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Supernatural meets Grimm


in this story Dean and Sam head out to finish their father's job protecting the people from dark entities to saving the world from chaotic destruction from the underworld. And just when Dean and Sam think that they are sure to die in this apocalyptic reality a mysterious woman appears out of the blue destroying every possible demon surrounding the two brothers with her mystical powers. She introduces herself as Katherine Elaine Grimm, the last descendant of the Grimm family. She's come to rescue her 19 older brothers from her ex-boyfriend whom just happens to be the Devil himself. will the boys seek her help to stop this war? will Katherine be able to rescue her brothers? keep on reading to find out. I really suck at writing a summary but if you would like to check it out by all means please enjoy.

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Chapter 1 road kill

It was a cold rainy night, Dean and Sam were on their way to investigate the ghosts of Jonah Greeley and Molly Nakasnar that haunted the highway.

"So how do we do this? Do we wait for them to show up or should I just keep driving?" Said Dean with a low raspy husky voice.

" I don't know Dean! Just keep driving! her crash site must be around the corner! They say it's near the electrical generators where they both keep popping out and making those horrible accidents happen!" Said Sam with a hint of annoyance as he looked out the passenger window.

Dean was about to say something when suddenly a figure comes out of the bushes and runs out to the middle of the road. "Please help me!" Yelled the woman as she waved her arms frantically in the air.

"Dean! Look out!" Yelled Sam at the top of his lungs.

"Holy shit!" Yelled Dean with shock as he stepped hard on the brakes of his impala stopping in the nick of time before hitting her.

"Please you have to help me! Someone's been chasing after me and he took my husband!" Yelled the woman hysterically.

"Dean I don't think she knows she's dead!" Said sam in a low whisper.

"Well then this is going to be hard! Don't tell her anything!" Said Dean as he whispered back at his brother.

"But Dean!" Said Sam as he tried to convince Dean.

"No Sam!" Growled Dean in a low whisper.

"Please help me!" Yelled the woman in fear as she began pounding on Sam's side of the window frantically.

"Okay! Okay! Just calm down! We'll help you I'm Sam this is my brother Dean, now tell us what happened." Said Sam as he and Dean got out of the car to listen to her story.

"I- I'm Molly...I don't know what happened but I was driving on road with my husband! We were heading to the lake house for our 5 year anniversary. We got lost on the road when suddenly a man appeared on the middle of the road! I lost control of my car and lost conciousness. When I came to, my husband was no where to be found so I kept looking I came across a cabin, I went in and saw a man with hunting gear on and before i knew it he started chasing after me!" Said Molly still trembling in fear.

"Did the guy look like he lost a fight to a lawn mower?" Said Dean Nonchalantly.

Sam looked at Dean with an unsatisfied look on his face.

"Yes! how did you know?" Said Molly with shock in her voice.

Dean looked at Sam who looked at him displeased and then back at her. "Uh.. lucky guess." Said Dean as he quickly tried to recover from his pause.

"Look Molly we should get you to safety and let the police handle it come on we'll take you!" Said Sam in a kind gentle manner.

"No I'm not leaving without my husband!" Yelled Molly in despair.

Dean and Sam have no other choice but to take her hunting with them and use her as bait. Once they drive off to were the scene of the crash was but little did they know that Someone else showed up at the investigation.

"Hmmm...the tree where Molly and her husband crashed dragging Greeley with them...it seems that Molly Still hasn't passed on to the other side...how sad she has to know!" Said a soft angelic British voice as a soft sigh escaped her rosy pink lips.

Suddenly she hears the rubble from the road rustle as she turns to see head lights shining bright on her black speed motorcycle.

"Who are they?" Thought the woman as she waited for the people to come out of their car.

"It should be around here....what?" Said Molly a little surprised.

"Someone else is here...could Greeley have taken another person?" Said Sam as he looked at Dean with a confused look on his face.

"I don't know but we'll find out sooner or later!" Said Dean as he got off his car and slammed the door shut.

He then went to the back of his car and opened the trunk revealing all the weapons he had hiding underneath the surface.

Molly looks and is a little freaked out.

"Look I'm sure you're busy so I think I'll go to the cops myself and thank you for everything!" Said molly as she backs away slowly.

"Look molly we really need your help! That person could be in danger we need you to help us find the cabin! Please let's not put anymore lives at stake." Said Sam as he tried to stop her from leaving.

"Its fine I'll get the cops myself-"

"Look lady! You're not gonna make it out alive hell catch you and kill you but so go ahead leave but id I were you I stay with us until we catch Greeley!"

Yelled Dean in annoyance.

Sam only scowled at dean unhappily and looked back at molly to see if once again he could convince her. "Please Molly...we need your help." Said Sam as he waited for her response.

Molly only nodded her head and began walking ahead of both Sam and Dean. As they got closer to the bike they noticed a small figure standing in the middle of where the car was supposed to be crashed.

"Hey! Who are you?" Said Dean Nonchalantly as he raised his voice at the figure.

"Ugh! Great another jerk I have to deal with." Mumbled the woman to herself in utter annoyance with her British accent.

When she turned around she saw to men with dark brown hair and blue eyes and a woman who matched molly's description.

Dean stared at her for a long moment trying to decipher what she actually is. He looked at her long raven black thick layered hair, it cascaded down her small shoulders, her eyes were a blue green color that made her eyes glow brightly in the moonlight, she wore a black leather jacket with a white crop top some denim blue skinny Jeans, and some brown horse riding boots.

"My name is Katherine....Katherine Grimm. I'm here to help Molly." Said Katherine as she pointed at Molly.

"Bullshit! You're here for sam you're a demon!" Yelled Dean in rage.

"Stop it Dean! She's not a demon! Are you a hunter perhaps?" Asked Sam as he pushed his brother aside.

"Well you could say that....I'm just following my eldest brother's journal. You see they all went missing and well I'm following their clues while helping people....its what they would have wanted me to do." Said Katherine in a more calm manner since the other man seemed much nicer.

Dean put down his gun, but as soon as he lowered it the radio on the bike began playing. "🎶 rising sun...🎶"

"That's the song that played when I crashed the car." Said molly as she now began hiding behind Sam.

Suddenly something came out of the trees and grabbed a hold of Katherine.

"Your mine!" Yelled Jonah Greeley as he tried dragging Katherine with him.

But Katherine wouldn't budge Dean Caught her by her arm and pulled her away from Greeley's grip. Dean then shot rock salt at Greeley making him disappear into thin air while holding Katherine with his other arm.

"You're supposed to be a hunter be aware of your surroundings!" Said Dean as he raised his voice at Katherine.

Katherine than twisted his wrist which made Dean drop his gun and howl in pain. She then held a knife to his throat restraining him. "Listen hear hunter man! I had the stupid old fool where I wanted him with my orb and you moronic Neanderthal got in the way!" Said Katherine with rage as he gritted her teeth.

"Woah! Woah! Wait! Katherine! I'm sorry my brother is acting like a complete jerk but please let him go we need to go burn Greeley's bones!" Said Sam as he gently touched her shoulder.

Katherine looked at Sam and then back at dean. "You should learn some manners from your younger brother...you're lucky he's here to save you!" Said Katherine in a low growl.

Katherine then walked towards Molly who still seemed shaken up. "Molly it's alright I won't let anything happen to you! I'll protect you! Would you like some tea? It will help calm you down." Said Katherine in a very kind tone of voice.

"Thank you miss Katherine." Said molly quietly as she sipped her tea.

"Dean are you okay?" Asked Sam as he helped his brother up.

"Yeah I'm fine! that bitch almost broke my wrist!" Grumbled Dean in anger.

"Dude! She did look like she new what she was doing let's just go find Greeley's grave." Said Sam as he patted his older brother on the back.

"So Katherine any Idea where his bones might be?" As Dean with arrogance.

"No...but I found his home it's just down a creepy trail." Said Katherine as she pointed the way.

Once they all located the home they went inside and try to see if they could find any clues. Dean figured they would cover more ground if they split apart. He wasn't really to keen with Katherine but he chose to stay down stairs with her than with molly she would just get in the way.

"So...how did you end up finding this place?" Asked Dean Nonchalantly.

"I looked around my surroundings and looked for a peculiar path. Plus it was behind the hunting cabin." Said Katherine as she bent down to look at some papers.

Dean only looked at her suspiciously but yet slightly amused. "Shes kinda hot for a spite fire!" Thought dean to himself as he now flashed the light around the living room.

Since Dean and Katherine couldn't find anything they decided to go upstairs to see if Molly and Sam found anything but to their dismay they found nothing.

But then Dean notices a little door behind dresser. "Something's behind there." Said Dean as he pointed with his flashlight.

He knocked down the little door and then they all went inside the little room. "It smells like old lady in here!" Said Dean a little disgusted.

Once they saw where the smell was coming from Katherine gasped in horror. "Dean help me get her down!" Said sam as he reached to unhang the old women's remains.

Dean was still disgusted but still helped his brother get her down and go bury her. Once everything was done they all went back inside and sat there like sitting ducks.

Sam looked at Molly than at Katherine who seemed to be staring at him and Dean curiously.

"What is it" asked Sam a little flabbergasted. Dean seemed to look her way too with his fierce glare.

"You two haven't told her yet have you!" Asked Katherine in a low whisper.

"No and it's best if it stays that way until we find Greeley's bones." Said Dean as he looked out the window.

"Tell me what?" Asked Molly a bit frightened. But suddenly the radio turned its self on and it began playing the same song that played on Katherine's motorcycle.

Dean went to check it out when the glass window breaks Greeley appears taking Katherine and Molly with him with both women shrieking.

"Dean! He took Katherine and Molly!" Yelled Sam in alarm.

"Shit!" Cursed Dean under his breath.

Suddenly Sam notices something in the picture with Greeley and his wife.

"Why didn't I think of this before! Dean! Look!" Said Sam with an ah-ha moment.

"So!" Said Dean not impressed.

"So! The tree at the cabin it's his grave mark it's an unmarked grave that people used back then! He's buried there!" Said Sam as he figured out the clue.

Dean looked at Sam with a peculiar look. "You're like a walking encyclopedia of weirdness!" Said Dean as he walked away and followed the trail to the Cabin.

Greeley had both girls tied up. Molly was begging for mercy while Katherine tried to undo the knots on their heads with her power.

"Please Greeley! stop! I know about your wife!" Said molly in despair

"My wife is gone! You took everything from me so now you'll pay!" Growled Greeley with so much malice.

He started cutting molly face and belly making her scream in agony. "You monster! Do you honestly think this what your wife would have wanted you doing this!" Yelled Katherine in anger as she struggled to free her hands.

"Like I said before my wife is gone! And you little missy are going to die and suffer the same fate as she did!" Said Greeley as he cackled malevolently.

Katherine then kneed him in his gut and kicked kicked him with her right foot on his face leaving him a black boot mark.

Greeley then charged right at her and slapped across the face. "Mmmph!" Was all she could utter out as the slap made her a bit dizzy.

He then dug his nail inside Katherine's collar bone and clawed her skin. "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee!" Shrieked Katherine in agony.

Dean and Sam arrived just in time to hear Katherine's shrieking. "Dean go get Molly and Katherine! I'll burn Greeley's bones!" Said Sam as he began digging up Greeley's grave.

Dean ran in and shot him again with rock salt which again Greeley disappeared. Dean then went and untied Katherine's hands and got her down gently.

Katherine was still a little dizzy as she kept loosing her balance trying to steady herself on Dean. "Hey are you alright?" Asked Dean with a bit of concern as he cupped her face.

Katherine only nodded her head slowly. Once she looked behind dean she saw Greeley appear once again.

"Dean! Look out!" Yelled Katherine as she tried pushing him aside. Dean turned and got hit with Greeley's sharp nail slicing his right cheek.

"This guy is pissing me off!" Said Dean in a low grunt as he tried to shoot him again. Greeley than threw Dean to the side. "Ugh!" Was all dean could say as he struggled to get up.

Greeley than started choking Katherine with all of his strength. Greeley than threw her towards Dean where she landed right on top of him.

"Hurry up Sam!" Yelled Dean as he tried to get up to shoot Greeley again. But Greeley got a knife and tried to stab him and Katherine.

Sam dug up the tree where Greeley's bones were buried, once he dug up the bones he poured salt and gasoline on them and then lit a match and dropped it on top of Greeley's bones which began burning him to ashes.

Back in the cabin Greeley's began screaming in agony as his ghostly body began to burn in flames. Molly only screamed in horror as she couldn't believe what she witnessed. Katherine and Dean sighed a breath of relief as they finally were able to move and untie Molly.

Once they got back to the road Sam and Molly got close to the car and waited For Katherine and Dean.

"Hey....so...how you doing? You feeling okay? You took a big hit to the head." Said Dean as he looked at Katherine's scratch on her collar bone.

"I'm fine...its not the first time I encounter stuff like this ...on the contrary I'm always saving my brothers asses from evil entities." Said Katherine as she rubbed her shoulder lightly.

In the distance they could her Molly and Sam's conversation. "Come on Molly let's go." Said Sam gently.

"No not until you tell me what happened to my husband!" Yelled Molly in frustration.

"Molly....your husband is alive dear! These men are here to help you. Please go with them they'll take you to your husband! I promise nothing bad will happen to you." Said Katherine in a soft angelic voice.

Molly only nodded her head slowly she then ran up to Katherine and hugged her tightly. "Thank you so much for everything....but what about you? What will you do?" Asked Molly a little worried.

Dean looked at how exhausted and weak Katherine looked and her ride looked completely damaged. "For a small fry she really has herself together. I'll try to convince her to come with us." Thought Dean as he continued to stare at her.

"You should come with us we can help you!" Said Sam as he put a hand to her shoulder.

Katherine only gave him a sad smile. "I'll only get in your way." Said Katherine in a small whisper.

"Well you can't stay here at least let us take you somewhere!" Said Sam as he looked at her with concern.

"He's right we'll drop you off somewhere close to your next trip." Said Dean as he now got in his car.

"Alright I guess I wont be needing this crappy bike." Said Katherine with a small laugh as she threw a flare to her bike destroying it to millions of pieces.

The three looked at her in shock but it only took Dean and Sam a minute to get themselves together as they got used to these sort of things as for Molly she was still a little creeped out.

Sam helped Molly and Katherine get in the back seats of the car. He then closed their door and got in the passenger side of the car. Then dean drove them off to where Molly's husband was staying.

"I don't understand!" Said Molly more frightened.

"Your husband's here he lives in that house if you don't believe us you can go see for yourself." Said Dean Nonchalantly.

She got off and ran towards the window of the house. But she stopped midway as she saw her husband kissing another woman.

"What's going on!" Asked Molly shocked.

"Molly your a ghost you died in that accident only your husband survived." Said Sam with sorrow.

"No its 1992 it can't-"

"Molly its 2014 it's been a long time." Said Dean as he interrupted her sentence.

"Still I have to go speak to him" sobbed Molly.

"He said his goodbyes already he knows you're sorry it's time for you to go." Said Sam as he looked at her with pity.

"You can go and see him you want we wont stop you but you're really going to freak him out for life!" Said Dean carelessly.

Sam and Katherine looked at him with a displeased expression.

"Look dear haven't you suffered enough! You deserve to be at peace! Please move on and let him go. Everything will be alright I promise." Said Katherine in her sweet angelic voice.

Molly only nodded and walked slowly to the road and began to disappear in the dawn of light now resting in peace.

Dean Katherine and Sam sigh in relief as today's events were finally over. But without warning Katherine suddenly collapsed to her knees as she began to lose consciousness.

"Katherine!" Was all that Sam and Dean could say as Katherine lost her self in her unconscious mind while everything got darker.

"Ezra! Elijah!" Was all she could think as she sank deeper into the dark clouds.

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