Come Back Home

Chapter Thirty-Six: Come Back Home:

"Alright," Tatsumi said. "What do you have for us?" Watari turned to him, grinning.

"Behold," he said. The scientist held up a picture, grinning. Tatsumi gave it an odd look.

"What… is that?" he asked. Watari grinned at his latest drawing. He drew a stick figure with wings and a halo.

"A way to get them both out!" he bragged.

"How?" Tatsumi asked.

"With your help, of course."


"Your shadows will blast this little angel to them."

"But, how will that work?"

Watari grinned at him. "Don't ask questions. We don't have much else."

Tatsumi threw up his hands. "Fine."

"You'll love this!" Watari bragged. His attention turned to Hisoka.

"Don't worry, Bon," he said. "We'll get them back." Hisoka gave him a stern nod. Watari placed the picture on the ground. The scientist drew in a breath.

"Okay," he said. He placed his hand over the page. The angel stick figure began to glow. Tatsumi stepped forward and summoned a shadow. The angel came to life and vanished. All three guys watched.

"Now what?" Hisoka asked.

"We wait," Watari said. "Watch and wait." They teleported back to Anna's room. However, Watari's pixie needed assistance in her trip to Anna's mind. Maybe a little Fuda magic? Coming up!

Kanji swallowed up the pixie, not in a violent way, but like a protective mother. The agent smiled to herself.

"Oh, so this is where you've been," she said. She smiled to herself.

"That's why I'm here," she said. "Now hang on. We're going to be flying!" The pixie sped up like a rocket.

"Thanks for the boost, by the way," she said. "Just lead the path!" The agent nodded.

"Got ya!" she said. "Yeah."

"Whoa! Easy then. We'll get her out just fine. After all, you've got Watari and them helping us."

"That's right. You're message got through just fine."

"Don't worry, we know you're innocent. Left or right?"


"She's still alive, but barely. We have to hurry." Both flew through the narrowing tunnel. She could hear her heart beating.

"Can you hear her still?" the agent asked. "You have to try!"

"Do it for her sake! Anna needs you right now!"

"Now, do you hear her?"

"Good. We're almost there. Hang on tight!" The agent flew right into the eyes of the storm. The white swallowed them whole.

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