Cry for Help

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Cry for Help:

December 23rd, 2009.

Anna's hand didn't stop; it kept writing and writing on many sheets of paper. Her friends couldn't figure it out. Why? Why? Why? Watari observed her with the girls.

"Any change?" he asked. Becky shook her head.

"I see," the scientist said. He looked at his phone.

"Something wrong?" Willow asked. The shinigami looked up, nodding.

"Yeah," he said. "I'm expecting someone to call."

"Who?" Becky asked.

"Oh," Willow said. Anna's best friend looked between them rather confused.

"What's going on?" she asked. Willow put her hand on her shoulder. The former photography club president looked up at her.

"Willow?" she asked. Her friend gave her a serious look.

"What's going on?" Becky asked.

"Come with me," Willow said. She led the friend out into the hall.

"Willow?" Becky asked again. Watari turned back to Anna. Her mind was elsewhere, but her hand… Watari leaned into her face, wondering, what are you trying to tell us? Then something caught his eye.

"Hm?" he asked. The shinigami looked at the paper. His eyes slowly widened.

"The pattern changed?" he asked. This time another message came with "Why?" Help me…

Watari eyed her. "Help you?" he asked. "What do you mean?"

Help me. Help me. Help me. Why? Why? Why? Help me.

Watari read and noticed that her hand had gotten a little faster. The writing got smaller and denser on the page. The scientist took the paper away for her to write on a fresh one.

Why? Why? Why? Help me. Help me. Help…

Something clicked in Watari's mind at the words stuck on repeat on each page. He raced out of the room and down the hall.

"Tatsumi-san, Bon! Come look at this!" he yelled. In five minutes, he showed them the results.

"What does it mean?" Hisoka asked.

"Hard to say for the time being," Watari replied. "I say we let her keep writing." The men quickly got it.

"Then maybe she'll tell us what happened," Hisoka said.

"Exactly!" Watari replied.

"But how do we keep track?" Tatsumi asked. The blonde scientist smiled.

"We just have to keep watch over her like we have been," he said. "Any other questions?"

"What about Tsuzuki?" Hisoka asked.

"Keep trying to call him," Watari said. "Anything else?"

"Her friends?" Tatsumi asked.

"We'll deal with them along the way," the scientist replied. "Anything else?" The other two didn't say a word. Watari took in a breath.

"Right," he said. "Let's go." The shinigami went back to Anna's room. Meanwhile, Anna added something new to her message.

Why? Why? Why? Help me… Help me… Why? A-sa-to…

-Back inside her prison-

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