Velvet Divorce

Kill Night

Chapter Twenty-Three: Kill Night:


Emiko and Hotaru pulled an all-nighter tonight. They managed to get half of the rest of Daisuke's notes translated. Suddenly, Hotaru froze with the pen in her hand. Emiko looked up at her.

"Something wrong, Hoto-chan?" she asked. Her girlfriend turned to her.

"Something is coming for us all," she said.

"Ah," Emiko said. "Need to make a shield?"

"Yes," Hotaru replied.

"Okay," her girlfriend said. "Get to it." The loli demon leapt to her feet and flew out of the room. She drew out a piece of chalk and began drawing the elements in Kanji around the house. When she was finished, Hotaru chanted a spell. The circle and Kanji lit up a cool blue. Hotaru felt a wind blow through her body.

In the same hours, Sayako and Kenichi danced together in Kiko's back in Nagasaki. Feeding time loamed nearby. She leaned in close to his ear.

"I'm bored here," she whispered. "Take me out tonight." Kenichi flashed a grin up to his ears.

"Sure," he said. "Your wish is my command." The jerk took the demon possessed angel by the hand and led her out of Kiko's.

"Where do you want to go?" Kenichi whispered to Sayako outside. She thought about that for a minute. The ice queen turned to him with a grin. Her lips came close to his.

Let me show you," she whispered. Kenichi gave her an excited chuckle.

"Okay," he said. Sayako smiled and gently took his hand. They disappeared into the night.

She led him into the woods. Kenichi looked around at the dark towering trees.

"I don't get it," he said.

"Get what?" Sayako asked, innocently.

"Why are we out here?" he asked. Sayako chuckled to herself. Kenichi blinked.

"I don't get it," he said. She didn't answer. The boy began to frown.

"Come on," he said. "This isn't funny."

Sayako turned around to him, licking her lips. "Just relax." The popular ice queen kissed him on the lips. The jerk relaxed and kissed her back.

While they kissed, Sayako's right hand snaked up to his chest. Kenichi gasped aloud in shocked pain in her mouth. The demon smirked in her mind as she ripped out his heart. She pulled out the bleeding organ and began feasting on it. Blood splattered all over her mouth and hands. Each bite was like an orgasm. Sayako felt herself getting wet in the panties. Kenichi went ghost pale as he fell dead at her feet.

Sayako wiped away the blood from her hands and cut the body with her claws. The spine snapped in two with one scratch. Like the other boys, she feasted on the other organs in her high. The blood disappeared into her pores afterwards. Sayako lifted her head to the sky.

"I am reborn!" she cried. Suddenly, her phone rang. Sayako answered it, causally.

"Hello?" she asked.

"Sayako-chan!" Jun breathed out on the other line. "I'm glad I caught you!"

"Why, what's wrong?" she asked.

"Naomi's in the hospital!" Jun blurted. "She tried to commit suicide!"

Sayako's eyes widened in shock. "What?! Why?!"

"It was all my fault. Could you please come by?"

"Is she okay?"

"Yes, please hurry!"

Sayako nodded. "I'll be right there." The ice queen hung up and rushed straight to the hospital.

Everyone in Naomi's room watched in shock as Sayako rose to her feet, snickering.

"Well now," the angelic demon said. "You solved the puzzle. But now…" Sayako lifted her head. Her eyes glowed a blood red.

"You will all die!"

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