Black Cherry

Planning a Party

Chapter Twenty: Planning a Party:

October 18th, 2009.

One evening, Tsuzuki came up with a great idea. "Anna-chan," he said. "Let's have a party." She gave him an odd look.

"Why?" the woman asked. Her boyfriend shrugged.

"Just 'cause," he said.

"'Cause why?" the girl asked. He gently took her by the waist.

"It's fall," Tsuzuki reasoned.

"And?" Anna asked.

He kissed her on the forehead."It's about you."

"But my birthday is March first."

He held her closer to his chest. "Did I say it was a birthday party?"

"No." He kissed her on the head.

She looked up at him. "Then what kind of party about me?"

He gave her a little smile. "You're doing it again."

"Doing what?"

He gives her another kiss to the forehead. "Over-thinking."


"Don't do that so much, okay?"

Anna nodded. "Okay, but what kind of party about me?"

"Can't it just be about you with no real reason behind it?"

Anna shrugged. "Don't know."

He kissed her on the forehead again. "You're so cute."

She smiled. "Okay."

Tsuzuki looked at her. "Okay to what?"

"The party."

He kissed her on the lips. "Thanks."

"But, who's all coming?"

"Just our friends."


"Hisoka, Tatsumi, Watari, Emiko, those guys."


"Will that be a problem?"

Anna shook her head. "Nah."

Tsuzuki lightly patted her on the head. "Okay then."



Anna blinked at him. "This Saturday?"

"Yeah, is that a problem?"

Anna shook her head. "No, no."

"We could change it if you want."

"No, it's fine. Really, it is." She looked into his eyes. "Aw, what's wrong?" Her man tried to look away. She turned his face to her. "Talk to me. Are you still worried about losing me?"

Tsuzuki didn't answer. He didn't have to say it. Anna let herself go calm. "Remember what I said."

"Do you really-?"

"Say it back to me."

Tsuzuki froze. "But…"

"Say it."

"But we don't know that for sure."

"Say it! Just say it, Asato-kun. It'll make me feel better. Just say it! Please!"

Tsuzuki sighed. "We will be okay."

"Could you say it louder?"

"We will be okay."

"I still can't really hear you."

"We will be okay!"

Anna smiled and kissed him on the tip of his nose. "Thank you." He didn't speak at first. Anna lightly caressed his cheek with her finger. "Where will the party be?"

Her boyfriend quickly perked up. "I guess we can have it here."


"Will that be a problem?"

"No, it's just…"

"What? Bad idea?"

"No, will Rihoko be around for the party that day?"

Tsuzuki smiled. "The party will be noon. I already asked Rihoko if she had Saturday classes."

"And what did she say?"

"No, she's free on Saturday."

"Okay then."

"So that's a yes for the party?"

Anna kissed him on the cheek. She gave him a little smile. "Yes, we will have the party on Saturday."

Tsuzuki smiled back at her. "Thank you." He let her snuggle up close.

In truth, Tsuzuki had an ulterior motive behind the party. You see, the proposal plan resurrected itself five hours ago. He decided to just go for it. They might not make it down the aisle, but he could at least ask her. The proposal had to be just right. He decided to ask for her hand in marriage in private after the party. His co-worker friends still weren't too happy about the relationship. No, better keep about this until everyone was ready. With that settled, only one problem remained. Where am I going to get the ring?

"Something on your mind, Asato-kun?" someone asked. The shinigami quickly looked up.

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