Love is Like a Sin

Chapter Sixteen: Love is Like a Sin:

She came back to her sense. The big Hello Kitty hell spun around her. Once again, the jasmine scent of the poison made her want to throw up. Confusion disoriented her state of mind. It didn't make sense.

Why is he doing this to me? This was the man she loved. He vowed to protect her with every kiss. He cherished her with each caress. He showed her his feelings every time they made love. She even accepted his proposal. It didn't make sense. She shut her eyes as the sense began to rebuild itself after some much mugged up poison. Why Asato-kun? Have I offended him somehow?

No, that's not it. She dug in her brain to find the answer. However, the pain kept her distracted. I think I'm going to be sick, she thought. She fought to keep it all down. She would not give him the satisfaction if he was watching her. Oh god! She jerked her eyes wide open. Hundreds of plastic black eyes. All staring at her. The cage didn't help either.

I'm an animal in a carnival, she thought. And these toys are watching me. From there, a new emotion sprang to life. She gritted her teeth.

"What are you all looking at?" she snapped. "I'm not some wounded freak on display! Fuck off!" Naturally, her audience didn't speak, but boy did they laugh. She could hear them laughing at her. She clenched her teeth harder.

"Stop laughing at me!" she barked. "Shut up! Shut up! SHUT UP!" She shook the chains as she screamed out. What's the point? They couldn't hear her and they couldn't talk. They only laughed at her with their big, cute plastic eyes. She grunted in her frustration.

Get a grip, stupid! This is his doing! He's making you like this! Fight it out! She took in a heavy breath. Right… Now, she was back where she started. She took another breath. How long has it been? Days? Weeks? She shook her head. No, it couldn't be that long. She heard Becky and the others' voices on the outside. Her American best friend kept asking the doctors questions. At first, she thought that she was hearing things, but the voices outside didn't go away, they just got clearer and louder by each second. She paused on that thought. Wait a second! If I can hear my friends, then… Of course! My body must be in a hospital somewhere. She paused from there. But… if my body's in a hospital, then where am I? Why am I here? And how do I get out?

Suddenly, she heard wings flapping. She glanced above her to see a single white feather sailing down to her chest. A hazy whisper filled her ears. She chuckled to herself in misery.

"A dinner party?" she asked after she heard the feather's hidden message from the breeze. "How cute! I wonder what he's got planned for me this time."

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