Velvet Divorce

See Me!

Chapter Eleven: See Me!:


Fukuda Jun; he's been there for me since we were eight. He's the only boy who notices me. I met him after I met Sayako.

Sayako-chan was sick with the flu that day. I went out to the playground alone. I did what I normally did before I met Sayako. The other kids looked so happy playing with their friends. I had always dreamt of playing along with them, but I didn't know how to interact with other kids. That's when I met him.

Jun was a skinny kid then, just like he is now. He still had those glasses too. He had lost something then. I think it was a cat or maybe a puppy. I can't fully remember, but that's how he approached me.

"Excuse me," I heard him say. "Can you help me?" I thought I was hearing things at first. I looked and saw this skinny boy with a round face and big glasses. I have to admit that he did look rather cute.

"Huh?" I asked.

"I lost my pet," he said. "Can you help me find him?" I didn't know what it was about him then, but I felt so close to him without trying. I rose to my feet before him.

"Okay," I said. That boy smiled at me.

"Thank you," he said with a bow. We went off to find his pet. I don't remember if we found it or not. I didn't care to be honest; I was just happy to have a new friend. From there, Sayako, Jun, and I became close friends.

However, I have a problem now. I have come to love Jun, love him with every breath of my being. He… I lowered my head at my desk. Jun doesn't see me that way. He has eyes for Sayako-chan. Normally, I wouldn't mind, but I can't ignore it this time. Jun is in danger and if he goes out with Sayako…

I shook my head, trembling. No! I don't want Jun-kun to die! I… I… I love him too much for that! I buried my head in my hands. What am I going to do? He won't listen to me about Sayako anymore. She's an angel in his eyes. Nothing negative about her will get through. It's not just that. Even if Sayako-chan was out of the picture, someone else would try and steal Jun-kun away from me! I stared up at my ceiling.

I don't know; I just don't want to end up invisible to Jun-kun as well. I'm tired of being unnoticed. It was okay before that night Sayako came to my room. Now, I can't risk losing Jun-kun to Sayako or death! I lowered my head on my school desk.

I don't know what to do.

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