Escape Flight

Chapter Eighteen: Escape Flight:


Her head kept spinning. At least she felt a little better now; gave her room to think.

There has to be an exit somewhere. She looked around the hallway. Willow's voice from outside filled her ears. My body's out there, but I'm stuck here. Right… So how to get out? She looked around again. Come on, where's the exit? It has to be somewhere. Think, genius, think!

She tried to dig through her tired mind. Shapes formed in puzzle pieces from her memory. Stairs. Stairs that led up? No, down. Stairs that led down to a narrow hall. She took another pause. The stone hall led to two glass doors. She shut her eyes and thought harder. Focus! You can't let him win! Think! She dug deeper into her head. The doors of course would be locked. So where would the key be? She frowned.

Of course, on him! That's what I would do. So how do I get the key from him? Even more so, where do the doors lead? She tightened her fists. I have to try! She took her time pushing herself to her feet. The feather had long worn off in her body, letting her brain give way to the pain. She drew in heavy breaths to pace herself. Take a moment through the pain. After a few more breaths, she tried to hold her balance. She searched down the hall for anything. Nothing. Not even armed guards in sight. Something about this set-up screamed trap.

I have to try and see where those doors lead. She took in another breath and started to take tiny steps down the stony hall. Her eyes adjusted to the pitch black. She kept her ears trained to listen for if he would attack her. She couldn't afford to screw up. One little mistake could lead to more Hell on her. The pain in her ribcage told her she didn't need any more. She took in another breath. The stone floor felt cold to the touch. Easy there, stay focused. Boy this hall is long. Her hands felt along the jagged brick wall as she walked.

A cold breeze blew past her frilly black dress. Her eyes peered below her. The stairway looked like Charybdis' mouth wide open before her. Cold streams blew up in front in of her. She toughened up and nodded. Here goes! She took the first step down the stairs. So cold! She forced herself to keep going. Just be careful. More deep breaths followed. Step. Step. Step. Her eyes searched the pitch black. It looked easy so far, maybe too easy.

He's plotting something. I just know it. Step. Step. There's no way he'd let me go that easily. So what's he trying now? Step. Step. Step. Her heart jumped up many beats. She forced herself to swallow. Focus! Just make it to the doors. She pushed herself to keep walking down the stairs. Step. Step. Step. Suddenly, she felt a tight pinch in her neck. She swatted at it, but nothing was there. What the-? Oh… Her head began to spin and she fell back into the silent world as she fell down the stairs.

When she came too, he stood over her, smirking. She breathed out in pain. He shook his head at her.

"You poor soul," he muttered. "I trusted you not to escape and look what happened." He paused for a second. Her lips moved in a way to attempt some form of communication to him.

"Hm?" he asked as he leaned down for a closer listen. The words trembled out in silence. He choked back a laugh.

"Sorry?" he asked. "You're sorry?" He rose to his feet as he shook his head.

"No, not sorry," he corrected. "Daughter should be ashamed." Her eyes widened at his dropping wrists. No! No! NO!

Blood-filled screams drowned the black nothingness.

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