You are My Angel

Chapter Three: You are My Angel:

Kabukicho, Tokyo. Present Day.

A twenty-something hooker romanced the street looking for a john. Tonight had been rough. All of the good men had been taken. She had to her someone tonight. The hooker kept wandering the streets. Not many people were out in Kabukicho tonight. Rightfully so, she thought. Fishnets and a summer school uniform were not a good choice in December. The hooker shivered as the wind blew past her skirt.

I need a man and dinner, she thought. I need a drink.

However, she looked up and saw her first wish. A potential john stumbled out of a pachinko parlor. Not exactly the type of man she wanted. Either sleep escaped him or he had too much to drink tonight. She could smell the cheap alcohol and cigarettes on his ruined black suit from where she stood. His black hair needed to be combed as some strands hung over bloodshot, glazed eyes. The hooker wondered if anyone was missing a mental patient in the area. He probably hadn't changed clothes since last night either. The hooker sneered a bit, but a man was a man.

Right… The whore straightened herself up and approached the man. Her potential john looked up and saw a tasty treat with long silky black hair in a schoolgirl uniform. She gave him a cute, little smile.

"You look a little lonely tonight," she said. "Come with me. I make good company." The man's crooked teeth nearly made her jump as he smiled at her. She prayed he would say no, but he licked his lips at her.

"Sure, I would love that," he said. The hooker forced herself to smile.

"Okay, let's go," she said. They headed down the street. An uneasy feeling crept up in her. Halfway to her favorite love hotel, the man stopped. The hooker looked up at him.

"What's wrong?" she asked. The man didn't speak. She kept her eyes on him.

"Sir?" she asked. "Sir?" The hooker shook him on the shoulder. "Sir? Sir?" she asked. Suddenly, the man whipped around and grabbed her by the arms.

"Let me go!" she cried. The man slapped her in the face.

"Shut up, bitch!" he barked. The hooker whimpered at him. He dragged down a nearby alley and shoved her to the snow-coated ground. Before she could even get up, the man took off his worn black shoe and hit her about the face, stomach, legs and chest. When that wasn't enough, he kicked her in the chest and stomach. The poor hooker didn't even get a chance to fight back with his fists added onto the blows. The rotting smell of urine, booze, and trash made her head spin as she gave it her all to choke back her vomit. The pounding made her ears ring with each smack.

Please make him stop! Get him off me! I just want him to leave me alone. As if beating an unarmed young woman didn't thrill him enough, the man reached through her flimsy skirt, and took her stuffed pink Hello Kitty. He took off with her purse into the night. The bloodied and battered whore crawled out into the streets.

"Help!" she cried. "Stop him! He's got my purse! Stop him!"

Elsewhere, Anna made it back to Kimoto Manor. Dead silence floated in the dark as she closed the door behind her. Seita and Yoko-chan must already be asleep, she thought. The woman took off her shoes in the doorway and walked down the hall. She slipped into the bathroom, got undressed, and turned on the shower. As the hot water ran over her shapely body, Anna's mind wandered back to Tsuzuki. He still hadn't called her back. Did something happen to him? Her heart began to ache. Asato-kun, where are you?

The silence came back when she cut the water off. Anna stepped out and wrapped a white towel around her body. Suddenly, an icy breath hit her nape. She whirled around with a gasp. Violet eyes stared deep into her greenish-brown ones. Anna backed up, catching her breath.

"Asato-kun?" she asked. "Is that you?"

"Yes," Tsuzuki answered. "I am here." Anna's heart leapt wildly.

"Where've you been?" she asked. "You haven't called or been to work. Did something happen?" Tsuzuki didn't answer her. He closed the door behind him.

"Anna-chan, you are so beautiful," he said in a low voice. Anna blinked at the creepiness in his words.

"I'm flattered, but what's going on with you?" she said. Tsuzuki stepped closer to her. She saw no warmth in his eyes. They looked cold and dead in fact. His face came within inches of hers.

"So beautiful," he whispered. "I want to show my love to you right now."

"Show your love? What are you talking about?" she snapped. The way he said that made her blood run cold. Tsuzuki pushed her up against the bathroom wall and forced a kiss on her lips. Anna tried to push him off.

"Asato-kun! What's gotten into you?" she cried. "You're scaring me! Where the hell have you?!" She tried to leave, but the shinigami grabbed her wrist. Anna tried to pull away.

"Let me go!" she screamed. Tsuzuki shook his head.

"But I want to show you my love," he said. Anna's eyes widened in fear as he pushed her down to the bathroom floor.

"Asato-kun, no! No!" she cried out. Her cries fell on deaf ears, however. Tsuzuki sank to his knees over her and ripped open her towel. He unzipped his trousers and slid them down. Anna found herself unable to move. My body… so heavy. My body feels so heavy.

Tsuzuki slid down his boxers and pushed her pale thighs apart.

The temple had been vacant for three days. The priest went on retreat. So far, the temple had been untouched and still looked fresh. However, the goddesses felt lonely without him.

One night, a thief broke into the pristine temple. He only had one motive tonight in the pitch blackness. He whipped out a bat and smashed up the glass walls and cases. He used a knife to cut up the sandalwood frames. The knife cut up the velvet pink curtains and the rice white screen doors. He knocked the cased oil down all over the altar. The thief bagged all of the goddesses' fine treasures.

Finally, he came to the holy pool. The thief beheld such cool water.

"Wow," he murmured. He slid open the glass and dripped his fingers inside. Like a savage bear, he drank up as if it would be his last drink. When drinking wasn't enough, the thief stripped down and took a bath. He relaxed in an endless sea of water. Best that he ever had.

After his bath, the thief redressed and abandoned the ruined temple.

Tsuzuki sat up, panting. His cold, violet eyes trailed down to his beloved. Anna lied lay before him on her towel, naked and catatonic. He reached forward and pushed aside her loose strands from her pale face.

"Oh Anna-chan, you are so beautiful," he said. He kissed her again on the lips. Tsuzuki reached forward and wrapped the towel around her body.

"I'll cover you up so you'll have your dignity when they find you," he whispered. The shinigami sat Anna up against the back wall and kissed her on the lips once more.

"Farewell," he whispered. Tsuzuki disappeared into the night.

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