Dark was the Night

Chapter Thirty-Two: Dark was the Night:

He swung a beautiful on string between his fingers.

"He proposed and she said yes," he said. "A simple man and his bride-to-be, but, no one really knows it.

"No, this has to be a secret. She's supposed to be a permanent resident in Meifu, but what's this? She's back from the dead? Yet, how can this be? A taboo. Yes, a taboo.

"The Hell Stone. Just a small, round gem that brings back the dead. Not without its flaws, however. This stone takes years to make. Years most cannot afford, but an old fox manipulated his way six years ago to have one especially for her. The fox used him to bring her back from the dead.

"As predicted, they fell for each other. Very passionate, she missed the rain and he gave it to her. Yet, not many wanted this. One tried to break them up and failed. Another is still heartbroken, but paradise was limited.

"Enter the Heaven stone. This pearl white gem extends life, but not without a price. Many do not survive, but she survived and a core was born.

"Now, they plan to marry. Yet, there are some problems. Exposure is the main one. The others are tolerant of the relationship. They don't want it, but what can they do? Fate is keeping them together." He couldn't help but chuckle at such a notion. "Heh, if you believe in that sort of thing.

"However, think. What would happen if this secret engagement would get out? They won't have them married. The king himself would cancel her core if it came down to it.

"He does not want that for her. So, they keep mum until after they marry. However, there is more.

"What if she holds the Mother Kitsune of the murderous Eda-Kimoto clan? Now that would bring shame and scandal to all the shinigami. Him being married to the mother of the enemy. They really don't want that."

He stopped swinging the ring. "That's where I come in. So easy to pull off. I threatened to take her to Dai-Oh and cracked just like that."

He snickered to himself. "I can actually see her kitsune. I know where the Mother is. Are they connected?"

He smirked over the ring. "I'll let them figure it out. Why should I talk? They won't listen to me. Why? Well, I am an angel and a devil. I am both yet I am neither. Only two people know of my true nature. Asmodeus and God himself.

"So why am I in Heaven? Interesting question. I'm there under surveillance. Feared in Hell, not trusted in Heaven. God watches my every move. He's watching me right now, but what do they do with me? Nothing. Yeah, I said that right and let me tell you why. It's two reasons really. One, they don't know what to do with me. I may not fully remember when I was alive, but I know what I have done. So, they just leave me alone. There is another reason, but…"

He placed the ring in his sleeve. "That's another story in itself. I don't have the time to tell it all."

He drew out a syringe needle and placed it deep into her arm. "Right now, I have work to do. The finale is on its way. Show time." He packed up his kit and headed out the door.

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