At The End

More pressing matters

Harry blinked. He was groggy, and exhausted. He knew he hadn't slept well. He also knew he hadn't been asleep for long either. He wasn't exactly sure why he had woken up, yet he had the distinct feeling of someone who hadn't woken up of their own accord.

"Harry! Ron! Get up!" Hermione was at the foot of Ron's bed, pulling off his blankets.

"S'matter?" Harry asked sleepily.

"You slept through first period and I know Snape'll do something horrible if you're late." Hermione told them in exasperation. Ron mumbled something but didn't move.

Harry sleepily pulled himself out of bed and began to pull on his robes. Ron had appeared to have fallen back to sleep. Hermione crawled onto Ron's bed in an attempt to shake him awake.

"Get up!" She demanded.

"Gerroff!" Ron mumbled.

"No!" Hermione panted. "Get up… you big… Argh!" She squealed as Ron pulled her over and rested his head on her shoulder.

"Mmm…. Stay!" he mumbled. "Sleep…"

Harry tried not to laugh. Hermione's expression was a mixture of amusement, glee, and agitation.

"I'd love to stay and go back to sleep, but we have potions." Hermione giggled.

Harry saw Ron's lip curl and with a growl he threw himself out of bed and stomped over to his trunk, where he began throwing on his robes. He pinned his 'Head Boy' badge to his chest and, without a word, left the room.

Hermione looked at Harry, hurt tears brimming in her eyes. "Oh, Harry. What did I do?" She asked, her lip trembling. Harry smiled.

"I think he's angry. I think he thought he'd get the opportunity to be in bed with you all day." He told her knowingly. Hermione turned scarlet.

"No! He wouldn't… he… we…" Hermione was at a loss for words. "Fred and George were NOT right." She finished, defiantly. Harry shook his head.

"Hermione, one day you're going to open your eyes." He told her. "Come on; let's get to potions before Snape decides to poison us or something."

When Harry walked into the potions dungeon the first thing he noticed was that Ron was sitting next to Draco and they were chatting animatedly, the next thing he noticed was that Snape wasn't present.

Sitting in Snape's seat was Lupin. Harry turned to Hermione who looked just as puzzled. They sat in their normal seats at the back of the class and Lupin began talking.

"I can see you're all a little confused at the teaching arrangement for today." He said with a chuckle, looking pointedly at Harry. "I have been asked to fill in while professor Snape is occupied with more pressing matters."

Ron and Draco turned around to look at Harry and Hermione. When they had caught the other two's eyes Ron mouthed 'The Order?' Harry nodded.

Lupin, ignoring Ron and Draco's backs, ploughed on about their NEWT exam for potions.

"In your exam you will find that the potions you will be required to make will be difficult and in depth. They will be complex and need careful consideration." Harry found it rather odd just how much he sounded like Snape at this moment.

"I've been told to assign you the potion of wisdom." Lupin told them. Harry's heart sank and he heard Ron groan, audibly. With a flick of Lupin's wand, the process for the potion appeared on the board. Harry felt sick looking at it.

If this was the kind of thing Harry needed to pass to become an Auror, then he may as well pack up and choose another career path, maybe he could join professional Quidditch? Even with the added help of McGonagall, he was sure he wouldn't be able to do this potion, but, with a sigh, he began anyway.

Harry very soon discovered why Ron was seated with Draco. It appeared Ron needed help with his potion. He had Draco looking over his shoulder the whole time, and Harry could see him tremble with anger every time Draco pointed out something Ron had done wrong.

By the end of the class Harry was quite pleased that his potion was lilac, as it was supposed to be. Harry couldn't remember a time in his life that he had ever been close to how it was meant to look. Harry, Ron and Hermione were ready to leave for lunch when Lupin called them and Draco back…

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