Circle of Fire

Chapter Nine: Circle of Fire:

Two long, thin metal needles over a fire.

The burning jasmine scent made her think of throwing up. She knew that she was virtually powerless because of it. He would keep burning this oil just to have his "fun" with her. She laughed to herself.

"Oh lovely," she said. "Are you coming to cut me again?" He smirked to himself in the darkness.

"No," he said. He walked over to the oven. The warm glow flashed over his dead violet eyes. He took a moment to breathe in the smoke. The sensation built up in his chest. His lips curved into a little, sick smile. The heat didn't faze him as he picked up the needle. He didn't react to the burning in his hand. It would heal up anyway. Good thing a shinigami had the ability.

"Actually," he said with his eyes glued to the heated glowing metal. "I want to play a new game." She tried to glance behind her from where she hung. She opened her mouth to ask with sarcasm in her voice.

Hiss! She drew in a sharp mouthful of air. The point made contact with her left hip. The sound of sizzling flesh sent little shivers down his spine. He panted like a savage dog at such beauty. The needle began its slow dance down her thigh. He could hear his heart pounding up to his ear drums. He let the heat inside his body build up brick by brick when he paused at her knee.

She took in a deep breath to keep from screaming out. I will not give him the satisfaction!

"Deeper, deeper!" he sang to himself. The heated tip turned into the soft skin. She clenched her teeth tighter. The needle now stood in her hip proud and straight. He drew back his shaking hand.

"Wow! That was better than I thought!" He had to swallow back some drool. I want more! He drew out the other needle from the fire. The sizzling of hot metal against human flesh sounded better than any etenraku even played in heaven. His own bodily heat spread down to his member in a crawl. The smell of burning teased his nose. Not yet. He turned back to his hanging doll. She waited for the pain. His loving hand grabbed her russet locks in a bunch.

Hiss! The heated point met the top of her nape. His lips curved into a pretty, smile.

"This is better than cutting," he muttered. Then, he wanted to try something out. He licked his lips at the idea. Sparks lit up in his brain.

"Deeper, deeper, deeper!" he sang again. Her breath quickened as she felt the long hot needle twisting into her skin. Another chill came down his spine when the tip hit the bone. This opened the door for more.

His hand grasped the needle. Oh yeah! He heard the sizzling in his loving hand. His member awoke in his pants, wanting in on the action.

Not yet! "Deeper, deeper, deeper!" he sang again. Only this time, he dragged the needle down her spine in a long, vertical line. The tip nearly touched the bone. She sucked in a big old mouthful of air as she closed her eyes in an attempt to block out the pain. He didn't do it in one go, mind you. He took the liberty of going inch by inch. The sizzling and cutting made his heart jump. His heavy breath hit her scarred up back. His eyes glazed over with hunger. The torpedo turned harder.

The needle stopped above her ass. She opened her eyes. Over, right? Another sharp pain got her as he ripped out the needle. She could hear him grinning now, but the game's not finished. Another idea came into his head. He chanted an incantation into the second needle and yanked out the first one. Both of them heated up to Hell's fire in seconds.

"Why aren't you using the oven?" She asked through gritted teeth. He looked at her through the needle in the foreground.

"Oh, just for show," he said, nonchalantly. Yes! The sizzling in his hands made his hard-on ache. Just a little bit longer. The first needle met with her waistline.

Don't scream out! Don't scream out! Don't scream out! The needle began its slow dance along her back. She breathed in harder. He traced along the scars on her back.

"I wonder," he spoke up. "Which part is the most sensitive?" He dragged the needle from her shoulder to her mid back.

"I'm curious to find out," he said.

"I'm not telling you!" she snapped.

"That's okay," he said. He traced the needle back to her lower back. "It'll be more fun to find out!" He heated up the needles even hotter in his hands. Both pressed into her lower back. This time, she cracked. She let out a loud cry in the emptiness. A twisted grin appeared on his lovely face.

"Yes!" he cried. "That's it! Scream for me!" He dragged the needles around to the front. Sizzling against the skin made his mouth water. The caged beast wanted food now! I… I… I can't help myself! He unzipped his trousers. She shut her eyes at the sound.

Oh shit! She could imagine what could come next. The needles danced down her cleavage to her abdomen.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" he yelled. "Scream for me again, my slut!" One needle treaded along her left breast. His knee pushed her shapely thighs apart. The needles danced down to her abdomen. The beast must eat now! The beast must eat now! The cool demeanor he had slowly began to crackle away with the fire in his hands.

The needles danced down to her inner thighs. They weren't light on the trip either. No, no, no! He pressed in with all of his being. Pretty deep too. Her voice crying out drove him to push in deeper. He drooled over her whimpering. This led to another idea piggy backing on another. He smirked to himself and licked his lips.

The needles moved to her right thigh. She tried not to scream out. The chains around her wrists only made it even worse. But not as worse as…

He pushed her legs even further apart. Time now to feed the beast. He drew out his member against the deep burns in right thigh. She winced at the burning pressure. The first needle found her breasts again. The point dug into the skin. But yet, that didn't do enough at this point. One more little thing to set it all off. The other needle trailed down her cleavage again and stopped at her navel. He smirked as he slowly drew it away for a few seconds.

Five. Four. Three. Two. One!

Stab! The needle kissed her belly button. Even worse, she gasped in pain as she felt him drive it deep inwards. Not in one go, either. He drove it in inch by inch. He licked along her nape.

"I wonder," he said in a pant. "How far in will this go to spine? Shall we find out?" She whimpered something incoherent aloud. He leaned in close to her lips.

"No?" he asked.

"Go to hell!" she forced out. He gritted his teeth as he sped up down below.

"That. Is. Not. Very. Lady. Like. Of. You. Now. Is. It?" he asked in fiery temper as he worked himself up against her the healing wound in her inner thighs. As he spoke each word, the needle went in inch by inch. She gave it her all not to scream, but the last inch proved too much for her. Her voice drove him to the brink of ecstasy.

At the climax, he drew back panting. She hung there limp like a little rag doll. He smirked at this work. She was still conscious, but half out of it.

"That's it for this round," he said. He unchained her and took her into another room. Two rounds and she still refused to fold under. This is more fun than I expected, he thought. Time to bring out more damaging toys into the game.

Set up for the next round.

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