At The End

Spells and reunions

Harry dreamt he was playing wizard chess with Ron; they were laughing and egging on their pawns and laughing madly as their pawns were attacking each other. Ron smiled at Harry and said "looks like Check and Mate." He told Harry with a chuckle. Harry smiled back.

"Yeah, you've definitely got me beat." Agreed Harry.

Harry woke with a start. He was disorientated. For a moment he thought he may have been at Hogwarts and if he rolled over then he would see Ron lying spread- eagle across the covers of his four- poster- bed, as was usual. But the white walls were not Hogwarts. He was not in is bed which could only mean one thing…

The sudden burning pain in Harry's chest returned in full force. He rolled onto his side and blinked back hot tears. It was true that Voldemort was dead, and the wizarding world was safe at last, yet Harry felt no need to rejoice. He had understood that there would be sacrifices during the war and that people would die.

Though never once in his life did Harry think it would be so close to his heart. He thought that he would always and forever have Ron and Hermione. Now one was gone. He didn't think this stabbing, burning pain in his heart would ever fade away. He didn't want to stay awake, it hurt too much.

He closed his eyes and let the darkness sweep over him, giving him the release from the painful world, which he so sorely needed.

"Harry, hey Harry." Ron's voice called from somewhere in the distance. Harry groaned. He must be hearing things; either that or he was losing the plot. "Come on then, wake up." He heard Ron's voice again. Then a startling thought struck him.

'I died!' he thought, horror-struck. It was the only explanation for it. He'd died and now he was hearing Ron's voice calling him to the afterlife. Oh well at least it wasn't all bad. He would see Sirius and his parents as well. Then he heard Ron again.

"Get up, Harry. It's all over now."

"Stop wasting your breath, Weasley, he isn't paying you any attention." Draco drawled. A thought occurred to Harry, Draco was still alive, which could only mean…

Harry snapped open his eyes and bolted up into a sitting position. The action caused Hermione, who was perched at the side of his bed, to slip sidewards onto the floor. Harry looked to the foot of his bed where Ron was standing, grinning. Harry grinned back.

"Ron, you're ok?" He gasped. Ron nodded. Harry felt as though a heavy weight had been lifted. Though Ron did not look like his normal, cheery self.

True he was smiling broadly but he looked as though he had just come of the worse in a brawl. His left arm was in a sling, he was leaning on a crutch, there was a large cut under his right eye and both eyes were bruised.

Ron noticed Harry study him and gave a tiny smile. "I fell hard." He said. Harry was confused.

"But… how is this possible?" He queried. Ron stared at him.

"How is what possible?"

"You? How can you still be alive?" He asked. "You died. I saw it."

"Did you really?" Draco asked. He was leaning casually against the doorframe and looked slightly bored. "Or did you simply think you saw him die?"

"No," Harry said firmly. "He died. I saw the curse hit him."

"Yes, but he was already dead when the curse touched him." Draco replied. Harry stared at him blankly.

"Huh?" he asked.

"Oh come on now." Draco sneered. "You all say he's smart I don't see it."

"What am I missing?" Harry asked.

"You can't kill what's already dead." Ron replied.

"Yeah, I'm aware of that." Harry said. "So how is this even possible?"

"Well… it's a very interesting concept." Ron began explaining. "Do you remember in our first year, at our very first potions lesson?" He asked Harry. Harry nodded.

"How could I forget? Snape made my day hell. He asked me all these questions to which I obviously didn't know the answer as I spent my whole first eleven years with the Muggles."

"That was very funny." Draco quipped. Ron turned to stare at him a minute.

"Thankyou, Malfoy that was very helpful." He turned back to Harry. "Anyway, getting back to the point now. Remember how Snape told us he could even help us put a stopper in death?"


"Well there is a potion. It slows down the brain pattern and puts all the muscles in the body into a kind of…" He thought about the right words. "Well… I guess you could say it puts you into a kind of coma. It relaxes your body and slowly turns of all your organs."

"So… it killed you?"

Yes, and no." Ron said. "It more like puts you into suspended animation. You're alive but not, dead but not."

"Oh," Harry said. "I see. So when the curse hit you, you'd already taken the potion?" Harry asked. Ron nodded.

"Yup. And it couldn't kill me cos I technically didn't have any functioning organs."

Harry was so happy. He felt peace at last and now he could celebrate the freedom and safety of the wizarding world. He opened his mouth to talk when the door burst open and Mrs Weasley, Mr Weasley, Lupin, Tonks and Charlie hurried in.

Harry was never so happy to see all those friendly faces…

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