Chapter Eleven: Aftercare:

She lay naked in his lap. His strong fingers caressed her reddish-brown locks. He pulled her out before she froze to death.

"Sorry," he whispered to her. "I just can't let you die yet." She was part conscious. Her greenish-brown eyes looked dead with a dull, watery glass shade over them. He smirked and kissed her on the lips. "My love," he said. However, he paused and looked up.

"Hm? You say something?" Pause.

"Stop? Stop you say?" Pause. He laughed to himself.

"No, it cannot be helped. You can't interfere, remember?" Silence. He turned back to his doll. "So sweet. So harmless." Pause. "Oh? Not harmless, you say?" He shrugged. "Well, okay. I'll give her that." He chuckled.

"My client warned me about her, you know? Yes, yes. That's why I brought the poison." He looked at her again. "Quite amazing, really." He picked up some of her hair. "She looked so peaceful in pain." He sniffed the hair in his hand. "I almost want to ravish her right now." Pause.

"No?" Pause. "Or you'll do what?" He smirked to himself. "Keep in my mind; you have no say in this matter. I can do as I like with her." He looked down at her again. "Look at her. No wonder you love to fuck her so much. I guess you're right about her. But yet…" He let go of her hair. He took in a breath. Pause.

"Shhh, Give me a moment." He shut his eyes to take in the intoxicating power. Pause. "Shhh." Pause. "Shhh." Pause. "Shhh." He drew in everything around him. His lips curved into a smirk. "Ah yes," he said. "I wonder how long she'll last before she breaks at my hands." Pause.

"She won't break, you say?" he asked. Pause. He smirked in the darkness. "Heh. Interesting. Dumb, but interesting." Pause. He laughed aloud.

"Because," he replied. He clutched her battered, naked body close to him. "Everyone has their breaking point. And we're going to see how long it takes before this little baby doll reaches hers. No?" Pause. He didn't speak at first. Then, he let out a hard laugh.

"Keep this in mind: I am in control of this game. You have no say in this at all. If you intervene, I will act on my promise! You got me?" Silence. He sat back, smirking.

"Good boy," he said. Her senses were still high and sharp, but every word sounded so distant and underwater.

Meanwhile outside, things took a complicated turn for a growing problem.

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