Chapter Thirty-Three: Wasteland:

A dry, hot wind touched her cheek. She drew open her eyes with regret. Black and grey nothingness of sand and space. She looked down at herself. No chains this time and wearing the same dress from the dinner party.

Where… am I? She slowly sat up for a better look. Another rough wind blew overheard. No sun, but it looked violently bright. She squinted for a better look. Her mind flooded with questions. Is this a desert? A third wind hit her body. She took in heavy breaths. The hot air felt so thin. Suddenly, some flew in her ear. She froze.

"Hm?" she asked. The wind lingered there heavy for a minute. She frowned to herself.

"Oh," she said. "He wants me to cross through this hell." She choked back a sarcastic laugh.

"He's kidding, right?" she asked. "There's nothing here!" A fourth wind hit her hard. She tried to stay still. The wind's pressure blew harder. She tightly shut her eyes.

"Fine! I'll go!" she barked. She pushed herself to her feet.

"Whoa!" she said as she struggled to keep her balance. Why are my feet so heavy? She looked down at her ankles. No shoes or chains this time. She blinked twice.

"There's nothing there," she said. "There's nothing there! Oh boy." Another wind pushed at her.

"Okay, okay!" she said. She began her long walk out of the maze. Black sand everywhere. She looked around the empty canvas. Not even a single plant in sight. More and more sand ahead. The harsh wind kept her moving.

"What are you plotting now?" she asked. "Can't be any worse than what you put me through already." Chatter filled her head. She glanced around, but no one was there. She shook her head to herself.

"Snap out of it! He's messing with you! Stay focused and get out of here!" she told herself. She breathed in the thin air.

Right… She pushed herself to keep walking across the numbing sand. With each step, the air became thinner, dried, and hotter. She fought to stay conscious.

"I must not give in! I won't let him win!" she yelled. Within moments, her vision became blurry. Despite staggering around in her trail, she fought to stay upwards.

When did it get so hot here? She shook her head to stay focused. How long is this desert? Soon, hope came. Up ahead stood a big open white and black sliding door. A smile came onto face.

"I see it! I see it!" she cried. "I can see the exit!" She began to run the long distance to the exit, to her freedom. However as she did, the air grew thinner and hotter, crushing her, making her dizzy. Still, she kept running.

"I can do this! I can do this! I can do this!" she said over and over again. Sadly when she got to the door, the heat overpowered her. She passed out through the opening into…

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