Velvet Divorce


Chapter Twenty-One: Unfolded:

Jun stepped outside of Kiko's and dialed a familiar number. He paced around as the other line rang.

"Come on," he mumbled. "Pick up. Pick up."

"Hello?" a woman asked on the other line Jun's face looked puzzled.

"Uh… Can I speak to Naomi-chan?" he asked

"Jun-kun?" the woman asked.

It hit the boy about who it was on the phone "Niwa-san? Where's Naomi-chan?"

"In the back of an ambulance with me!" Anna yelled, and Jun's eyes shot wide.

"What?" he shouted.

"Yeah," Anna barked. "She tried to commit suicide tonight!"

"Is she… still alive?"

"Barely! It was lucky that I was passing by in the park! Otherwise, she would be in a body bag right now!"

"Which hospital are you heading to now?"

"Komoi Nishi!"

Jun nodded "I'll be right there!" This is all my fault.

It took close to an hour and thirty minutes to get to the hospital. Jun burst through the doors, panting.

"Excuse me!" he blurted out as he rushed over to the front desk. "Which room is Isobe-chan in?"

The receptionist blinked at him. "Are you family?"

"Yes! Just tell me the room!" he yelled.

"Calm down," the lady said. "She's in the OR right now."

"When will she be out?"

"We don't know. We will let you know."

Jun lowered his shoulders. "Alright."

The receptionist narrowed her eyes at him before turning back to her computer."Take a seat."

The boy complied with low spirits. Jun looked up at the ceiling. I fucked up. The ticking clock in the background didn't help.

In an hour, a doctor came out to the waiting room. Jun quickly sat up.

"How is she?" he asked in one breath. The doc gave him a calm look.

"We had to pump her stomach," he said.

"But she'll be okay, right?"

"She's resting now."

Jun began to feel a little better. "Can I see her now?"

"Sure," the doctor said. "She's in room 213."

"Thank you," Jun said with a bow. He hurried down the hall. I really screwed up this time.

He found that Naomi wasn't alone. Anna, Tsuzuki, and Hisoka sat around her bed. They looked up when they heard footsteps. Jun stood in the doorway, blinking.

"Uh… is this a bad time?" he asked. Anna's eyes grew cold at him. "This is all your fault," they seemed to yell. Jun swallowed.

"Come on in if you want," Hisoka said. Jun shrugged and walked in. Naomi's complexion had drained to white. She looked to be dreaming, but Jun felt his stomach drop.

"I did this to her," he mumbled. The trio looked up at him.

"Sorry?" Tsuzuki asked. Tears formed in the boy's eyes as he looked down at his feet.

"I slept with her last night and then I went off with Sayako-chan tonight," Jun mumbled.

"What?" Anna asked. The boy clenched his fists tightly.

"I was drunk…" he mumbled. Jun shook his head. "No, I have no excuses. I caused this mess. I didn't think." He shook his head. "It's all my fault. It's all my fault!" Anna started to say something, but Tsuzuki stopped her by touching her hand. She eyed him, frustrated as Tsuzuki shook his head. Anna closed her mouth. Jun shuffled his feet.

"I need to make a call," he mumbled. "Is… that okay?" Jun looked over at Anna. She only huffed at him.

"Fine," she hissed. "Make your damn call." Jun breathed as he took out his phone and stepped out into the hall.

"Idiot," Anna muttered. The boys turned to her. She cut them an icy look.

"Boys like him need to be slapped!" she barked. Tsuzuki gently touched her shoulder, but she pushed him off.

"I mean look what he did to her!" the woman snapped.

"I know," Tsuzuki murmured.

"Somebody ought to kick his ass!" she yelled.

"I know," Tsuzuki repeated. "He's already beating himself about it. Don't dig it in deeper." She only sneered at her boyfriend.

"Well, well, well," a voice spoke up. "Two bounties in the same place; must be my lucky night!" The trio looked up and saw Thanatos standing in the doorway, staring at them. Tsuzuki drew out his fuda to attack. Anna narrowed her eyes at her and Eros.

"Eros, is this your partner that you warned me about?" she asked. Tsuzuki darted his head at her.

"You know him?" he asked.

"Yeah," she said. "He came to me in Tokyo and told me to give you a message."

"What message?" he asked. Anna thought about that for a moment. She shook her head.

"I think it was something about the demon and the wrong suspect," the woman replied.

"Hey!" Thanatos snapped as she stormed into the room. "Don't ignore me!" Eros patted her on the shoulder as he followed her.

"Calm down," he murmured. His girlfriend-partner took in a deep breath and smirked.

"Right," she said. The bounty hunter drew out her Dragon Tongue dagger charm necklace from under her shirt.

"We have work to do!" Thanatos said.

"That's not going to happen," Hisoka told her. "Naomi is coming with us to be judged."

"You're not taking my bounty!" the bounty hunter screamed. Eros had to hold her back in the process.

"What's going on here?" a voice asked in the hall. Everyone looked and saw Sayako and Jun walking into the room. Thanatos sneered at the ice queen.

"What's it to you?" she snapped.

"That's my friend there!" Sayako said in a commanding voice. The bounty hunter tried to hold back her laughter.

"Aw, that's too bad," she cooed. "Because she's coming with me and it's time for you to get lost!"

"Make me!" Sayako yelled.

"Fine!" the other girl snapped. Thanatos tried to push the ice queen out the door. To her surprise, Sayako was quick to fight back. Her short, painted nails scratched the bounty hunter in the cheek.

"Ow!" Thanatos screamed as she saw red. "Bitch!" She slapped the girl in the face. Sayako kneed her in the stomach. Anna and the crew watched, uneasily.

"Maybe we should stop them?" Tsuzuki asked. He started to do so when Eros held out his hand to stop him. The shinigami eyed him.

"But…" he said. The bounty hunter shook his head.

"No," Eros said. "If you break it up now, she will tear you to pieces. Let her fight this one out. Do it for me, please?"

"Ow!" they heard one of the girls scream. Everyone looked up to see Thanatos backing away, shocked. Jun watched her with big eyes.

"What did you do?" he shouted as he began backing out of the room. "What the hell are you people?" Thanatos' jaw just dropped.

"No way!" she gasped. "That's not possible! That Dragon's Tongue can't harm normal humans!" Sayako winced as her throat burned from the purified silver necklace dagger charm that had touched her skin during the struggle.

"What was that?" Sayako cried. "It burns! It burns! It burned me!" The truth became clear: Asahi Sayako had been the demon all along.

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