Chapter Five: Serpent:

She hanged there limp, body full of cuts. He licked up the rest of the blood on the knife. Another hungry sensation fills him. He walks over to her. His fingers find her soft bare skin.

"You are so good," he whispered. "Really good." He paused. "Hm? What's that?" He leaned in close to her ear. "What did you say?"


He pulled back some. "Why what?"

She slowly drew up her head. "Why are you doing this to me, Asato-kun?"

"Why am I doing this?"


He smirked at her. His hands found her breasts. He licked her nape. "You are so beautiful." Kiss to the nape. "I love everything about you." Lick to the wounds. "Mmm, so warm. So beautiful." She whimpered at his touch. It only aroused him deeper. "Mmm, so attractive."


He paused. "What?" She took in heavy breaths to keep herself conscious. Another sharp stab to her back. She only whimpered this time. He drew the knife to her waistline. His breath quickened. "Oh yes! I want to fuck you so badly!"

"No, please!"

He paused and gave her a sharp glare. "You telling me no?"

"No more."

"Are you telling me no?"

"Please stop, Asato-kun!"

Lust and wrath tangle together inside of him. "Bitch!" He picks up a baseball bat out the thin air and smacks her across the abdomen. She gasped out and fainted. Her mind just collapsed to all of that he had done to her in round one. She tried to keep herself strong through all of the dancing of the knife on her skin, but the pain and burning oil overpowered her brain. He shakes his head.

"That set-up was getting boring anyway." He cuts her down and drags her down the hall.

Anna lied lay in a bed in the hospital. The nurse talked to the crew in the hallway.

"What's wrong with her?" Lucy asked. The nurse shook her head, but her face remained impassive.

"We haven't seen anything like it," she said. "Everything looks normal, but she's unresponsive."

"Is there a reason why?" Rihoko asked. The nurse shook her head.

"We'll still running the tests," she said. "But, we will keep you posted."

"Thank you ma'am," Emiko said. The nurse headed down the hall.

The shinigami came over to the hospital after Rihoko explained to them what happened on the phone. Originally, they tried to call Anna, hoping to find out if he had contacted her. Instead, Rihoko picked up the phone and here they were. Somehow, Anna's state and Tsuzuki's disappearance linked together.

"Anyone heard from Tsuzuki?" Tatsumi asked. Not a single person gave an affirmative answer. The shinigami knew something was off. Tatsumi looked over at Watari.

"Do a scan on Anna, ASAP," he whispered.

"I'm on it," the blonde scientist replied.

Anna drew open her eyes to a white background. The pain drummed on in her head.

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