related to Yugi Muto ?" asked the director, as he read.

"Yes, I am. I'm his older brother." said Atem.

"Ok, you may be in luck cause the hospital is really busy today. So, I'll make this interview short and sweet. Do you have any previous medical training ?" said the director, as he checks the information again.

"I have had a least 10 years experience working in a local clinic." answered Atem.

"That's good. What qualities do you admire most in people ?" said the director.

"The qualities I admire most in people is honesty and trust worthy." answered Atem.

"Wonderful. And what position are you applying for ?" said the director.

"The position I'm applying for is a diagnostician." answered Atem.

"We do have that position open currently, and we're are hurting for more doctors. What the heck, congratulations Atem Muto, you got the job." said the director.

Atem stood up and shakes the director's hand.

"Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to interview me for this position. When do I start ?" said Atem.

"You can start tomorrow morning." The director's beeper went off. "Oops, I got to go. Nice to meet you, and welcome aboard Atem." said the director, as he left the room.

"Yay. You got the job. This is cause for celebration at Yugi's house. Not bad for your first time applying." said Alyssa.

"Well, your powers did help me a little bit back there. He didn't even notice a thing." said Atem.

"And you saying that you were Yugi's older brother, classic cover up" chuckled Alyssa.

"Come on, we got to get going ourselves, we need to bring Ash and Misty over to the Game Shop if I am to start working at this hospital tomorrow morning." said Atem.

"Yeah. We can start to head back to the Game Shop, and tell Yugi that you got the job." said Alyssa.

They started to walk back to Kame Game Shop. When they got back.

"We're back Yugi!" shouted Alyssa.

"I'm in here, guys." said Yugi from the living while watching television.

Alyssa and Atem walks into the living room, and sat down on the couch.

"So how it go ? Did you get the job ?" asked Yugi, in suspense.

"I got the job, Yugi." said Atem.

"What ? Really ?" said Yugi, surprised.

"The timing couldn't have been better. The hospital was a little busy while we were there, so the hospital director did a very quick interview and like all of his answers, so he decided to hire Atem for the position." said Alyssa.

"That's great, Atem. When do you start ?" asked Yugi.

"I'm starting tomorrow morning." said Atem.

"I'll be right back, I have to get the kids from home." said Alyssa.

She snaps her fingers and appears back in Egypt.

"Ash, Misty. You going to be staying with your grandfather, Uncle Yugi, and Aunt Tea. It will only be for a couple of days, your father just got a new job. I will be also staying at Yugi's, cause we don't have anyone to watch you here at home while your father is working at his new job." said Alyssa to her two children.

"Ok mom." said Ash and Misty, in unison.

Alyssa snaps her fingers once again as Alyssa and her two children reappeared in Yugi's living room

"I'm back." said Alyssa

"Wow, that was quick. I guess you weren't joking about your powers." said Yugi.

"Yeah, but that's only partial of what my powers can do. Um, Yugi, is it ok if me and the kids stay with you guys for a couple of days, just until Atem gets use to his new job." asked Alyssa.

"I don't see why not. We have a spare bedroom that you and the kids can use." said Yugi.

Just then Solomon appears in the doorway.

"Alyssa, Atem, kids. So good to see you." said Solomon

"Hi grampa." said Ash and Misty to their grandfather.

"Hi Solomon, good to see you too. How you've been ?" asked Alyssa.

"I've doing well, thank you for asking." said Solomon

"Is it alright for Alyssa, Ash, and Misty stay for a couple of days. Atem is going to be starting a new job at the hospital in the morning." said Yugi asking Solomon.

"The more the merrier I say." said Solomon

"Thank you. Do you guys have any sparkling wine ? I forgot to pick some up." asked Alyssa.

"Yes, we do. In fact we still have the bottle from your wedding reception." replied Solomon.

"I can go grab it, where did you store it ?" asked Alyssa

"It's in the cabinet above the sink." said Solomon

Alyssa goes into the cabinet above the sink.

"Found it." She grabs the bottle of wine and couple of wine glasses and shouts to Tea upstairs."Tea, won't you come and join us for some wine, we're gonna celebrate Atem getting a job at Domino Hospital." said Alyssa

"Coming." said Tea, as she walks down the stairs.

Alyssa pours wine into all 5 wine glasses and handed out the glasses to everyone.

"To Atem's new job." said Alyssa.

Everyone clinks their glasses and sips the wine.

"After a couple of years, I'm surprised that this even kept." said Alyssa

"Since I'm going to be working at the hospital, I will make sure you and the kids are the first ones on my schedule." said Atem to Alyssa.

"I'll be your first patient on your very first day." said Alyssa.

She finishes her wine and snuggles up to him. Atem puts his arm around Alyssa as she layed her head on his chest.

"You picked well. She has been an angel in this family." whispered Yugi.

Atem stroke Alyssa's hair lovingly, and kisses her head, whispers back to Yugi.

"Yes, she is perfect, isn't she." Atem whispers to Alyssa softly. "Sweet Dreams. my Queen."said Atem.

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