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Bloody Mary


A horrorful romantic experience

Horror / Thriller
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Chapter 1

I was only twelve when I first met the love of my life. Her name was Mary, she was the epitome of elegance and beauty, her eyes were as beautiful as a black pearl, the glistening of her eyes were so mesmerizing that even the finest of diamond were put to shame, she had smooth black hair which was even darker than the black, her cute lovely smile were heavenly.

She lived deep in the forest alone as she had no family and relatives. Everyday she comes to our village to buy her meals and for other necessities, the villagers treated her like their own daughter, I always used to sit under the banyan tree with my friends to watch her, I always wished to talk to her but I was just too shy, just thinking about her gave me butterflies in my belly.

One evening as I was passing my time thinking about her i suddenly heard a knock on the door, I went and opened the door just to find my neighbor breathing heavily, I asked her what happened? She said that her daughter Shelia didn’t come back till now and asked weather my little sister was home and knew anything about her whereabouts. I called out my sister to ask about Shelia, she said that they were playing together today near the forest. The word about the missing girl got spread throughout the village.

It got so dark that everyone in the village got worried about the girl and started searching for her. It was almost past two and they still didn’t find her, the very next day people from my village went to search for her again but she was nowhere to be found. Everyone in the village confirmed that she was nowhere to be found.

Few days later I saw Mary headed towards the village shop, i almost forgot about her because of the commotion on the village. Then an idea struck my mind, I thought about asking her about the missing girl which will give me an opportunity to talk to her. I mustered my courage and talked to her, listening to her sweet voice made me forget about the missing girl incident which I was about to ask her, when she saw me standing there spell bounded she started giggling.

I then asked her about the missing girl, she said she didn’t no anything about it until today as she was sick for the past few days. She then said she had some errands to run and she started walking as she walked past me she said that it was fun talking with me and lets talk some more soon.

Those words made my day and I was overjoyed as it was the best day of my life.

I went back home as the sun was almost about to set, my mom told that my little sister didn’t come back till now and that she was worried.

I went to the playground in search for her, but all the children’s left already. I went to most of her friends house asking about her, they all said she left early today. I went back home and said about this to my mother, after hearing about this my mother started panicking. We went and told this to our near by neighbors, they all helped with the search but she was nowhere to be found. Few of the villagers went into the forest to search for my sister, they searched every part of the forest and still she was nowhere to be found. I searched throughout the forest for my sister until I saw a piece of cloth and some blood trails, I followed the blood trail and reached a small house. I saw a light coming out through the window of that house, i tried peeking inside the house to check what was inside.

The things I saw inside the house almost traumatized me, I saw Mary sitting there and cleaning herself with blood, a dead body was lying next to her and it was none other than my own sister. After seeing the horrible sight I shouted for help, the villagers who were still nearby came running towards me and asked what happened, I pointed my finger towards the house. The villagers went inside the house and saw blood all over the place and two dead bodies. The villagers recognized that the bodies were of the two missing children’s, they saw Mary trying to escape through the back door, one of the villagers immediately chased after her with an axe and slashed her from behind. The back of her throat got a deep cut and she fell on the floor of her room. She started bleeding heavily, the villagers left her to die there and carried me back to the village, they took the two dead bodies back to the village to give them a proper burial.

After I recovered almost three weeks passed, as i was passing through the village I overheard people talking about why Mary killed the little children’s. They said before coming to this village she killed around seven children’s in a village to the west, they said she used the blood of young children to make her skin look beautiful and smooth. Later on I went to the place where Mary lived and found out that her house was burned down. I went inside the house and checked all over the place and found the room where she was killed. Her dressing mirror was still intact even though her house was almost burned, I then suddenly heard a sound saying “CURSE YOU ALL” when I turned to check where the sound was coming from I saw the mirror turning red color and Mary standing there bleeding.

-In the present times it is said that if you enter your washroom at midnight with a lighted candle and chant the name bloody Mary three times by looking at the mirror, then you can see Mary’s ghost in the mirror. It is said some people have died or got severely injured after they tried this act.

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