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Loony Lovegood

Burdened with glorious purpose

He walked slowly and confidently, from the towering building.''Kneel!,'' he exclaimed with an imperious voice that brooked no protest. The crowd followed insecure and scared his command. He let his eyes wander over the crouched mass. A self-congratulatory smile spread across his lips. But then he stop short. Only one person didn't bow. Who would dare to defy him! He stepped closer and could see that it was a small petite girl. Compared to him, she was tiny. Her long blond hair fell to her hips and in her big childlike eyes was a dreamy look.

''Did you not understand me? I said, Kneel!,'' he ordered again. And only then, when he stood directly in front of her, she seemed to really pay him attention. She looked at him and replied with a soft voice, ''Oh, I heard you, you know. But I couldn't unterstand the sense of your request. So I tought...'' But she did not continue. Because he cupped her chin and turned her face, so that he could look deep into her eyes. ''That was not a request, you silly little thing,'' he said scornfully, and tightened his grip, ''That was an order!'' He watched her and searched her face for any sign of the pain, that she felt for sure. But he couldn't see anything.

Her whole attitude spoke of an unnatural calmness and serenity. And in her eyes was a hint of a feeling that he could not define. He didn't like it. He could hardly bear it. During his gloomy thoughts, her soft voice rang out again. ''I wonder, what has happened to you. Why are you so sad?,'' she said. Her sincerity left him speechless. But then he laughed out loud. He could hardly believe it himself but for a brief moment, he had actually toyed with the idea to tell this little unworthy girl, everything. His grief, his pain, his despair. He wondered, where this crazy thought came from. Maybe it was just the way she smiled at him now. Quite as if, he were much more than a monster.

He let his thumb, slide down her cheek. His fingerprints were already visible on her chin. And he liked the sight and thought to have left a mark on her. What should he do with her? Should he keep her and plunge them both into an abyss of infinite chaos. Was that even an option? No, this whole mission served a higher and more important purpose. He would kill her. That no one would ever question his power. His grip on the scepter strengthened and the familiar heady sense of power flowed through his veins. But then, he rethought his decision. Killing her would be far too simple. He would manipulate her and make her his puppet. To show everyone how futile any resistance really was. So he put the scepter to her chest, looked into her eyes and waited.

But even after a few minutes, they were still clear and shone in their extraordinary silvery gray color.

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