Angel Lips

Chapter Thirty-Seven: Angel Lips:

A hazy whisper in the white filled her eyes. She quickly opened her eyes. Oh, is he calling me again? No… This is different.

Who are you?

"I came to get you."

Her lips curved into a crooked smile. Oh, is he killing me now?


Oh, for another one of his little games?


Then, what?

"I'm taking you home."

She gave the nothingness a funny look. Huh?

"I'm here to take you home."


"You don't belong here. I'm taking you back to your friends. Back to Tsuzuki."

She tried not to laugh. To the Asato that's trying to kill me?

"That's not Tsuzuki."

Her eyes filled with shock. What?

"The man here is not your Tsuzuki."

What are you talking about? Then, who is he? Suddenly, a playful warmth covered her lips. She stopped short with wide eyes as the truth blasted her mind like a shotgun. It all made sense. Of course! The heat slowly drew back.

"Now do you see?" he asked.

"Yes…" she said. "But…"

"But, what?" the pixie asked.

"I know this isn't a trap, but… how do I get out of here?"

"Just follow us."

"I can't even get up."


"But I can't!"

"We will help you. Give us your hands. Please try. Try!"

She drew in a small breath. Suddenly, she felt her arms lifting up inch by inch. Two strong, loving hands pulled her to her feet. The invisible chains fell from her ankles. She even felt her body begin to heal internally as a warmth tingled within her.

"Ready to go?"

She nodded. "Get me out of here!" A door slid open in the endless white. She walked along the forming steps as if in a daze. The cold drew her closer to the open space. She crossed through and the door drew shut behind her. She awoke in the darkness lying at his feet.

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