Velvet Divorce


Chapter Eighteen: Unseen:

I don't want to be invisible anymore.

Bright lights everywhere lit up the room. Hisoka watched everyone from the bar. Tsuzuki left him alone tonight. To the boy's surprise, it didn't piss him off at all. It was annoying, but not too painful anymore. He should have known when Tsuzuki took off after his phone buzzed. Thanatos had to go and ruin everything.

No use complaining, though; Hisoka had work to do. The music in Kiko's pounded in the air. The boy frowned at his surroundings. What's so great about this place? However, Hisoka wasn't here for the party.

His eyes scanned the room. Sayako always brought dates to this place. The gossip at school proved useful. Hisoka looked down the bar. Princess Sayako sat in all of her popular glory. She looked more alive than she did on the first day of school, but Hisoka didn't buy it.

Sayako's real emotions were blank, DOA. Hisoka couldn't figure it out. How is she even alive like this? He stared at the ice queen. Hisoka could only see the endless black hole in her soul, could see nothing at all except this through that perky facade. She wasn't alone tonight; another boy sat next to the all-mighty ice queen. He had his arm around her shoulders, kissing her neck. Sayako giggled at the sensation.

That's the next victim, Hisoka thought. He had to rescue him from being victim number fifteen. However, Hisoka noticed that the couple wasn't alone tonight. Naomi and Jun sat with them. Hisoka focused on the second girl. Naomi didn't even look at her friend. The young shinigami found an instant opening. Her overwhelming emotions drew him deeper. She rose and walked out the door. As if under a spell, Hisoka followed behind.

The clear outside snapped him awake. The boy looked around and found that Naomi had disappeared. Where did she go? Soft clicks caught his ears. Hisoka jerked his head upwards as heated sparks died while they tried to light a fresh cigarette between Naomi's lips.

"Damn it!" she cussed to herself each time. "Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!" The sparks kept dying without success.

"You know it's illegal for you to do that," a voice told her. "You have to wait three more years." Naomi turned to see Hisoka staring at her.

"Like I have a choice," she mumbled, frowning. "I might as well. No one will notice me anyway."

"I notice you," Hisoka said. Naomi froze and lowered the cigarette.

"You're the guy who collapsed after the assembly, aren't you?" she asked.

"Yes," Hisoka replied.

Naomi made a puzzled face at him. "Why are you here? I never pegged you as someone who would go to a place like this."

"I could ask you the same thing."

Naomi lowered her eyes. "Oh, Sayako-chan and Jun-kun dragged me along."

"Dragged you along?"

"Yeah, Sayako-chan comes here every night."

Hisoka tilted his head. "You don't sound happy about it."

Naomi smiled and shook her head. "Oh, she's more of a party girl. I just stay home and study."

Hisoka shook his head. "That's not it, is it?" Naomi froze up as she felt herself shudder. Instinct told her to run, but where to? Hisoka's eyes held her in place. He didn't seem to want to let her go. What should I do? She couldn't tell him the real truth about her best friend.

"Well…" The cigarette pinched between her fingers. "Yeah…"

Hisoka watched her closely. "What is it?" The sorrow from her soul leaked into him. Naomi's eyes matched her pain.

"It's Jun-kun," she admitted.

"What about him?" he asked. Naomi's cheeks turned cotton candy pink. It didn't take much for Hisoka to figure it out.

"Oh," he said. "Are you in love with him?" Naomi nodded as Hisoka began to think a little more.

"And he doesn't notice you?" he asked. Naomi winced; it hurt to hear the truth.

"Why?" the boy asked.

Naomi dropped her head. "Sayako-chan."

"What?" Hisoka asked.

Naomi's eyes welled up with tears. "He loves Sayako-chan." She grabbed onto Hisoka in desperation.

The boy struggled to get away. Her sadness is drowning me! Naomi looked up at him with big, teary eyes.

"It's always about her!" she cried. "Sayako! Sayako! Sayako! He doesn't give a damn about me!" Hisoka blinked at her.

"You were that close?" he asked.

"Yes!" she cried. "We knew each other since we were eight!" Naomi broke down crying on his shoulder. It was then Hisoka began to see the truth.

He began to see that night. Blood, so much blood clouded his vision. Hisoka tried to grasp the whole story. The scenes moved too quickly; all he could see was blood and corpses.

What is this?

Naomi blinked at him. "Endo-kun?" she asked. "Endo-kun, what's wrong?" His mind flooded with pain and guilt. The waves became too much on his brain. Hisoka violently pushed her away. Naomi blinked, bewildered.

"Endo-kun?" she asked. "What's going on?" She reached out to Hisoka, but he backed away.

"Stay away from me!" he cried.

"Hisoka?" she asked. The boy ran away from her. Naomi lowered her hand and looked down at the fresh cigarette pressed between her fingers.

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