Black Cherry

New Age Therapy

Chapter Six: New Age Therapy:

Sunrise dragged Tsuzuki awake the next day. He drew his eyes open and glanced next to him. She looked half-asleep in his arms. He kissed her on the forehead.

"Morning," he whispered. Anna groaned while her boyfriend stroked her cheek.

"Still no sleep?" he asked.

"No," she groaned.

"Still hearing thoughts?"

Anna closed her eyes to listen.

I knew I shouldn't have invited him over last night.

Is she cheating on me?

Where did that damn dog go?

Anna shut her eyes. "Yes!" she said.

"Loudly?" Tsuzuki asked. When Anna listened again, her eyes became alert.

"No!" she gasped. "They've gotten softer!" Tsuzuki climbed on top of her.

"You mean it?" he asked, excited.

"Yes," Anna replied. Tsuzuki kissed her on the lips.

"This calls for a little treat," he whispered. The woman eyed him with a tired look on her face.

"Can I just lie here for that?" she asked.

"Sure," Tsuzuki replied. "I want a real treat right now."

"What kind of treat?" she asked. Tsuzuki smirked and kissed her on the lips. Anna lightly kissed him back. His hands found their way to her pants as they rubbed along her bare skin. The woman moaned as she darted her tongue into his mouth.

Mmm, I guess you still have some left in you, Tsuzuki thought. Anna moaned in his mouth in response. The man slipped down her pants and took hold of her hips. Anna quickly spread her legs for him.

Easy there, Tsuzuki thought. I'll get to that in a moment. Just enjoy the trip, okay? Anna's tongue stroked his in reply. Tsuzuki smiled in his mind. Good girl.

He moved from her lips to her neck. His woman let out a soft whimper. Tsuzuki felt a soft heat enter his chest, but it wasn't his own. He glanced above him in his curious lust. It had to come from Anna, but how?

The shinigami moved down to her breasts. Her soft moans and the heat woke him up between the legs. The mysterious heat drew the man in deeper. His tongue met with her right breast. Not once, not twice, but over and over again. Each time, the mysterious heat pricked his skin and his heart like a kiss. This feeling had the equivalent of snorting coke for the first time. Tsuzuki's hunger built up from there.

His fingers traced around the band of her white cotton panties and grabbed hold. Tsuzuki glanced up at Anna. Want me to take these off?

"Yes!" Anna moaned. "Don't tease me like this!" Tsuzuki smirked to himself.

"Okay then," he said. "I will grant the lady her wish." The man slowly slid off her panties to her ankles. Tsuzuki moved from her breasts to her abdomen. The heat drove him to consume more. Her cries of pleasure gave him the green light he needed.

The shinigami's tongue trailed down to Anna's wet and waiting lower lips.

Some time had passed and the violet-eyed sinner became a priest. The goddesses groomed him so well. After Konohanasakuya-hime bathed him in the holy pool, the sinner was a changed man. He worked day and night to keep this dying temple like new.

His routine was simple. Every morning, the priest awoke, said his prayers, and ate his breakfast. Afterwards, he would meditate help to clear his mind of his past sins and become a better person. Next, the priest had lunch and cleaned the temple. After that, he read the scriptures. By night, the priest had dinner, prayed, and went to bed. For him to live like this was enough.

One evening while the priest cleaned around the holy pool, he glanced into the clear water below. The surface looked as pure as a newborn babe. The priest stared deep into the pool. I was purified here, he thought. His hand came within inches of the water. A tingling sensation formed in his chest. Suddenly, a temptation filled his mind.

What does rebirth taste like? Seemed unheard of, but yet, oh the curiosity…

The priest reached over and took the silver cup into his hand. He looked into the water below him. I shouldn't be doing this… Oh, but that water looked so inviting…

The priest dipped the cup into the pool. Maybe just one sip…He brought the cup to his lips and took a drink. In that instant, his mind and soul opened up to the Heavens.

"I can see Nirvana!" he gasped. He had to pursue that height to understand it better. The priest finished his cup. Heaven danced in his eyes.

"I have to have more!" he cried. The priest dipped in his cup and took another drink. Soon, one became two, two into four, four into eight. Pretty soon, the pool was empty. After the drink, the priest collapsed back with Heaven in his brain, soul, and eyes.

"Wow!" he gasped. The priest found the gates to Nirvana.

Tsuzuki sat up and licked his lips. Anna probably wouldn't notice him gone if he just slipped off to work. Tsuzuki got dressed and headed to the door.

"Rest for today, okay my angel?" he said. Anna only whimpered in the morning light. Tsuzuki blew a kiss and vanished to Meifu.

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