At The End

The final showdown

Voldemort had the self- satisfied look on his face, like a man who had exactly who he wanted, right where he wanted them. Harry felt his nerves tremble and shake. Oddly enough, Harry was standing tall and proud. He was acting a hell of a lot braver than he would've expected, given the situation. He realised, looking sidewards at Ron, that his friends were also braver then they expected.

"Well, at long last, Harry…" Voldemort hissed. "Here we are."

"Yes, here we are." Harry agreed.

"And… we aren't scared of you!" Ron added defiantly. Harry stared at Ron, mildly surprised.

Voldemort seemed not to know how to take the outburst either. "Oh? You aren't, are you?" he asked, surveying Ron as though he had lost his mind.

Ron squared his shoulders and stared straight back, bravely. "Nope."

Voldemort smiled wickedly and said curiously. "Surely you are aware young… Weasley…?" He asked turning to Lucius Malfoy who nodded, silently. "… The power which I yield?" he finished. Ron laughed.

"Some power." Ron spat back. Voldemort looked as though he'd been slapped in the face, he was momentarily struck dumb. Slowly the look of shock was replaced with a look of amusement. Ron ploughed on. "You couldn't even kill a baby."

"You have some guts, I'll grant you that." Voldemort told him.

"You have it in your mind that you're the greatest wizard to ever live?" Ron asked sardonically. "Well, have I got news for you." He said. "You are so wrong. Look at Dumbledore, he's far more powerful then you could ever hope to be."

"Why… you little…" Lucius Malfoy hissed, lunging forward. Voldemort held him back.

"No Malfoy! This one is mine." Voldemort ordered. Lucius looked put out, but decided it better then to disagree.

"I WILL make it fair, of coarse." Voldemort told Ron. "I do deal on honour." He cackled. "Raise your wand, Weasley, and prepare to duel." Voldemort ordered.

"Don't Ron! Don't listen to him, don't do this." Hermione pleaded. Ron, however, didn't take any notice. He stepped forward and raised his wand.

"Good boy." Voldemort said with a snicker.

"Ron, NO!" Ginny screamed, racing forwards. She had obviously only just come round. Ginny was grabbed by one of the Deatheaters. Harry felt strong hands grab his arms, pinning them behind him.

"Hey!" He yelled. "Let me go!" He demanded.

"'Let me go'" the Deatheater repeated, teasingly.

"Now, now, Potter." Voldemort sneered. "We can't have you taking away your friends moment of being the hero, now can we?" then he turned back to Ron. "Bow." He ordered. Ron bent slightly, but never stopped staring at Voldemort.

Harry knew that even before Voldemort was standing, the first curse would fly. It seemed that Ron knew this also.

Voldemort's wand hadn't even been raised when Ron shot his stunning spell at Voldemort. He ducked jut in time. Voldemort glowered at Ron.

"Cleaver, Weasley." He hissed. Ron smiled happily.

"I've been practising." He informed the room in general.

"As we can all see?" Voldemort retorted. Once more Voldemort tried to raise his wand, and once more, Ron disarmed him.

"Expelliarmus." Ron yelled, and Voldemort growled as his wand flew across the room.

"Malfoy, your wand." Voldemort screamed. Lucius threw him his wand. The next movement happened so fast it took a few seconds to sink in.

Voldemort caught the wand and spun on his heel; he raised the wand to Ron and yelled, "Avada Kedavra". There was a blinding flash of green, and then Ron's body fell to the floor with a sickening thud.

Everyone stopped moving and stared in shocked silence at Ron's still form on the ground. Harry stared down at his limp, lifeless form. He had always thought Ron would be there for Harry, a pillar of strength when he needed it. But now Ron was gone, lost forever. Harry struggled for breath as an overwhelming pain flooded his body.

If it had been painful for Harry when Sirius had died then what he was feeling now was the closest he'd get to being killed. Ron was like Harry's brother. They had always shared everything with each other. After a few minutes stunned silence, Ginny finally screamed. "RON!"

Harry knew, somewhere in the back of his mind, the Deatheater had released him, but Harry's brain was foggy and didn't register. He watched as Ginny fell to her knees, silent tears falling down her face. Draco knelt beside her and put an arm around her. Hermione then flung herself over his body and was crying hysterically.

Then Harry heard a sound that made his heart freeze. It was Voldemort's snake-like laugh. Harry raised his head. Voldemort was looking down at Hermione and was laughing madly. It made Harry's blood boil, this man was laughing after killing Harry's best friend.

Before Harry had any idea what he was doing he'd raised his wand and muttered the killing curse. There was a blinding flash of green and Voldemort barely had time to widen his eyes and say "OH" before the curse hit him squarely in the chest. Voldemort's body hit the floor. Nobody moved.

Harry fell to his knees. There was an overwhelming set of emotions flowing through him. He managed, with the last of his strength, to crawl over to Ron's body. His skin was cold, like ice, and already his lips were blue. Harry noticed the broken glass beside Ron's head. It was the same vial Draco had given Ron earlier.

"I'm sorry." Harry mumbled. "I've failed you."

At that moment Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall burst into the room. Harry looked up at Dumbledore with blurry eyes. "Ron." He managed to say before letting the dark, painful abyss claim him…

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