Velvet Divorce

Amazon Death

Chapter Twenty-Four: Amazon Death:

All eyes remained on the possessed girl. No, not a girl anymore; this creature was purely demon now. Anna suddenly remembered.

"Oh yes," she said. "Sayako is the demon, not Naomi." The shinigami looked at her.

"A little late to say that," Tsuzuki pointed out. The demon threw back her head and laughed.

"Sayako?" she asked. "That was this body's name."

"Was?" Tsuzuki asked. "What do you mean 'was'?" The demon snorted at him.

"I won't answer to any man!" she snapped.

"Fine then," Thanatos said. "What do you mean, 'was'?" Sayako's pink polished nails grew into razor sharp claws.

"Funny story, really," she said. "I need a female body to survive. This one is not the one I want!"

"Not the one you…" Anna began to ask. Her eyes widened as it hit her. "You want Naomi!" she said. "But… why?" Sayako licked her claws, showing her bloody teeth.

"She was a virgin," she said. Everyone stared at her, stunned.

"Yes, yes," Sayako said with a smirk. "The boy I sent out to find me a new vessel sacrificed this body to me didn't know it wasn't a virgin." The demon snorted with red in her eyes. "That's what I get for trusting a man. I thought I would be stuck with this stupid skank. But then, I saw her friend." She looked over at Naomi, smirking. The girl still hadn't woken up yet. Sayako frowned.

"But," she hissed. "That idiot came along and took her virginity!" Sayako glared at Jun.

"Hey!" he snapped.

"Shut up, you maggot!" Sayako barked. Jun trembled as he went quiet. She turned back to the crowd. "I couldn't have that, now could I?" she asked. "So, I pushed her to commit suicide because of that little maggot over there so I could take over her body."

"Bitch!" Jun cried. Sayako gritted her teeth.

"One more word out of you and I'll rip out your throat!" she barked. Jun glared at her as he gritted his teeth.

"But why kill all of those boys?" Tsuzuki asked.

"Shut up, you man!" the demon snapped.

"Why did you do it?" Anna asked. Sayako laughed.

"You really want to know, do you?" she asked.

"Yes," they all said.

"Fine," Sayako replied. "I'll tell you why." Her face began to look more demonic. "I hate men!" she hissed. "They are arrogant, pathetic, controlling, disgusting creatures! They deserved to be wiped off the planet!"

"That's not true!" Jun barked. "We're not all like that!" Sayako flew into a rage.

"I said shut up!" she barked. She sailed forward to attack. Jun shielded himself in terror. The demon raised her claws to cut him to pieces.


Sayako hollowed in pain. Everyone looked puzzled as a light blue wall surrounded the demon.

"What the hell?" she cried. "What is this?" Tsuzuki grinned once he figured out the source.

"Hotaru's giving us an upper hand," he said. Anna looked at him.

"Huh?" she asked. "How do you know?"

"Look," he said, pointing. Anna squinted her eyes for a better look. They widened when she saw it.

"Oh!" she said. "I see it. I see the little bunnies." The shield had little bunny faces embedded in them. Anna gave the wall a little smile.

"How cute," she said. Sayako sneered at the bunny faces.

"Fuck this!" she snapped. She charged the shield again only to have another shock to the chest. "Ahhh!" she screamed.

"We have to attack now!" Eros barked.

"Wait!" a voice cried behind them. The crew turned and saw Naomi sitting up in her bed. She still looked pretty out of it and groggy. Anna walked over to the girl.

"What's the matter?" she asked. Naomi quickly shook her head as she clutched her sheets.

"No!" she cried in a trembling voice. "Don't hurt her! She's still Sayako-chan!"

"No, she's not!" Thanatos snapped. "Your friend is gone!"

"Sayako's still in there, I can feel it!" Naomi pleaded. The demon rushed forward to attack. Hotaru's shield zapped her again. Tsuzuki and Thanatos prepared to counter her.

"Are you stupid?" the latter yelled over her shoulder. "Look at her! Look at her!" Naomi's tired eyes shifted to her friend.

"Help… me…" the real Sayako pleaded. "Naomi-chan… Help… me…" The other girl tried to get up, Anna held her still.

"Let me go!" Naomi screamed as she tried to fight her off. "Sayako-chan needs me!"

"She's not Sayako anymore!" Thanatos yelled. "It's a trick, can't you see?" Sayako struggled over to the bed with blood running from her eyes.

"Naomi… -chan…" she murmured. "Help… me… Kill… me…" The other girl went still with horror written all over her face. Anna patted her on the arm.

"She's in pain," she whispered. "Do you really want her to keep suffering like this? Do you really want other boys to die by her hands? Do you really want to carry this on your conscious for the rest of your life?" Naomi lowered her head. It didn't occur to her until now. She wasn't the only one suffering from this maddening nightmare. The girl clenched her fists.

"Put her out of her misery," Naomi mumbled. Thanatos grinned.

"Good choice!" she said. Tsuzuki had to act quickly before both Sayako and the demon ended up killed at the bounty hunter's hand. He rushed forward with fuda in hand. Sayako's shot wide open.

"I refuse to be killed by some man! Die!" she cried. The demon rushed over to the shinigami. Thanatos raised her dagger high above her head. Sayako let out a deafening scream of pain. Tsuzuki held the fuda to the girl's chest as he chanted an incantation to her. The demon struggled against him.

"No! No! No! No! No!" she screamed. The demon shot up out of Sayako's body.

"Mine!" Thanatos shouted in her blood lust. She flew up and stabbed the demon in the forehead. The demon screamed out a silent cry before breaking down into black ash and blowing away.

Jun slowly crawled into the room after the kill. Anna let go of Naomi and helped her out of bed to be by her friend's side. The girl's legs felt like jelly as she stumbled to the floor. Naomi used what little strength to crawl over to the center of the room as the shield faded away. The girl took her best friend's lifeless body and cradled it in lap as she wept.

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