Black Cherry

Case Report

Chapter Eleven: Case Report:

Tatsumi sat at the computer to review the second Kimoto case:

May 7th, 2009

Victim: Kimoto Anna

Kimoto was murdered on the night of May sixth. Strangled and thrown out the window of the Wan Bara Hotel by her uncle, Kimoto Yasuo. Different developments have arisen in the case. Tsuzuki-san has resurrected the victim to help with the case.

It became a bitter pill for Tatsumi to swallow on the next part.

In the course of six months, Tsuzuki-san has developed an intimate relationship with the victim. In spite of that, we have learned much more about the Eda-Kimoto clan through Daisuke's tapes and our encounters with the witch clan.

However, we have hit a small problem. One of the victims is a runaway from Hong Kong. This isn't Japan and America's problem anymore. If that's the case, how many other foreigners have they killed? What other countries will want to judge the Eda-Kimoto clan? America is already behind letting Japan judge them for Grey-san, but how long will that last when they find out how many more Americans are dead by their hands? Kimoto-san is under our jurisdiction because she was born here in Japan.

A knock on the door interrupted his thoughts. Tatsumi didn't look up.

"Come in," he said. The door slowly opened up.

"You wanted me?" Tsuzuki asked. Tatsumi turned his chair around.

"Aw yes," he said. "Have you eaten yet?" Tsuzuki gave him a blank stare.

"No…" he said."Why?" The secretary suppressed his smile.

"I was just wondering," he began. "Would you care to go to lunch with me? My treat." Tsuzuki's smile outshone the sun.

"Sure!" he cheered. Well, what do you know? Hope still lived after all!

They didn't talk at lunch. Tsuzuki ate in peace while Tatsumi watched him, relieved. He's still there, he thought. Yet, he couldn't help but wonder…

"How is Anna?" Tatsumi asked. Tsuzuki glanced up at him.

"Hm? Oh," he said. "She's doing well. Stopped hearing thoughts and got a good night's sleep, finally."

"Has it been three days?"


"I see." Tatsumi glanced at the older shinigami. "You seem confident about this whole thing."

"Yeah! She can take this."

Tatsumi raised an eyebrow at him. "You sure about that?"

"Yeah, she has it in her to survive."

"Does she?"

Tsuzuki finished off his shrimp tempura. "Yeah! I can see it in her eyes. She's been fighting for years, Tatsumi. She's not going to quit now." The secretary still didn't see it. The other man refused to let go of Anna- threat of job loss or not. Tatsumi sat back, smiling. Well, okay. So that's how it's going to be? The secretary sipped his tea.

"Is she a good cook?" he asked. Tsuzuki choked back a giggle. He looked up at his former partner and shook his head.

"No, no," he replied. "That's not Anna. She never really learned. She only knows how to cook with the microwave." Tsuzuki smiled.

"No, Yoko-chan does the cooking."

"Yoko-chan? Rihoko's daughter?"

"Yeah, she's a great cook too."

"Doesn't anyone else cook in that house?"

Tsuzuki shook his head. "Nah, Rihoko's too busy with school, Anna can't cook, and Seita is too lazy."

"Ah." Well this little fact was rather amusing, for a short time, anyway.

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