Black Cherry

Rabbit Hole

Chapter Two: Rabbit Hole:

Anna felt a sudden shock throughout her body. A violent rip shook her to the core. She snapped her eyes wide open. "A-Asa-to-kun, w-what did y-you do to m-me?" she asked in a high-pitched voice. The pain twisted in her chest. Anna took in deep, painful gasps of air. Tsuzuki held her hand.

"I'm sorry," he wailed. "But this is the only way we could be together!" That message seemed so distant to her at the moment; maybe because of the thousands of thoughts from the people around her flooding her mind.

Did I turn off the iron before I left?

Why hasn't he called? Is he seeing another woman?

Men are such dogs. I am not fat!

I hate my father.

I can't get a date. I'm just going to die alone.

One kiss doesn't make me a lesbian, does it?

Anna looked over at Tsuzuki. "What did you put in me?"

"A Heaven Stone," Tsuzuki answered in one breath.

"A what?" his girlfriend asked.

"I'll explain that later," he said. The shinigami held her hand tighter. "Focus on my thoughts." Anna shut her eyes and tried to do so. The pain ripped through up to her ears. The thoughts grew louder in her head.

How am I going to pay my rent?

My boyfriend left me for a woman. Was I just an experiment to him? You don't switch sides like that. I am not some pleasure toy! I should have taken it as a sign when he didn't introduce me to his friends!

Damn, she's hot! I want to tap that!

"Focus on my thoughts," Tsuzuki said again.

"I can't," Anna whimpered. "It hurts!"

"I know," he said. "You'll just have to bear it. Focus on my thoughts."

"Okay," Anna whispered. She shut her eyes tighter. The woman could hear not just her heart pounding, but the inside of her body as well. The thoughts pouring in didn't help.

Am I getting fat?

Does he still love me?

Maybe I should get a boob job. Maybe then he'll love me.

Why do I even bother?

"Focus on my thoughts," Tsuzuki ordered again. He squeezed on Anna's hand this time. His girlfriend focused on him harder. More thoughts filled her head as Anna looked and saw a woman at the sushi bar staring at her.

What's wrong with that woman? Is she sick or something? She looks so pale. She needs to see a doctor. But, she does look kind of hot. And that guy in black with her. Is that her boyfriend? I've never had a threesome with a couple. How would that work? My friend said that she had a threesome with a couple at a swinger's party once. I don't know how she pulled it off. She does make up things.

"Focus on my thoughts," Tsuzuki said one more time. Anna closed her eyes once more. The thoughts kept attacking her assaulted brain. Suddenly, one thought in particular grabbed hold of her attention.

I'm never going to let you go, Anna-chan! I love you and I will do anything to keep you with me.

Anna jerked open her eyes and looked beside her. Tsuzuki looked deep into her eyes. The woman felt a strange calm rush over her body as she held his hand firmly. Tsuzuki relaxed as well. Good, she was strong enough to handle the stone for the time being. He just needed to monitor her progress and let the two stones merge into one and then, everything would be fine from there. He hoped…

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