Velvet Divorce

First Day of School

Chapter Four: First Day of School:

-Nagasaki #2 Case Begins-

The students of Nagasaki Nihon University Junior and High School gathered in the assembly auditorium. Today was the first day of school and Sayako and Naomi stood near the exit while many boys had their eyes on the former. Naomi tried to stomach being pushed off to the side. She had other reasons to worry, however. The headmaster walked onto the stage. All of the students looked forward as the headmaster cleared his throat.

"Welcome to Nagasaki Nihon University High," he greeted them. "To start the new school year, we have some new faculty members!" The curtain rose up behind him and all of the students beheld the new teachers. Eight males and two females total with Tsuzuki being the fourth guy in the line.

"I am Endo Asato," he introduced himself. "I will be teaching social studies." Hisoka stood among the crowd of students. He kept his eyes among his "peers." The demon is in this school, he thought. It would be best to start with the students. So far, he heard nothing out of the ordinary, just the talk and gossip of the summer. Hisoka focused eyes deeper into the crowd. He noticed Sayako and Naomi near the door. The senses began to change from there.

Hisoka eyed Sayako curiously as she stood like a hollow doll. I can't feel anything from her, he thought. His attention turned to Naomi. Hisoka felt her shaken nerves flow through him. Both girls held his attention from the vibes he got from them. Who should he question first? The headmaster took the stage again.

"I wish you students and staff the best!" he announced. "You are dismissed." The students broke away to go to their classes. Hisoka followed the two friends out of the auditorium. He fought his way through to keep up. I can't lose them! Hisoka reached out and caught a wrist. He looked up when he felt someone pause. Brown eyes stared at him. Hisoka gasped at the overpowering anxiety. Naomi looked on at him.

"Can I help you?" she asked. Hisoka took in heavy breaths. Images began flooding his head. Blood. A boy's body ripped to shreds. Looks of terror. Blood.

What is this?

"Hello?" Naomi asked.

A corpse-like woman with her mouth torn open and covered in blood. A boy's body with its neck completely broken. Two little girls dressed in white. Blood splashing over them. The girls holding hands in the sand.

"Are we still friend Sayako-chan?"

"Of course, silly!"

"Sayako-chan, what happened?" Blood washing everywhere. The images flashed fast in Hisoka's brain. The color drained from his face as his vision blurred. Naomi's mind filled with panic.

"Are you okay?" she asked. Hisoka's head began to swim. I'm overloading! The shinigami sank into a sea of black.

A few minutes later, Hisoka awoke in a white-curtained room. His eyes trailed his surroundings.

"W-Where am I?" he murmured.

"Nurse's office," a small voice said. Hisoka looked over to his left. Naomi sat on his bed, inches from him.

"Hey," she whispered. The boy tried to sit up, but Naomi pushed him back down.

"Don't get up," she said. "You're still recovering." The shinigami froze and then lied back down. Naomi breathed out in relief.

"You okay?" she asked. "My name's Naomi by the way."

"I guess…" Hisoka replied. "What happened to me?"

"You grabbed onto my wrist, got sick and pale, and collapsed," Naomi explained. "Then, I brought you here." Hisoka slowly took it all in. It all came back to him and his eyes shot wide in panic as the color drained from him again.

"Hey, are you okay?" Naomi asked, freaking out. "Hey, hey." Hisoka grabbed onto the sheets, panting. There is something evil about her!

"Stay with me!" Naomi cried as she shook on him. "Hey, hey!" Hisoka finally calmed down. He slowly caught his breath.

"Don't scare me like that," Naomi wailed. Hisoka's eyes trailed over to her.

"You seem troubled about something," he spoke up. The girl looked up at him.

"What do you mean?" she asked. Her eyes welled up with worry.

"You look concerned about something," the boy explained. "What's on your mind?" Naomi tried to look away. She turned back, shaking her head and smiling.

"Nothing," the girl lied. "It's just school nerves." The look Hisoka's face said that he didn't believe her. Naomi's smile began to fade away and her eyes shifted. Hisoka gently touched her hand, but Naomi jerked it upwards.

"It's okay," Hisoka whispered. "I won't tell anybody." Naomi lowered her eyes as she pressed her lips together.

"Well… there is something wrong," she mumbled. She paused and shut her eyes. "With Sayako-chan," she said.

"Your friend?" Hisoka asked. Naomi slowly nodded.

"What about her?" her "classmate" asked. Naomi clenched her fists on the bed below.

"She's changed," she murmured. "She's changed and I don't like it." The shinigami tilted his head, intrigued.

"How do you mean?" Hisoka asked. Naomi shot up from the bed and backed away to the door.

"I'm sorry," she said. "I spoke too much!" Hisoka gave her a strange look.

"Naomi?" he asked.

"Forget I said anything!" the girl cried. "I am so sorry!" The girl bowed and ran out of the nurse's office as fast as she could. Hisoka watched as the door slid closed. She's hiding something, the boy thought.

Naomi ran into the hall when she felt her spine freeze up. She gasped startled as the feeling of cold needles pricked her body. "I didn't say anything, I swear!" the girl cried. The pain coiled in her throat. "I didn't tell him anything," Naomi pleaded. "Just let me go, please!" The pain twisted all the way up to her ears.

"He doesn't know anything!" she pleaded. "Please let me go! I won't say anything else, I swear! I swear!" Suddenly, the pain drew back. Naomi stood up straight and took in slow breaths. The gravity of normal became stable again. Once she recovered, Naomi walked to class.

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