Love in the House of Excrement

Chapter Twenty-One: Love in the House of Excrement:

His violet eyes mocked her. "Good morning! Sleep well?"

Her face screwed up in pain. "What was that?"

"Hm?" He smirked at her. "Oh, that. A little gift."

"A gift?"

"Yes, but that's over now." He pulled out a big silver box. "Now how to begin the next round." She stared at him with narrowed eyes, trying to connect the dots. Did I black out? He opened the box. His fingers ran alone the silver and polished "toys." Her eyes stayed locked on the blades. The dull looks of some of them didn't help.

"Which one?" he asked. "They look so entertaining." His eyes trailed to his victim.

"I know! I'll let you decide!" he announced. Her eyes grew wide. He licked his lips.

"Yes!" he said. He took her hand and led it over to the over to the tools. Cold metal, some of it jagged, she winced as one cut her finger. Red fluid oozed onto the metal. In truth, he was agitated. He gritted his teeth.

"Someone leaked our game," he hissed. Her eyes trailed to him.

"What?" Her fingers found another blade.

"Yes," he said. "I don't know who. So…" He stopped her hand on the sharpest tool in box. She clenched her teeth so not to cry out at the flesh forced down upon it. He looked at her face with no emotion in it.

"I'm taking my displeasure out on you right now!" he finished. He forced her hand on a sharp blade. He paused when he saw her lips move.

"Hm?" he asked. "You say something?" He leaned in for a closer listen.

"Why?" she murmured.

He raised an eyebrow at her. "Why what?"

"Why do you do this?"

He only smirked as he forced her hand down harder upon the blades. She sucked on a mouthful of air to not scream. He smiled at her resistance.

"Because I love you."

"Liar!" Slap! Still not good enough. He knew who leaked the game to the outside. He sneered at the thought. Just for that, you both will pay!

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