Black Cherry

Bright Red

Chapter Eighteen: Bright Red:

Women are experts at teasing. Jules knew this. She did sell herself on the street after all. Her latest target wasn't a trick, however. It came in the form of sixteen-year-old Tojo Seita.

Boys are suckers. Jules learned that by the time she was thirteen. Seita would be easy pickings. This semester, they had three classes together. During homeroom, Jules kept her eyes on the target as she began plotting on seducing him. Seita had changed over six months. He went from a punk to a gentleman punk. She didn't do punks, but a gentleman punk, maybe. The nicer they grew, the more of suckers they became. Jules licked her lips at him.

Oh Seita! I'm coming for you! The former hooker giggled to herself.

Lunch break rolled in just in time. Jules roamed the halls to find her target. Her eyes scanned each classroom. Seita always ate alone. She wondered why. Not a social person? Even better, it made her job easier. She finally came to the rooftop. Jules quietly looked around at the doorway. A smile came onto her face.

Found you! The girl started to make her way over to the young man. Seita looked up and saw her. Jules froze in place as the boy stared at her.

"Yes?" he asked. The former hooker gave him a little smile.

"Hey," she said. "You look lonely up here."


"Yes, you look lonely."

Seita's face dropped. She's not leaving. Oh boy! He tried to play tough. "Why would I be?" he asked.

Jules smirked at him. "Cause."

"Cause why?"

She stepped forward. "You're man."


Jules sat down next to him, smiling. "Men always need to be with someone." Seita blinked at her.

"Uh…" he said. Jules gave him a wicked smile.

"Why so nervous, baby?" she asked. Seita stared at her.

"Don't call me baby," he said. The girl gave him a little shrug.

"Alright," she said. "What should I call you?"

"My name."

"Alright, Seita."

The boy nodded. "Thank you." Jules looked on at his bento.

"That looks good," she said.

"Yeah," Seita replied. The former hooker smiled like a cat.

"What's in it?" she asked. Seita looked at his food.

"Uh… some beets, apple bunnies, sausage, some green stuff, ginger, some salmon pieces, and some yellow pieces." Jules eyed where he was pointing.

"Interesting," she said. Seita gave her a puzzled look.

"Why do you care?" he asked. The former street walker smirked as she leaned in close to his ear.

"I know something that'll taste way better!" she bragged. Her target eyed her funnily.

"And what's that?" he asked. Jules giggled again as she moved his hand to her right breast.

"Good?" she asked. Seita's face flushed beet red.

"What the hell?" he shouted. Jules snickered at him as she leaned in and nuzzled his ear. Her right hand disappeared to his crotch. Seita nearly leapt up off the roof. Smoke flew out of his ears.

"Well?" Jules asked. The boy had forgotten the whole Japanese language altogether.

"Uh…" he mumbled. Suddenly, the bell rang for the next class. Jules smiled and drew back her hand. She moved her lips to his ear.

"See you around," she whispered. The girl licked him on the ear lobe and walked away. Seita watched her get up and head back to the doorway. What just happened?

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