Velvet Divorce


Chapter Seventeen: Ceasefire:

This couldn't go on; something had to give, Hotaru knew and Emiko knew as well. Yet, neither one wanted to do the kissing up.

Hotaru sat alone in the living room. Her fingers caressed the soft cotton of her black teddy bear's face. She stared at the blank, white button eyes, and sighed aloud.

"What will we do?" the loli demon asked. She looked down the hall. Pitch black tonight. Everyone's already asleep, she thought. She looked up at the ceiling. Emiko… Hotaru started to hate sleeping alone now. Cuddling next to a sleeping Emiko outside of the sheets didn't help. She missed the warmth and love. This mess could end now. It only took two little words.

Hotaru shook her head. No! Why am I always the one to apologize? Not this time! Let her apologize to me for a change! It was her fault! The loli demon paused. I don't even remember our fight. Her mind got lost in thought. Nothing came into her head; no reason for a fight at least. The loli Goth sighed. This is stupid. What was she doing? Why was she in the living room and not in bed making love to her girlfriend? Why was she holding out again? Hotaru sighed and dropped her shoulders.

This is dumb. Hotaru looked down the hall again. Like I have a choice? She got up and walked down the hall. Each step got heavier and heavier. Suddenly, a tiny light up ahead caught her attention. A puzzled look came over her face.

Hm? What's the light doing on? Hotaru looked into the open crack of the door. Emiko sat up in bed when she noticed her. Hotaru started to back away.

"You can come in," her girlfriend said in a low voice. The loli demon stayed put at first. Should I go in?

"Come in if you're going to come in!" Emiko said quickly.

"Okay, okay!" Hotaru said. "Geez, you don't have to be so pushy!" She pushed open the door and went inside. Emiko kept her eyes focused on her.

"What?" she asked. Hotaru stood before her. Her girlfriend eyed her.

"Well, what do you want?" she asked. "Speak!" Hotaru frowned.

"Don't rush me!" she barked. Emiko pulled back as her girlfriend frowned.

"This is hard, you know," the loli demon said.

"I know," her girlfriend replied.

Hotaru breathed out. "This is stupid."


The loli demon shuffled her feet. "I miss your bed."


"I can help you with Daisuke's notes."


Hotaru pressed her lip together as she clenched her fists. "I love you, okay? Let's just stop fighting and talk again. I don't even remember why we were even fighting anymore. This is just stupid. Let's just end this crap, okay?"

Emiko said nothing when she pulled back her sheets to let the loli Goth demon in. Hotaru walked over and crawled in.

"Thank you," she said. Emiko's stoic face didn't change.

"We'll translate tomorrow," she said. "It'll go faster with us working together." Hotaru nodded, but paused.

"Emiko-sama," she said.

"Hm?" her girlfriend asked.

"What were we even fighting about?" Hotaru rested her head on her shoulder. Emiko tried to think of an answer. She finally shook her head.

"No idea," she said. "I think you wanted to bring your zoo into our room." Hotaru shrugged as she drew her eyes closed. What did it matter anymore?

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