At The End

The Hogwart's express

The morning of their return to Hogwarts was a loud and chaotic one. Ron had managed to overlook packing his 'Head Boy' badge and was, therefore racing around the Burrow, frantically trying to find it.

"Well, this is a perfect beginning to your reign as Head Boy." An exasperated Hermione scolded, as she lifted a cushion on the couch.

"Hey! I'm nervous, OK?" Ron snapped back.

"Why?" Hermione demanded, her eyes piercing. Ron turned a brilliant shade of Crimson.

"Because…." He seemed like he was struggling. "Can you picture Malfoy when he finds out?"

"Why do you care what that Dodo thinks?" Harry asked.

"What's a Dodo?" Ron asked.

"An extinct bird," Hermione replied. "Honestly, Ron, I thought everyone knew that?"

He mumbled a reply that sounded like, "I didn't."

"That's not the point here," Harry cut in. "The point is 'Why?'. Since when have you ever cared what Malfoy thinks?" Harry repeated. Ron shifted his weight.

"I really doubt he's going to be happy when he finds out that I've been made 'Head Boy' over him." Harry realised Ron was right.

"He won't be happy that you best him in something." Harry agreed.

"Yeah a 'Muggle Lover' like me." He hissed angrily.

"We don't have time for this now!" Hermione interjected. "We need to get that badge so we can get out of here in time to catch the train."

"I found it!" Ginny cried as she came tearing into the room, brandishing a small gold badge.

"Brilliant!" Ron said, reaching for the badge.

"Ah, ah" Ginny said, pulling it away from Ron. "What do I get for finding it?" Ginny asked. Ron rolled his eyes.

"Thankyou, Ginny- winny." He said in a sing- song voice.

"Argh! Here, have it." She spat, thrusting the badge at Ron, before turning on her heel and stalking out of the room. Ron chuckled.

"She hates it when I call her that." He mused.

'You have no idea.' Harry thought.

At eleven thirty, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Neville were all getting seated in their favourite cabin on board the Hogwarts Express, as it pulled away from the platform 9 ¾ in a hiss of steam.

Harry put his trunk in the racks above his head and sat down beside Ginny. She looked at him and smiled. Harry gave her a small grin before turning to Ron to play wizard chess.

Ginny sighed. She stared sightlessly out of the window. Even though it was dark and stormy outside, it was still more exciting than what was happening inside the train, which was a depressing thought.

Harry and Ron were on their third game of chess, while Hermione was frowning over an unusually large and complicated looking spell book and Neville was brooding over his new pot plant that looked a lot like a mushroom with a cactus on top.

Ginny had decided she'd had enough of just around being bored. She stood to leave.

"Where are you going?" Ron asked. Hermione, Harry and Neville looked up at her questioningly.

"Relax." She said smiling. "I'm going to patrol the corridors." And she left.

'He can be so annoying' Ginny thought to herself. 'It's almost as if he can't trust me, like I'm still a child.'

"Well, well, well. The baby Weasley." A cool voice said. Ginny stopped in her tracks, coming back to reality. At the end of the corridor a blonde wearing green robes leant against the wall, his arms folded in front of his body, and was smirking. Ginny rolled her eyes.

"Malfoy." She said warily. "Something you want?" She asked, clearly bored. Draco arched his eyebrow.

"How rude." He mused. "Where are your manners?" He enquired. Ginny held his gaze.

"I'm not in the mood for games, Malfoy." She told him simply.

"And why's that?" He asked silkily. "What, Potter not been lavishing attention on you enough?" He drawled.

"You leave him out of this!" She snapped. Draco's grin spread.

"Why?" He asked.

"Why do you care?" Ginny asked. Draco laughed. It wasn't one of his venomous laughs, but a real one. The sound made Ginny's tummy do backflips.

"Weasley…" He began.

"Call me Ginny." She cut in. Did she actually just ask him to call her Ginny? Draco regarded her silently for a minute before responding.

"Alright… Ginny…" He emphasised her name. Her heart skipped a beat. How could he, a Malfoy, the one kind of person she hated the most, make her feel like this? When did she start to feel like this?

"I'll have you know." Draco continued, "That when it comes to Potter, I'm very interested in anything that discredits and embarrasses him." Draco told her.

"We should talk sometime, then." Ginny said. "I know all sorts of things about Harry that you would find interesting." She said.

Draco pushed himself off the wall and began to walk toward her.

"Am I to understand you would be willing to give up embarrassing information about your boyfriend, the great saint Potter, to me?" He asked, coming to a stop only inches away from her.

She was uncomfortably aware of his aftershave. One, she knew, was highly expensive and hard to come by. Ginny composed herself and shrugged.

"Yeah, well he deserves it." She concluded.

"Uh, huh." Draco mumbled.

"He acts as though I'm his lap dog." She was starting to get angry.

"Bet that's annoying." Draco said softly. Ginny looked at him. She saw something that she would never have expected. Was it sympathy? Understanding?

"What should we do then?" Draco asked. Once more bringing her back to the world.

"What?" She asked. Draco rolled his eyes.

"What should we do about Potter?" He asked smoothly.

"OH!" Ginny said, realisation dawning. She felt the colour creep into her cheeks. Draco snickered. "I… Ah…" She fought to clear her head. "I don't think we should discuss it here." She said simply.

"Yes." He said, rubbing his chin. "You're right. We'll meet up somewhere private." He said. "I'll send you an owl." He told her. Then he turned away.

"Draco!" She called after him. He stopped and turned to face her. His heart pounded. He hadn't expected that.

"Yes." He answered. Ginny seemed unsure of what she was about to say. Draco sighed.

"Get on with it." He said.

"Do you think a Griffindor and a Slytherin could really get along?" She stammered. Draco didn't have to ask what she meant. They had been dodging around it the whole time they had been talking. He smiled.

"Stranger things have been known to happen." He said. Then he bent down and pressed his lips lightly to hers.

Ginny wandered back to the others on an elated high.

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