Chapter Seven: Baise-Moi:

Burning red jasmine oil.

She slowly draws her eyes open. Everything around her feels like it's underwater. The smell made her sick to her stomach. Almost too sweet for her to take. She groaned in a groggy tone. The tiny flame in the dish mocked her. Her chest heaved with each deep breath. It was then a realization came over her.

The oil's keeping me weak, she thought.

"That's right, my love," a cold voice told her. Her eyes dragged forward. He stood before the bed. She tried to lift her head for a better view. He sat down on the bed.

"What to know why?" he asked. "Okay then. I use the flowers of Persephone. The juice in the petals provide a sedative effect when inhaled." He pushed some hair out of her eyes. "Look at you. So sweet, so defenseless. I almost what to take pity on you." He smirked as he sat up. "Almost." He noticed her lips moving. "Hm? What did you say?" he asked. He leaned in close to her lips.

"Monster…" she mumbled. "You monster." He sneered at her. She waits to be stuck again, but he does no such thing. Instead, he smirked and snickered.

"So beautiful," he said. He forces another kiss on her lips. Bitter honey filled her mind. She gagged in his mouth as he forced his tongue in hers. She would have fought him off of her, but he had her chained down to the bed. Instead, she bit down onto his tongue, sending him reeling back in pain. He gritted his teeth as he snorted. Yet, he did not attack. He sat back and smirked.

"You know what?" he asked. "I want to fuck you after all." Her eyes burned with fear and loathing. She wanted to express her hate to him in some way. She wished she could spit in his face. She couldn't form the words that she wanted at that very moment.

He unzipped his trousers and pulled them down. No warmth existed on his face. Just nothing. No, that's not true, is it? Something did exist in those soulless violet eyes. Malice in guise of love, a dark, twisted love.

He slid down his boxers and climbed on top. His lips curved into a hungry grin.

The temple still looked trashed from three nights before. The scented oil soaked the white, marble floor. All of the wooden cravings knocked in the puddles. All of the tapestry and paintings slashed. The incense and candles littered the altar. The pool still had the thief's traces in it. The goddesses tried to pick up the pieces, but failed. A flower-like poison had leaked into their home. The toxic had weakened them all to the point that they couldn't move. Their beloved priest hadn't returned.

But then, footsteps came. The thief had returned. He came looking for more blood. What more could he want? He already robbed the temple once. There wasn't much left to be destroyed. The pool still hadn't been cleaned.

The thief looked around and smirked. He only had one goal tonight. The thief walked over to the violated pool. The water felt the agony from his menacing presence. The Goddesses cried out for him to stop, but their voices choked out into silence. Not like he would listen anyway.

Once the thief disrobed, he climbed into the abnormally heated water. His mind tried to grasp this phenomenon. Nothing heats the water. It always stays clean in his eyes. The taste even had a desirable quality to it. The thief developed an obsession with figuring everything out about this mysterious water after the first bath. Ever since then, it haunted his dreams. He had to have more.

The thief dove deep into the holy water. The heated rapture overtook him as he shut his eyes. He felt as if his soul started leaving his body. His heart went into double-time.

I can hear it singing to me, he thought. The thief put his hands to his chest. Come to me! Come to me! Suddenly, his body became lighter as he floated to the surface.

When he opened his eyes, the thief smiled to himself. Perfect, he thought. Then, he climbed out of the pool and went so sleep on the ruined marble floor.

She laid there limp like a little ragdoll in chains. He sat up over her before leaning down to her ear.

"I'll leave you time to think about how good that was," he whispered. He patted her on the head and left her with the burning poison flower scent in the room.

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