Living Doll

Chapter Twenty-Nine: Living Doll:

He sat before her naked and chained up body. He studied her features. He happily counted each cut and scar on her body. Beautiful! He ran his finger along her cheek. A giddy smile spread across his face.

So spent, but yet I haven't won. "Oh, you're still here." He snickered to himself. "I know what you did. I haven't forgotten. I will fix you both." His lips curved into a snicker.

"Really now?" He snickered again.

"You seem to have forgotten. I'm the one in control, not you! Learn your place!" Her smirked and turned back to her. "Heh? How?"

"Look at her. Just look at her. How does it feel to see her like this? Helpless? Weak? Beside yourself? Aching?" He smirked.

"Good! What's that? Do I see fear in your eyes?" He licked his lips. "Well now, just as expected."

"Sorry?" He choked back a laugh. "Oh, that's so funny! You really are a laugh. Really, you are." He sat back as his eyes returned to her. Something caught his attention.

"Oh, what's this? She's crying and you're crying?" He looked closer at her face. Thin tears trailed down her cheeks. He wiped them up and licked his fingers. His lips curved into a smile.

"Yes! She is crying and so are you!" He tried not to laugh. "Oh, but you are. You really are. Makes it interesting, actually."

"Or what?" He folded his arms across his chest.

"Once again you forgot. I'm the one in control here, not you. I can do anything I want to her. If I want to beat her, I can. If I want to kill her, I can. Hell, I can rape her right now if I pleased!" He reached for her, but stopped short a few inches of her perky bust.

"No?" He snickered. "You forgot who's in control here. And just for that, she'll have worse done to her for the finale." He smiled as she shook his head.

"Sorry. You made your bed, now lie in it!" His crooked smile revealed a silent laugh.

She heard everything. If only she could still reach out for help in time. The outside in her hospital room buzzed in her inner self. Surely someone must have noticed something by now. Surely someone must have!

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